Belles of St. Trinian’s, The

Date: 1954
Director: Frank Launder
Production Company: BL / London Films

Stars: Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell, George Cole, Hermione Baddeley, Betty Ann Davies, Renee Houston, Beryl Reid, Mary Merrall, Joan Sims
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


These schoolgirls are more interested in racing forms than books as they try to get-rich-quick. They are abetted by the head-mistress’ brother, played by Alastair Sim, who also plays the head-mistress.

Additional Information:

In further support of the location identification of Capture 14 Dave Buckley provides this Google Earth aerial view showing Brookshill Drive and the layout of the old Express Dairy depot at Copse Farm. (RL)


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A station.

A station.

image no 2

Paddington. (PW)

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Another station, but smaller... "filmed at Seer Green and Jordans station in Buckinghamshire. I believe that capture 1 is a set. It appears in the film after the establishing shot of Paddington". Jonathan Horswell on the case with our thanks (SJ)

A shop. John Gerachty tells us that this is Great Dunmow in Essex. Market Square, and that shop on the right is still a wine merchant.

image no 4

A wider shot from Paul Atkinson to put the capture into context. (RL)

Another shop.

image no 5

Paul's shot shows that it is not just "another shop", but "Scarlett and Stone", now how beautiful is that? (RL)

Yes, you've guessed it????..a third shop. John Gerachty says: Stortford Road, Gt. Dunmow and is still Sweetlands Butchers.

image no 6

And Nick Atkin confirms all the facts with a photo. (RL)

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Nicki H has identified that the deserted High Street that is cut to after the shops are boarded up is actually High Street, Chobham, Surrey. This may in any event be a still frame inserted into the film.

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The school, St Trinians. According to imdb it is All Nations College, Easneye, Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire. and the one picture on their website would confirm this. Andrew Mitchell questions, as the depth of the porch does not equate to that in capture 9 whether this is either a set or an alternative access door. A wider angled shot of this doorway is never shown throughout the film.

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Andrew Mitchell confirms this as Easneye, Ware. (RL)

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Nick Pollard points out that this is Littleton Park House (Shepperton Studios). How has this remained unidentified for so long when it appears in so many films including 'Joey Boy', 'The Dock Brief', 'The Earth Dies Screaming', 'Cockleshell Heroes' and 'Three Men in a Boat'? (RL)

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Andrew Mitchell confirms this as Easneye, Ware in Hertfordshire. (RL)

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Andrew Mitchell confirms this as Easneye, Ware, Hertfordshire (RL)

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Andrew Mitchell confirms this as Easneye, Ware. (RL)

Home counties village. But which one? Could it be Great Dunmow, Essex? Paul Atkinson says "no" and places it as Brookshill Drive, Harrow, a small hamlet north east of Hatch End Underground station. (RL)

image no 14

Dave Buckley provided us with a street view of this location and has now sent his friends out to capture the scene for us. He left me with the unenviable task of deciding who's shot to use. I have chosen Bob Watson's as it is so near to the film capture but I look forward to seeing more from Franziska in the future. Earlier Dave had also provided a Google aerial view of the location clearly showing the layout of the old dairy and this can be viewed via the Header Section of this film. (RL)