Beat the Devil

Date: 1953
Director: John Huston
Production Company: Rizzoli-Haggiag, Romulus Films, Santana Pictures Corporation

Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley, Peter Lorre, Edward Underdown, Bernard Lee
Location(s): Ravello, Atrani, Amalfi coast, Italy.



Stranded in Italy on their way to an anticipated fortune in Africa, a group of rogues kill some time and fall in with others with the same design. SJ

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An establishment shot, and a nice title page, high above Amalfi, probably Ravello.

The unmistakably portly figure of Morley striding down with Marco Tulli and Lorre behind in Ravello.

image no 2

They are walking down Via Richard Wagner (with the steps) to the Piazza Duomo. The buildings in the background have been demolished but the ones to the left of the frame are still there. The church which be on the right if they were further down the street faces the piazza and the "hotel" where they're staying. Info and pic provided by Tim, with our gratitude.

Morley and Lorre turn the corner.

image no 3

And this is a temporary, one hopes, google shot which confirms Tim's info. Taken from Piazza Centrale, Ravello. SJ/G

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Bogart in the main square.

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Another view. Is that the name of a hotel top centre or does it just say Pensione Hotel?

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Bogart and Jones on the Terrazza dell'Infinito, villa Cimbrone, Ravello

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Lorre spying on the two.

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Bogart and Jones at the Pensione Bristol, a clue.

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Morley again.

Lollobrigida sunning herself in front of what looks like the arches of Atrani.

image no 10

Yes, Atrani. This is from the swimming pool area of La Luna Convento Hotel between Amalfi and Atrani. SJ

Same still as above.

image no 11

This is a location plaque just above Atrani on the pedestrian walk down to the beach noting its moment of fame. SJ

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The main square again.