Adventure in the Hopfields (Children’s Film Foundation)

Date: 1954
Director: John Guillermin
Production Company: Vandyke Productions

Stars: Mandy Miller, Harold Lang, Hilda Fenemore, Russell Waters, Melvyn Hayes, Mona Washbourne, Dandy Nichols
Location(s): Kent, London, Sussex

Region(s): ,


A young girl accidentally breaks her mother’s favourite ornament and goes hop-picking to earn money to buy a replacement.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Jenny Quin (Mandy Miller) waves to Mr. Andrews as she leaves his house carrying the china dog that he has mended. Ray Glenister provides the location as the corner of St. David Street, London SE1, the railings are that of No1 and Ralph Street, as always he supports with maps and old photographs. Now absorbed within the redevelopment of the area. (RL)

image no 1

There are still railings, but not belonging to No1. (PW)

A Boy almost knocks the dog from Jenny's arms as he speeds past on his bike. Located by Ray Glenister, this is looking along Ralph Street. The building with the white first floor frontage, seen behind the car, was the 'Duchess of Kent' public house at 67 Deverell Street on the corner with Spurgeon Street. (RL)

image no 2

From the same viewpoint now. (PW)

As she reaches Williams Street, Jenny comes across a commotion as most of her neighbours set off hop-picking. Looking along the north-east side of Dickens Square in London SE1. (PW)

image no 3

And this is Dickens Square over sixty four years later. (PW)

A taxi departs carrying noisy children and far too much luggage on its roof. Dickens Square with Harper Road in the right of centre background.

image no 4

The road pattern hasn't been altered. (PW)

Jenny carefully continues home to show her Mum the repaired dog that was a wedding present. The long lost Ralph Street in the Borough.

image no 5

The area is now known as Dickens Fields. (PW)

When asked, Jenny tells Susie Harris (Molly Osborne) that she can't go hop-picking until next year. Ralph Street which turns into Dickens Square in the left background.

image no 6

No sign remains of the terraces that once stood here. (PW)

An elderly couple are helped onto a lorry loaded with baskets and crates. Ralph Street with the rear of properties on Dickens Square in the background.

image no 7

Relatively peaceful these days. (PW)

Mrs Harris tells her daughter Susie to hurry up as the family head to the station. Dickens Square in the Borough SE1.

image no 8

The replacement building on the same corner. (PW)

After breaking the china dog Jenny decides to go hop-picking to earn enough for a replacement but finds that everyone has already left. Facing north-west on Dickens Square.

image no 9

Facing north-west now. (PW)

Gathering a few belongings, Jenny runs after Susie. Looking into Ralph Street from the corner of Harper Road SE1.

image no 10

Ralph Street was about here. (PW)

Jenny begins to catch up with the Harris's. The view across wasteland towards Bath Terrace in SE1 with the, still standing, Trinity House in the background.

image no 11

Maybe not the right angle, but definitely the right building. (PW)

As the noisy family turn a corner, Jenny drops her bag. Facing the corner of Harper Road and Rockingham Street with the King William IV public house in the top right background and the entrances to Dickens Square and Ralph Street in the centre distance.

image no 12

The waste ground is now occupied. (PW)

Worried that she will be left behind, Jenny stops to pick up her things. To the centre top the King William IV stands on Rockingham Street with part of Ellington House visible behind.

image no 13

The pub, currently known as The Dirty Panda, languishes in the centre distance. (PW)

Mrs Harris with her Husband and seven children hurry on their way. Ontario Street looking towards London Road in SE1 with the Princess of Wales public house on the right.

image no 14

The only buildings still standing are those on Princess Street, beyond the greenery in the right distance. (PW)

Having gathered up her belongings, Jenny tries to catch up with her neighbours once again. Ontario Street

image no 15

The curve of the road remains. (PW)

Jenny turns a corner to see the Harris's ahead. Facing south-east on London Road in SE1 with the Bakerloo Line's Elephant & Castle station in the centre distance and the Elephant & Castle Hotel beyond.

image no 16

The top floor of the station can be made out behind the tree tops. (PW)

Helped by her offspring, Mrs Harris manoeuvres the laden pram across a main road. Looking towards Waterloo Road from St. George's Circus SE1.

image no 17

The view now. (PW)

Jenny comes to a halt at the kerb. To the right stands the Royal Eye Hospital on Westminster Bridge Road SE1 at the corner of Lambeth Road with Waterloo Road in the left background.

image no 18

There are still trees in place, but not the same ones. (PW)

