Collector, The

Date: 1965
Director: William Wyler
Production Company: Columbia Pictures

Stars: Terence Stamp, Samantha Egger, Mona Washbourne
Location(s): Kent, London

Region(s): ,


Seriously nasty collector, not at all like us you understand, progresses from simply collecting butterflies?

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Beautiful house near Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, in Edenbridge. Info from Tony Reeves. Filmed at Gabriels Manor, Marsh Green Road, Marsh Green, Edenbridge, Kent. Sleuthed by David Claydon.

image no 1

BRITISH FILM POSTER - COLLECTOR, THE Original poster, 65cm x 1.00cm, about 25” x 39”, good condition, minor wear, tiny tears & tape stains, rare € 75.00. Postage & packing UK / Europe € 6.00, USA & rest of world € 8.50

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A number of people have brought to our attention the fact that the property was for sale through Howard Cundey in Edenbridge, Kent and that there stills on the Internet that would match some of our captures. In view of the difficulty of obtaining "now" shots for this property we have written to Howard Cundey, who own the copyright of the photographs, seeking permission to use some with due acknowledgement. Regrettably, they have not had the courtesy to respond. (RL)

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I went there today but there's no way you can get onto the road leading up to the house without trespassing and believe me, I tried! David Claydon reports.

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There's an electronic gate to the main entrance and fencing with barbed wire round the whole property. Just as well you weren't fried, skewered and barbequed, David!

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I went round the whole place but there was no way in and there's lots of trees and bushes so you can't even get a clear shot of the whole house. Still, you did well finding the location. Well done, and thanks to David.

image no 7

A number of people seem to have had unsuccessful sorties to capture this secluded property but somehow Chris Heath has provided us with this shot that will have to cover for all the captures that we have of Gabriel's Manor, Edenbridge, Kent. (RL)

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Near Holborn perhaps?

Near Holborn perhaps?

image no 10

Quite near. This is from Montreal Place opposite the entrance to Somerset House on Strand, London WC2. SJ.

Easy one this, and yes there is an actor in the pic. To the right of the motor-cyclist in the white crash helmet, the victim, partly obscured by a tree.

image no 11

Now. Think it's the same tree! Certainly a lot more clutter. SJ.

She, the heroine, just missed the hero from Georgy Girl, both used Belsize Park Underground Station, North London.

image no 12

Now. SJ.

Brick pillars when she is leaving, but stone pillars and trees when she has left. Have we had a quick switch to The Regent's Park Underground exit?

image no 13

Now. It's just the angle as Eggar turns right out of Belsize Park station. SJ.

Haverstock Hill, London NW3.

image no 14

Now. SJ.

image no 15

This is Hampstead High Street looking down towards Rosslyn Hill and Haverstock Hill. Spotted by AG, snapped by SJ.

image no 16

Half the garage is now a community centre. Looking north west. Spotted by AG, snapped by SJ.

image no 17

Looking south east again. Even the pub's front door railing is there. AG & SJ.

Higher Hampstead, towards Mount Vernon, and of course the pond in the Informers.

image no 18

Now. Perrin's Lane, Russell took this one as well.

The area appears in 'The Smallest Show on Earth', 'The Killing of Sister George' and 'For Them That Trespass'.

image no 19

Now. Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead, Russell again.

image no 20

Looking down upon Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead, good one from Russell.

Mount Vernon, Hampstead, London NW.

image no 21

Now. Russell confirmed and photographed this sequence.

image no 22

Now. Thanks Russell.

image no 23

Now. Russell gets the prize.

Spot this location if you can. I can't.

image no 24

But Jules Ballantyne found that vital clue that led to Englefield Road, London N1, circa 151a in fact, supported by a Google Earth shot, now replaced. But what was that vital clue unless we caught a glimpse of The Lord Clyde on Essex Road? SJ

Edenbridge? Westerham? Tony Reeves gives a bit of a clue in his location book. Look at the scrolled plaque over the door, its the same in both stills, and there is a green in front. Do you know where it is?

image no 25

Forest Row, near East Grinstead, Sussex. On the A22 Lewes Road in the centre of the town, it is part of the church hall and has the War Memorial and a flagpole on the small green. Well spotted by Paul Guntrip, many thanks.

As above...?

image no 26

The Green, Westerham, Kent. These three pictures by David Claydon. Thanks David.

As above...?

image no 27

The Green, Westerham, Kent. David Claydon.

As above...?

image no 28

The Green, Westerham, Kent. David Claydon.

Same question again...where? Look at the scrolled plaque over the door, its the same in both stills, and there is a green in front. Do you know where it is?

image no 29

Yes, it was the same place - Forest Row, near East Grinstead, Sussex, and Paul Guntrip provided another pic. Thanks Paul.

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Chris Heath identifies the background as Lewes Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5ES (RL)

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See Capture 30 (RL)

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See Capture 30 (RL)