Cinema of Darkness

Date: 2011
Director: Could be you!
Production Company: You, me, us? Or shall we leave it to them?

Stars: Sell, promote, create publicity, develop, direct, produce, star, in this gripping true tale of cinematic location dementia.
Location(s): Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England & London, Hammersmith, Hammersmith, and Hammersmith .......... more than thirty times.

Region(s): , , , , ,


The screenplay is now ready for distribution, if you want a copy let us have your CV and the reasons why you feel that you can be of benefit to the Cinema of Darkness, NDA required.

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If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

From Cosh Boy, possibly the perp's first home. See Cosh Boy Capture 7. Can you promote, produce, direct or support this production. An unpleasant story based on true but circumstantial evidence.

image no 1

And it it still there. See Cosh Boy Capture 7 ............... The screenplay starts with our humble ReelStreets investigator trawling through the archives in Doncaster for evidence of local films. A girl is reported missing.

Is this where he got his idea whilst working at the Walton Studios? Did Dogsbody help to create this scene? Lonely, industrial, lamplight, a girl, a boy and.........well you really need to read the screenplay. Nice shot of a Standard Eight in Young Lovers Capture 13. Still from The Gentle Trap. And is the car THE Standard 8? Another Standard 8 appears in East of Ipswich, Capture 14, and yet another one, or the same one, in every other shot in Make Mine Mink.

image no 2

When the central Hammersmith site; now the bus station and smart shops; was cleared, and the railway arches reclaimed, mountains of material and rubbish were carted away, including vehicles. This certainly is a Standard 8.

Night and the City is the film that started to ring bells...........we've been here before! See Capture 16

image no 3

Indeed we have..... Night and the City Capture 16. Used more than 25 far. Is there one missing girl linked to each feature film? ............... Various local newspapers of the time seem to suggest a link.

Emergency Call, same street corner, same angle, Capture 6, curiouser and curiouser.

image no 4

Yet another snap of this overused area? Are you starting to believe? And yes, we are close to the Riverside Studios, and parking was, and still is, easy for film crews. But the same use 25 times!!!

O! M! G! Now he's using his front door! Pic from The Man Who Never Was Capture 3. The girl went in........but.......did she come out?

image no 5

Same doorway, spooky, or what? From mwnw001cn. This could be the doorway, an entrance to several flats or apartments, that housed our prime suspect.

From Victim.......then Capture 43. Fifteen "coincidences" to go!

image no 6

Same see Victim Capture 43. Maybe our man couldn't persuade the director to come closer.

This one from It, Curse of The Golem. Lower Mall and the Thames, outside Digby Mansions, Hammersmith. And eventually the monster plunges into the Thames just on the other side of the bridge.

image no 7

Again! And the cast and crew came all the way from Lambeth where the film was set, just five minutes from the Thames, to this scruffy end of Hammersmith. Dark forces were at work.

Same place, different date, different film, different stars, different director, but perhaps the same guiding hand. This shot from Repulsion. And was that scary or not?

image no 8

Now, the same place that Ms Deneuve glided past in a series of dreamlike sequences. ....and is the inclusion of the "coincidental" use of this location really a dream, a fantasy or an unpleasant reality?

Lower Marsh as it appeared in The Killing of Sister George. Hammersmith was the location, why come to Hammersmith, unless someone was suggesting it to the film's director.

image no 9

Spot on. ---------------- A list of films being made in the UK at the same time as Sister George, reveals that our man was working on at least two of them, and close to one of them another girl was reported missing.

Outside, with Michael Hordern. Ex Theatre of Blood Capture 2. Remember him in Theatre of Blood?

image no 10

Now, without him, ex Theatre of Blood Capture 2. Same angle, same shot as Man Who Never Was Capture 35. How many streets in the UK? How many blocks of Edwardian Mansion flats? And as Humph might have said, "Of all the houses in all the world, you have to reuse this one.....twenty-five times! Play it Dogsbody, Play it again".

Inside the flat with Renee Asherson, Theatre of Blood Capture 7. Was it his flat? You know who I mean.

image no 11

Similar view of the bridge, but I dared not go inside! Would you? Ex Theatre of Blood Capture 7. ----------- No bodies were ever found, as far as we can determine, but, with the river close by........

And what was the connection with this church? Still from The Boys bo006. Hammersmith to Paddington, only about three miles.

image no 12

This shot is actually from the Blue Lamp, but it fits. ---------------------- Was our man ever a parishioner? Strange that this church was used so often when hundreds of others were, and still are, available.

Is it? Could it be - Dogsbody? I can't identify him from all the Professionals pages on the internet. Can you? ex pff001, The Professionals, The Female Factor. Would he like to come forward to help the police with their enquiries?

image no 13

Yes, this is the place all right. ------------------- Prime Suspect, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead, New Tricks and now Above Suspicion. are all based on local Hammersmith locations.

Bodie and Doyle, them of The Professionals, and now, would you believe, one of them is now a High Jourt Judge, John Deed. pff005, outside Digby Mansions.

image no 14

The cops, in their independent areas, until the Yorkshire Ripper was caught, rarely talked to each other or shared information. A girl going missing in the West of England wouldn't be communicated to the Met. And a missing girl is not a murdered girl until a body turns up.

What irony, on the beach outside Digby Mansions. You see, they do float, and I told you so in the screenplay, but did you listen? No! Now do you believe my alternative disposal method? pff006

image no 15

If any young woman would like to take off her clothes, I'll risk getting my feet wet to take the pictures.

Never mind ITMA! Remember It's That Man Again! With Tommy Handley.It's that church again. This time from the Blue Lamp.

image no 16

Any guesses why this church again, only about two miles from Hammersmith? Had Dogsbody been an altar boy, a choir boy, a parishioner?

