Bond of Fear

Date: 1956
Director: Henry Cass
Production Company: Mid Century Film Productions Ltd.

Stars: Dermot Walsh, Jane Barrett, John Colicos
Location(s): Kent, Surrey



A caravan holiday turns into a nightmare for a family when an escaped killer accompanies them. SJ/JT

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A station, and a local bus going to Dudley Depot. Anne advises that this is Walton on Thames Station. (RL)

image no 1

An extension has been built. (RL)

. . . . panning . . . . So, as Anne says, this also has to be Walton on Thames Station. (RL)

image no 2

The extension is dominant but the original building is still visible......just! (RL)

. . . and panning.

image no 3

Walton-on-Thames railway station, north side. Replacing Andy Greenland's Google Earth View. (RL)

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Nice house

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Is it 04 from a different angle? Yes, big square window over a portico.

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1930s development, a ring-road, a by-pass, an arterial road.

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As above

image no 8

Russell Road, Shepperton. SD

Olde worlde garage, with a church in the loop of the petrol pump and opposite a pub called The Vine.

image no 9

Found by Andy Greenland who writes, "Church Square, Shepperton. Cracked it - not opposite the Vine public house in Chertsey but at Church Square, Shepperton." Well done and thanks. Replacement photo viewed from inside what is now JCT9 car showroom on Chertsey road". SD

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A barn like house, somewhere

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Not much to go on here.

Another garage in a picturesque village, now found.

image no 12

The Vine PH, Bridge Road, Chertsey. Now converted to residential, the PH was the right hand end of the buildings. Our thanks to Andy Greenland for this.

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I think the narrative suggests this is Shepherdswell, Kent, but this is merely to the left of the above so it's Chertsey.

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A county hospital

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Russ Williamson knows his local well, this as The Goat public house on Upper Halliford Road, Shepperton in Surrey. The hostelry also appears in 'Appointment in London' and 'The House in Marsh Road'.

A public house called The Goat which is also seen in 'Appointment in London' and

image no 16

And that's all we needed. The Goat, 47 Upper Halliford Road, Shepperton, Surrey TW17 8RX. Google/SJ

The pub again

image no 17

Quite a lot of alteration since. Google/SJ

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Dover harbour, Kent, before it became too busy. The dock complex was seen in 'San Ferry Ann', 'Diamonds are Forever' and 'The Fourth Protocol'.

Dover Harbour, east side, with white cliff.

image no 19

Now, or at least East Cliff Dover but an unconvincing Google image as the cliff doesn't look the same. We should almost certainly look to the east of Jubilee Way (this is the west side). SJ

Another view: I think the water was known as The Camber which has since been reclaimed as land. Situated on the esastern most side of the harbour.

image no 20

Equally dodgy. Next time someone takes a ferry ... Google/SJ

Nice sea wall: probably part of now Eastern Arm North with the water now filled in by land reclamation.

image no 21

From the cliffs above showing the same corner now. SJ