French Connection, The

Date: 1971
Director: William Friedkin
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

Stars: Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, Roy Scheider, Tony Lo Bianco, Marcel Bozzufi, Frederic de Pasquale, Bill Hickman, Ann Rebbot, Harold Gary, Arlene Farber, Eddie Egan, Andre Ernotte, Sonny Grosso
Location(s): Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York, USA., Marseilles, France.

Region(s): , ,


A pair of NYC cops in the narcotics bureau stumble onto a drug smuggling job with a French connection.

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Charnier(frog 1) comes out of restaurant. Chez Fon Fon.NR

image no 1

Chez Fon Fon restaurant. At Rue Du Vallon Des Auffes. Marseilles 13007.NR

French Undercover Policeman having a coffee. Outside La Samaritaine.NR

image no 2

La Samaritaine at 2 Quai Du Port. Marseille. (from google streetview) 13002.NR

Under cover French policeman. Heads home.NR

image no 3

at Montee Des Accoules. Marseilles 13002. Notre Dame tower in view.(google streetview)NR

The chase starts by 912 Broadway Brooklyn. In the film it is called Rio Piedras (now demolished)they catch up with suspect on wasteground off Marcus Garvey Blvd.

image no 4

This pic confirms the location. It is not possible to see this church from the other street. The Woodhull medical center now occupies the site. The 'pick your feet in Poughkeepsie', scene was done in East Harlem

This is Charnier's house near Marseilles.

image no 5

At Avenue De L'Amiral Ganteaume, Cassis 13260 (google streetview) NR

Sal parks the Lincoln. He and Angie drive off in a Ford Mercury Comet car. While being observed by Popeye and Cloudy

image no 6

At Columbia Heights, Brooklyn New York 11201 (google streetview) NR

Same location as previous. Note the brickwork around the door. NR

image no 7

Columbia Heights again. (google streetview)NR

Sal & Angie's cafe

image no 8

91, wyckoff ave bushwick brooklyn new york. (google streetview) NR

Sal & Angie coming out of Ratner's restaurant. While popeye and cloudy observe from a car parked in suffolk street nearby. NR

image no 9

138 Delancey street. The Williamsburg bridge in view. (google streetview)NR

Sal makes a drop. Observed by Popeye and Cloudy

image no 10

177 Mulberry street near Broome street in Little Italy, New York. (google streetview)NR

Mulberry street. NR

image no 11

Mulberry street looking south.(google streetview)NR

Popeye dashes from phonebox

image no 12

Corner of Broome street and Mulberry street New York.(google streetview)NR

Weinstock's Hotel. NR

image no 13

At East 82nd Street and 5th avenue. Across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (google streetview)NR

Charnier and hitman. Observe the Lincoln being unloaded. At the dock. NR

image no 14

At the viewing platform. At the end of Remsen Street, Brooklyn.(google streetview) NR

Sal parks the Lincoln.

image no 15

At East 44th Street and Madison Ave. (google streetview) NR

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Cloudy going to The Roosevelt Hotel.East 45th street entrance NR

Popeye tails Charnier and hitman. NR

image no 17

At 2nd avenue and East 50th street. (google streetview) NR

Charnier and hitman have a meal

image no 18

East 50th street and 1st avenue. Restaurant has been modernised. (google streetview)NR

Shoe store where Popeye Doyle observes the restaurant

image no 19

At East 50th and First avenue.(google streetview) NR

Charnier goes back to the Westbury hotel

image no 20

at 840 Madison ave. The Westbury is no longer there.(google streetview) NR

Charnier crosses Madison Ave.

image no 21

At Madison avenue and 68th street. (google streetview)NR

East 67th street and Madison ave

image no 22

East 67th street and Madison ave. (google streetview)NR

Charnier disappears into the subway.

image no 23

Subway 5th Avenue by Central Park. (google streetview)NR

Popeye follows Charnier into the subway

image no 24

5th avenue subway entrance near Grand Army Plaza. Same as previous

Popeye Doyle comes out of the subway. He chases after Charnier towards 5th avenue. Past the General Sherman statue at Grand Army Plaza on to Grand Central subway.

image no 25

Subway entrance on East 60th street. Near 5th avenue.(google streetview)NR

Crash site where Popeye is told he is off assignment

image no 26

At Henry Hudson Parkway Route 9A junction 24. With Mosholu > parkway.(google streetview)NR

Off assignment Popeye Doyle heads home.

image no 27

Popeye's apartment. The Marlboro Housing project. On Stillwell avenue Brooklyn near Bay 50th street station. (google streetview)NR

Doyle commandeers a car

image no 28

Stillwell ave Brooklyn near Bay 50th station. (google streetview)NR

The end of the car/train chase.

image no 29

At New Utrecht Ave with 14th ave and 60th street Brooklyn, New York. (google streetview)NR

Cloudy going to underground garage

image no 30

At East 38th street near Park avenue.(google streetview)NR

Cloudy running out of the garage

image no 31

At East 38th street near Park avenue.(google streetview)NR

The Lincoln car. Going to park

image no 32

Peck Slip near the Brooklyn bridge. (google street view)NR

Lincoln car. Tailed by popeye and Cloudy

image no 33

Water street near the Brooklyn Bridge. (google street view)NR

The Lincoln car. Parked and watched all night.

image no 34

Dover street near by the Brooklyn Bridge. (google streetview)NR

'Popeye' Doyle comes out of a bar on the Lower East Side

image no 35

At South street corner of Market street. By the Manhattan bridge.The building has gone (google streetview)NR

'Cloudy' Tails Charnier and hitman.

image no 36

East 50th street. Between 2nd avenue and 1st avenue. The building is undergoing refurbishment. (Google streetview)NR

Cloudy and Doyle. Chasing suspect through traffic

image no 37

Bushwick ave Brooklyn. The only reference is the tower block. (Google streetview)NR

french policeman near his home

image no 38

Rue des Moulins. off Rue Du Panier. Old town Marseilles. (Google Pic from streetview)NR.

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Neil Rigby provides us with this addition screen capture saying that it is 950 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York. They walk towards Myrtle Ave. (RL)

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A second capture from Neil showing 1128 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, New York. That used to be a bar next to a bowling alley. (RL)