Embezzler, The

Date: 1954
Director: John Gilling
Production Company: Kenilworth Film Productions

Stars: Charles Victor, Zena Marshall, Cyril Chamberlain, Peggy Mount
Location(s): London, Eastbourne

Region(s): ,


An aging bank cashier learns that his health is failing decides to steal his branches cash to escape his nagging wife and dull life to enjoy his remain time. Before he starts the high life he books into an Eastbourne boarding house where he gradually turns to more philanthropic aims and eventually dies.

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The credits are displayed while the camera travels down a long heavily tree lined suburban road, over local cross roads shown here but the road name is not legible. Twickenham ish? With thanks to CliveT of Britmovie for establishing Boileau Road with the junction of Washington Road, London SW13.

image no 1

Boileau Road at the crossroads with Washington Road looking down Madrid Road.

Continuing over the crossroads the style of houses change to smaller housing and no trees. CliveT of Britmovie establishes this as Boileau Road, London SW13

image no 2

There are trees now, and cars!

This is where Henry Paulson (Charles Victor) lives with his nagging wife.

image no 3

No 56 Boileau Road, London SW13.

Relieved to be going to work and escaping the wife he passes a travel agency and dreams a cruise. Is Kensington High Street really on his way to work?

image no 4

Troy Court, Kensington High Street. The shop no longer a travel agency.

Victor approaches his branch from the station. The “bank” so frequently used in various films, even with the same name in “Delayed Action” as was the adjoining building in “Stronghold”.

image no 5

Now demolished and absorbed into the Twickenham Film Studios.

Victor leaves for work the following day having learned from his doctor that his time is limited which sows the seed as to how he can break out from his rut and enjoy his remaining few years. CliveT of Britmovie says Boileau Road, London SW13

image no 6

Angles are somewhat governed by parked cars these days.

Having stolen the cash from the safe, witnessed by his manager, he makes his hurried escape and enters Victoria Station.

image no 7

He would have to find an alternative entrance now.

Eager to avoid being spotted in London he catches the first train to be announced with imminent departure, he is on his way to Eastbourne.

image no 8

Not such clear signage now.

Establishing shot of Eastbourne seashore and pier.

image no 9

More colourful now.

  • 'Now' required

His taxi from the station pulls up at “Eastcote Hotel” – Proprietor: Mrs I Larkin (Peggy Mount) Included to perhaps help with identification of the road. Unidentified Location.

  • 'Now' required

Victor approaches the Hotel entrance. Unidentified Location.

Victor sets off to meet a fellow guest, Mrs Forrest (Zena Marshall), who is being blackmailed and he agrees to provide her with the required funds. “Always wanting to do something really useful and make someone happy.”

image no 12

Riverside Gardens, Hammersmith, London W6. The capture foreground was part of Nigel Playfair Road and probably Upper Mall now absorbed into the Great West Road. (RL)

The police find some of the stolen notes in circulation and start a search for both Victor and the blackmailer Alec Johnson (Cyril Chamberlain). Eastbourne Police Station, Grove Road

image no 13

The public counter was closed in October 2013 and someone has stolen the lights already!