FEBRUARY, 32 films and 429 location shots!

1st March 2016

Well, what a month we’ve had. Quite apart from the sleuths mentioned in the blogs, all the backroom boys, the stalwarts who constantly upgrade, load, travel, investigate, find and photograph tens, dozens and hundreds of individual locations have been endlessly beavering away on your behalf.

Peter, Philip, Richard and Simon, the usual suspects, in the last four weeks have been seriously assisted by Dave Wilson, Stephen Dean and Lionel and Cynthia Sear. Thirty two new films added during the month of February; with only 29 days; and four hundred and twenty nine new location shots being added to existing films by a whole host of contributors. Thanks you all. If there was an Oscar ceremony for film site investigations you would all deserve one.

With almost sixteen hundred films on line illustrated by some 58,000 stills; yes, really, fifty eight thousand; ReelStreets is not only the largest film/movie site/location website but is a constant source of information to those interested in social history, the way we were, what our streets, shops, houses, offices and factories looked like, and for those who actually view the whole film, the accents, the morals, the mores, the aspirations, the clothes, furniture, decorations, styles, vehicles and food show, often in grim reality, what it was really like all those years ago.

Thank you all, and for those of you who haven’t yet contributed “now” shots, or found and loaded a film or sent in a few sovs, there is still time. Don’t delay, do it today.