The Harris family are seen on the far side of the road as the Policeman signals for traffic to pass. Continuity is good as this is the corner of Lambeth Road and London Road at St. George's Circus. The retail premises across the road still stand.

image no 19

And the zebra crossing remains in place too. (PW)

Nearly being run down whilst trying to cross the road, Jenny is pulled from the path of a car by Laura McBain (June Rodney). The junction of Lambeth Road, London Road and Waterloo Road.

image no 20

These are the current buildings at the same junction. (PW)

Mrs. McBain (Mona Washbourne) and her family take Jenny to the station. Railway Approach outside London Bridge station in SE1 with Duke Street Hill and buildings on Borough High Street visible beyond the railway bridge.

image no 21

The best modern comparison possible. (PW)

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Crowds of hop-pickers show their tickets as they head for the train to Kent.

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Jenny runs along the train looking for Mrs Harris and Susie.

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When Jenny can't find Mrs Harris she returns along the platform to find Mrs McBain.

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The Guard blows his whistle to start the train.

Mrs Quin returns home to find the broken dog and a note explaining that Jenny has gone hop-picking with Susie Harris. Ralph Street looking into Dickens Square.

image no 26

There's no one returning home to this spot now. (PW)

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The train arrives at Goudhurst station. The station was on the now closed Hawkhurst Branch from Paddock Wood in Kent.

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Getting off the train, Jenny still can't find her friend. Goudhurst station opened in 1892 and was closed in 1961.

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The train departs for fictional Barden leaving Jenny alone at the station. Looking towards Station Road as it crosses the railway at Goudhurst.

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On the other platform, Jenny meets Sam Hines (Harold Lang) who agrees to take her to the farm where he is going hop-picking. Goudhurst station on Station Road to the west of Goudhurst in Kent.

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Sam and Jenny walk to the truck that's waiting to take the hop-pickers to Longrope Camp.

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After being told off by Mrs McBain at the camp, Jenny writes a letter home to tell her Mum where she is. An unnamed lane running between Trigg's Farm and Maypole Lane to the south of Goudhurst.

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Feeling hungry, Jenny looks for something to eat and discovers an orchard.

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Running from the orchard when two rough looking boys appear, Jenny, George McBain and his pals jump over a wall into a graveyard.

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George McBain (Michael Maguire) tells Jenny that it was the Riley boys who had chased them.

Looking for somewhere to spend the night, Jenny finds an old windmill. Jill Windmill on the downs at Clayton, north of Brighton in Sussex. Also seen in 'The Black Windmill'.

image no 36

Jill Windmill was fully restored and now maintained by The Jack and Jill Windmills Society. Jill is open to the public most Sundays from May to September. (SD)

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The next morning, Jenny opens the door of the windmill and sees a farm. This has the appearance of Trigg's Farm near Goudhurst.

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Jenny runs past "hoppers" as they make their way to the hop fields.

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The Postman can't make out the address on Jenny's letter and attempts to deliver it to the wrong address.

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Mr. Tom Quin (Russell Waters) arrives at Barden, the next station along from Goudhurst. In reality this is Horsmonden station, the next station north from Goudhurst on the Hawkhurst branch line.

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When he finds Mrs Harris but no Jenny, Mr Quin alerts the police. Looking out onto Harrow Road in W2 from the side of Harrow Road Police Station in footage borrowed from 1950s 'The Blue Lamp'.

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The Postman arrives at Longrope Camp and returns Jenny's letter. 'Hopper Huts', temporary housing for hop pickers, line the field at Trigg's Farm on Cranbrook Road, Goudhurst.

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Sam Hines and Jenny go into the village to buy a wedding present for Laura who's engaged to be married to Bill. High Street in Goudhurst, Kent with the Vine Hotel as the backdrop.

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The pair run towards a likely looking shop. High Street in Goudhurst seen from the junction of North Road and Balcombes Hill.

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Sam and Jenny peer through the shop window before entering to discover a china dog for sale. High Street, Goudhurst.

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Back at Longrope Camp, Constable Jennings questions everyone about Jenny.

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Bill (Edward Judd) and Laura are married on a wet Saturday afternoon. St Mary's church on Church Lane in Goudhurst, Kent.

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After the police tell them where their daughter is, Mr and Mrs Quin (Hilda Fenemore) head for Longrope Camp and meet the wedding party on the way. Looking east at the junction of Maypole Lane and Tiddymotts Lane to the south of Goudhurst in Kent.