Carry On Constable

Date: 1959
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: Anglo Amalgamated/Insignia

Stars: Sid James, Eric Barker, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams, Leslie Phillips, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques, Shirley Eaton, Joan Hickson, Irene Handl, Jill Adams, Freddie Mills, Victor Maddern, Barbara Windsor
Location(s): Ealing, London.

Region(s): ,


Local police are left short-handed by an outbreak of ‘flu’. Enter the dynamic trio, Connor, Williams and Phillips as trainee policemen to help out. They succeed in wrecking the running of the police station and let plenty of criminals get away, Charles Clarke take note, and in the meantime criminals can sleep safely in their beds.??????.A policeman’s lot is not a happy one, tra la la??????????..

Additional Information:

The scene where P.C. Charlie Constable (Kenneth Connor) and W.P.C. Gloria Passworthy (Joan Sims) walk along the road and JS goes up some steps as KC proclaims his love for her was filmed at the west end of Manor Road, opposite the corner store. The steps led up to a footbridge over the railway (known locally as Jacob’s Ladder). The nearest span to  Manor Road was removed to build a warehouse and there is now a footpath to the bridge. Sorry but I now live some distance away and don’t have a recent photo. This is a link to Google Maps –,-0.325762,180m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Roger Viggers. The nearest pic is Capture 9, which is on the opposite side of Manor Road.

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Can you help:

If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

St Mary's Road, South Ealing (Conservative Club building in background)

image no 1


The Avenue, West Ealing. Drayton Court Hotel visible across the road on the right.

image no 2


Drayton Bridge Road, opposite West Ealing main line station. Drayton Green Road, corrects Michael Adams.

image no 3

Now. Wrong says James Armstrong, "The road is called Argyle Road and is on the corner of the Avenue". Thanks James. Michael Adams saysThe corrected caption is also wrong. Argyle Rd only begins after the junction with Manor Road at the far end of the bridge. ,

Junction of Green Man Lane and Uxbridge Road, West Ealing.

image no 4


Lothair Road, South Ealing (off St. Mary's Road)

image no 5


West Ealing Post (Sorting) Office in Manor Road, West Ealing.

image no 6


Kenneth Williams about to apprehend Victor Maddern on Manor Road parade (next to Post Office - see Capture 6)

image no 7


Jim Zatoff sent this further screen shot of the shop just featuring on the left hand side of co008. Clearly an "Arkwright" type shop then and Jim says that it was actually used in the pilot episode of Open All Hours. (RL)

image no 8

Jim provided this Google Image that shows how much it has changed, even from co008n. (RL)

Corner of Manor Road and Drayton Avenue, West Ealing.

image no 9


Sid James drills his new recruits. This is at the entrance South Ealing Road Park on South Ealing Road W5. Identification by Daniel O'Neill.

image no 10

David McGillivray provides this comparison shot of the same location.

This is a new capture and so has been given a new number.This is 5 minutes into the film and features Freddie Mills leaving the jewellers after the robbery. Michael Adams. And this is an even newer sharper capture from Jim Zatoff.

image no 11

And proof from Michael. Wonderful. This is Bond Street, Ealing. City Radio Stores hasn't changed in 60 years. The film opens with a sequence filmed in 3 different locations. First the three constables are walking down St Mary's Rd, then they encounter Freddie Mills after a jewel robbery in Bond Street (10 minutes walk from St Mary's Rd as it happens) and then the scene switches to The Avenue in West Ealing. The side of the road featuring the jewellers was redeveloped around 20 years ago and nothing remains. Presumably Bond St was used as there were\are no jewellers shopfronts on St Mary's Road or The Avenue.

This park, which the constables in capture 10 are about to march past, is directly opposite South Ealing Station. Jim Zatoff sends this sharper screen shot, thanks Jim.

image no 12

And now from Michael Adams.

This is a new capture and occurs around 1hr 07 minutes into the film. All captures are from a flaky VHS tape photographed from the screen. Michael Adams. And this is a sharper DVD capture from Jim Zatoff, who recognised our "flaky VHS".

image no 13

This is the North end of Roberts Alley facing South. This runs parallel to St Mary's Road - which runs about 100yds to the West (right here), and which features in other scenes. There is a school to the left behind the wall. The black door in the wall, and the general line of the backs of the gardens to the right are unchanged in 60 years. The tall chimneys in the far distance in the original scene were Brentford Gasworks which was demolished in the 1960's. Michael Adams. An amazing bit of location sleuthing.

Turning around 180 degress from co012, St Mary's Church is directly ahead. Turning the corner to the left at the top of the alley, this is the scene where James and Phillips spot the robbers car. A sharper DVD capture from Jim Zatoff.

image no 14

The building at the left on the corner is the Rose and Crown pub. The large building facing has been improved - windows for shutters etc but the wall of St Mary's Church and graveyard on the right, with the hedge above remains much the same. In some of these locations, only the cars seem to have changed. Michael Adams, then and now.

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Jim Zatoff sends this additional screen shot, although he doesn't know the location feels that the gable end is so distinctive it must be close to where filming took place. It didn't take super sleuth Neil Rigby to spot this one, York Avenue, Hanwell by the corner with Clairville Gardens. (RL)

image no 15

Mick Mowatt provides us with the long awaited "now" from that very junction. (RL)