Earl Cameron, 98 not out!

2nd June 2015

Earl Cameron, CBE was born on the 8th August 1917 in Bermuda. Along with Cy Grant, he is known as one of the first black actors to break the “colour bar” in the United Kingdom.
When World War II broke out Cameron found himself stranded in London, having arrived on the ship The Eastern Prince. He said “I arrived in London on 29 October 1939. I got involved with a young lady, the ship left without me, and then the girl walked out too.”
He had numerous mundane jobs before becoming a stage actor.
Earl has worked on several films that we already have on line, starting with Pool of London in 1955, Sapphire 1959, Flame in the Streets 1961, Thunderball 1965, The Sandwich Man 1966 and Two a Penny in 1967.
We haven’t yet found a copy of The Heart Within,1957, when Cameron played a character called Victor Conway in a crime movie again set in the London docklands. Can you help?
Do his films Guns at Batasi 1964, and A Warm December 1973 have outdoor scenes?
He “recently”, some ten years ago, appeared in a cameo as a portrait artist in the film The Queen, alongside Helen Mirren.
On TV Earl Cameron appeared in popular television shows including Danger Man and The Prisoner, Doctor Who, The Andromeda Breakthrough, Emergency – Ward 10, Dixon of Dock Green, Doctor Who, Waking the Dead, East Enders, Dalziel and Pascoe, and Lovejoy. Various one-off TV dramas, A Fear of Strangers (1964), in which he played Ramsay, a small-time criminal who was racially abused by a Chief Inspector Dyke played by Stanley Baker and many, many more.
Eighteen months to his century, Earl Cameron has made a wonderful contribution to British films and especially, therefore, to this site, and at the end of May, last week, he was featured on TV in Britain’s Greatest Generation, well done Earl. 98 not out! Thank you.