10th April 2015

Could “Make Mine Mink” contain another clue, or set of clues, in the on-going saga of the Cinema of Darkness? Did Dogsbody, who is believed to have owned a Standard 8, manage to insert it into this film in some ten scenes.

We know that Dogsbody lived in a mansion block in Hammersmith, we know that he was in the film industry, and we believe that numbers of young women went missing in towns where British feature films were being made and where, in all probability, Dogsbody was on the film crew.

We know that no murder enquiries were ever launched, that no crime scenes were ever identified and that no bodies were ever found. Missing persons files were opened, but nothing more.

Who was Dogsbody and which property, I hear you ask. Look at the Cinema of Darkness and maybe you can help us find more clues to this cinematographic mystery.  Or maybe you’d like to invest in the production of the film, or even adopt it as a media project in one or more educational establishments, or possibly take the script and act as an agent.

Let us know.