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9th December 2017

Feature films that have been investigated by our sleuths and which have recently appeared on the new TV channel Talking Pictures. channel 81: Freeview, channel343: Sky Digital UK, channel 445: Virgin Media UK, channel 306: Freesat and channel 81 YouView.


Emergency Call, 1952. A young child must have a blood transfusion, but she has a rare blood group. Can a donor be found? Starring Jack Warner and Anthony Steel. Includes scenes of Digby Mansions, Hammersmith, that overworked and overused location which has become the central attraction in The Cinema of Darkness. Online locations; London, Surrey.

What a Whopper, 1960. What a Whopper is a comedy from former documentarist Gilbert Gunn. Adam Faith stars in this tale about a struggling writer who fakes photographs of the Loch Ness monster. Locations; Buckinghamshire, Highlands, London.

Cosh Boy, 1953. Director: Lewis Gilbert. Stars James Kenney, Hermione Baddeley, Joan Collins & Hermione Gingold. In post WW2 London, Roy and his gang drift into more and more serious offences. Locations; London and in particular Hammersmith, Dogsbody’s home before he moved to Digby Mansions where the thriller, The Cinema of Darkness is set.

Payroll, 1961. Director: Sidney Hayers. Stars Michael Craig, Francoise Prevost, Billie Whitelaw & Tom Bell. The widow of a security guard joins police efforts to catch his killers in this noir thriller made partly in Rugby, Warwickshire, the only known time that this town appears in a feature film. Locations;.London, Northumberland, Suffolk, Tyne & Wear, Warwickshire. 

Value For Money,1955. Director: Ken Annakin. Stars John Gregson, Diana Dors, Joan Hickson & Susan Stephen. Chayley falls for a nightclub performer after inheriting a large sum of money from his father. Locations; Middlesex, Batley, West Yorkshire 

The Naked Truth, 1957. Director: Mario Zampi. Stars Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Peggy Mount & Dennis Price. Nigel Dennis, a magazine publisher, blackmails high-profile politicians & celebrities. Locations; London

Look Back in Anger1959. Director: Tony Richardson. Stars Richard Burton, Claire Bloom & Mary Ure. A musician living in near-poverty with his middle class wife releases his pent-up rage, leading to an affair. Locations, Romford Essex, London 

Saturday Night & Sunday Morning, 1960. Director: Karel Reisz. Stars Albert Finney, Rachel Roberts, Shirley Anne Field & Hylda Baker. In Nottingham, Arthur works in a mindless haze, but his love affairs cause him complications. Locations; Nottingham, Battersea, Greenford, Wembley 

Crooked Sky, 1957. Directed by Henry Cass. An American detective & Scotland Yard must work together to crack a counterfeit gang. Stars Wayne Morris. Locations; Hampshire, London

Time Lock, 1957. Adventure. Director: Gerald Thomas. Stars Robert Beatty, Betty McDowall & Vincent Winter. It’s a race against time to save six-year old, Stephen, after he locks himself in a time locked vault. Locations; Buckinghamshire 

Hell is a City, 1960. Director: Val Guest. Stars Stanley Baker, John Crawford, Billie Whitelaw & Donald Pleasence. A Manchester police inspector becomes obsessed with a criminal who broke out of prison. LocationsGreater Manchester, West Yorkshire and London.

The Square Ring,1953. Director: Basil Dearden. Stars Jack Warner, Robert Beatty, Bill Owen, (still going strong as Compo in Last of the Summer wine) Maxwell Reed & Joan Collins. Follow the lives of five boxers and their reasons for getting to where they are now. Locations, London.

I Am A Camera, 1955. Director: Henry Cornelius. Stars Julie Harris, Laurence Harvey, Anton Diffring & Shelley Winters. An unusual friendship begins when an aspiring novelist, meets a cabaret entertainer. Locations; London

Double Bunk, 1961. Stars Ian Carmichael, Janette Scott, Sidney James & Liz Fraser. A Newlywed couple are desperate to get back home after their houseboat runs out of fuel in France. Locations; Surrey.

Bulldog Breed, 1960. Director: Robert Asher. Stars Norman Wisdom, Edward Chapman, Terence Alexander & David Lodge. Norman Puckle joins the Navy under the same Admiral he refused to yield to in the harbour. Locations; Portsmouth, Langstone, Chichester, Fareham, Gosport or Southampton, Weymouth and Portland Naval Base. 

Scotland Yard  and Scales of Justice films don’t often appear on ReelStreets as they are not full-lenght feature films, but generally do contain a large number of locations. Can you start grabbing them? Send’em in and we’ll load ‘em and credit you. FAME AT LAST!

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