Then there was a gap of several years. Dogsbody was, I believe, dead. Then the coincidences started again. Was Son of Dogsbody at work. This shot from Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris.

image no 17

A part.

The south side of Hammersmith Bridge, just for a change. Near the middle, where the notches are on the wooden parapet.

image no 18

South east side now.

The bridge............

image no 19

........with Digby Mansions behind.

These four pics have come from Mrs 'Arris went to Paris.

image no 20

more from the synopsis...

Sliding Doors comes to Lower Mall.

image no 21

And the proof. How many times has this unremarkable corner now been used? Are there any that we've missed?

Sliding Doors

image no 22

The land side of Lower Mall, by the rowing club.

Another, loving, use of this seriously overworked patch. Sliding Doors.

image no 23

Was the Blue Anchor Dogsbody's local?

Lower Mall, but the girl in the picture is quite safe, he never kills on his home ground. Sliding Doors.

image no 24

Lower Mall.

......and up comes that church again. Yes Westminster Abbey, St Pauls, Paddy's Wigwam all appear by accident, or design. But this ordinary church in what was a run down area of west London......again. Stills from Secret Ceremony, sec007.

image no 25

Secret Ceremony sec007n. Do you really think that the vicar had a direct line to various film studios, or was Dogsbody connected in some way to this church?

.........and this from Dunkirk.

image no 26

.....and now. From Dunkirk dun020c.

From Life at the Top, Yorkshire to Hammersmith in one easy step.

image no 27

Coincidences, coincidences coincidences, enough for Ripley, Guiness and Google combined. But what happened to the girls?

Another use of this dingy corner of Hammersmith, just near the Riverside Studios. This time from Delayed Action made in 1954.

image no 28

Really does get creepier and creepier.

Tom Wilkinson, Woody Allen, Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor combined, in 2007, with Lower Mall, Hammersmith, - once more! This time in Cassandra's Dream. Pic pulled by SJ

image no 29

...been 'ere before!

  • 'Now' required

Imagine Me and You, 2005...... in, at on or around Digby Mansions, the website of the same name tells us this. No pics yet, have you a copy of the film?

...and this, from Spare the Rod. Now twenty coincidences of Hammersmith, and yet another of this church.

image no 31

...that same old church, once more, Spare the Rod. Did yet another young woman go missing somewhere in the UK at about the time that this film was being made?

  • 'Now' required

The view from the church looking towards Delamere Terrace, the Ha'penny Bridge and Lord Hill's Road, all in W2. This shot from The Knack, and How to Get It. Our man certainly had the knack.Reverse POV of cod023.

  • 'Now' required

And now in New Tricks, 7th Season Episode 4. Blue Anchor pub, Lower Mall and Hammersmith Bridge. Maybe the series was made at the Riverside Studios and the team couldn't walk more than 300 meters. Copyright

  • 'Now' required

Dennis Waterman, copyright

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Copyright The new tricks quartet were at this location again in The Russian Crown.

  • 'Now' required

Dennis Waterman was here before in 1975 with his then guv'nor John Thaw, in The Sweeney Series 2, episode 10, The Trojan Bus. Can you pull the Lower Mall shots?

  • 'Now' required

In 1998 they made Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence at our favourite site.

  • 'Now' required

Spending about five minutes walking and talking.

  • 'Now' required

.....and with hands on the parapet where the notches are.

  • 'Now' required

In the year 2000 Some Voices was produced. Daniel Craig was in it.

  • 'Now' required

Craig, Digby and the Bridge.

  • 'Now' required

...and the latest use, from the "Law and Order UK" TV series, season 7, episode 4, "Fatherly Love". can you pull the pics. Is Son of Dogsbody still active in the film and TV industry?

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See, told you not to chuck 'em in the river, they'll always float ashore somewhere. Law and Order.

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Copyright YouTube and JR. Thanks to them. Law and Order.

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....and another one. This time from Duffer. Where the boat is, is probably where the remains were dropped in. Smallish pieces, time, tide and fishes did the rest.

  • 'Now' required

From the series New Tricks, "Where There's Smoke", showing Ham bridge again. Original still needed please.

Yes, one more time, this time from a Nice Girl Like Me.

image no 47

With evidence collected by Simon James

Another shot from Nice Girl

image no 48

And upgraded by Simon.

Why, oh why, this small corner of London, so often.

image no 49

........and thanks to Simon.

  • 'Now' required

Not Like That, Like This, wasn't ever as far as I know said by Tommy Cooper, Jus' Like That was what I recall. However the recent film showed the man in the Blue Anchor, pub, and we all know where that was. Hammy Bridge and Digby Mansions continue to appear. Pic pulled by SD.

  • 'Now' required

......and used again in the 1979 series Minder, an episode about a Greek Gambler. Can you pull the stills? And, also, in another episode, Dead Men do Tell Tales.

Just outside the Mansions, Hammersmith Bridge Road above. Located by Richard Lovejoy from the film One Jump Ahead.

image no 52

I don't care if you are in a hurry, you can't park there now!

Alternative point of view from Capture 52. One Jump Ahead.

image no 53

And now with more greenery.

  • 'Now' required more time, from Cassandra's Dream.

  • 'Now' required

Blue Anchor again, Hammy bridge in the background. This time from New Tricks, Love Means Nothing in Tennis. Awaiting stills.

Same old place, Lower Mall. Who can organise crowd-funding to finance this epic tale?

image no 56

Yet another use of this overworked location.

  • 'Now' required

The Girl in the Picture, Hammersmith based and Digby Mansions used.