Girl with a Pistol, The (aka La ragazza con la pistola)

Date: 1968
Director: Mario Monicelli
Production Company: Documento Films

Stars: Monica Vitti, Stanley Baker, Carlo Gruffre, Corin Redgrave, Anthony Booth
Location(s): Catania, Sicilia, Edinburgh, London, Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Sheffield, Newhaven.

Region(s): , , , ,


A Sicilian woman’s lover leaves her and goes to Britain. In a jealous rage, armed with a pistol she follows in search of him, fully intending to kill him.

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Sicilian fishing village, Catania. Info from the Italian guide to film locations... though we have been misled.

image no 1

But no, not Catania, but in the coastal town of Polignano a Mare, south of Bari (Puglia). All thanks to Manuel Gurtner from Switzerland who sent in Google to prove his discovery for this one and nos. 7 & 8 (SJ).

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Rooftop view down the streets, Catania, but now in jeopardy of not being Catania.

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Street scene, Catania. As above

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Streets again, Catania. Probably not.

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Down the street, Catania. Nope

Street with a sea view.

image no 7

Manuel sent in this Google shot to prove Polignano a Mare near Bari, Italy (SJ).

A bit more sea, but not Catania.

image no 8

Also sent by Manuel. (SJ)

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Farmhouse in the countryside, near, would you believe, possibly, yes, you've guessed it???..Catania.

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Village square, no, I'm not going to tell you again!

Railway station but where? Waverly Station, Edinburgh, suggests Roland-Francois Lack in an email. Battle of the Sexes was shot on the steps. Is it the same place?

image no 12

Waverley Station vehicle access road. Battle Of The Sexes used The Royal Scottish Academy as a stand in for the station. SD

image no 13

Edinburgh Waverley Station vehicle access road, leading out to Waverley bridge. SD

Side of Waverly station perhaps? Miss Jean Brody was in her Prime in this city.

image no 14

Viewed from Princes Street, Waverley market, demolished in 1973 and replaced by Princes Mall in 1984, with Waverley station behind it. Location photo replaces the Google Earth image from Iain Coker. SD

image no 15

Waverley market, Princes Street, Edinburgh. Now, replaced by Princes Mall with the buildings on the Royal Mile seen behind. SD

Edinburgh perhaps? Greyfriars Bobby was shot in a churchyard at the end of the Royal Mile, anyone know this film?

image no 16

This former church was until 1979 Highland Tolbooth St. John's Church. Now is "The Hub Cafe & Restaurant", 348-350 Castlehill, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 2NE. Looking southwest. Discovered by Greg Mishevski. Location photo replaces Google Street View image. SD

image no 17

On the left is St. Columba’s Free Church, 1 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 2PW. Looking south. Discovered by Greg Mishevski. Now. Taking a few steps to the left and correcting my original photo. SD.

image no 18

"The Hub Cafe & Restaurant", 348-350 Castlehill, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 2NE. Looking west/southwest. Discovered by Greg Mishevski. Location photo replaces Google Street View image. SD

Well, one thing's for sure, Capri it ain't!

image no 19

Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh. Identified by Iain Coker. The building to the right, on the corner of Candlemaker Row and Merchant Street, was also seen in 'The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie'. SD

Edinburgh again?

image no 20

Julian Road, Bath, says Russell Groves, and with photo evidence to prove it. Well done.

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A Sheffield skyline, streets and works, with Tony Blair's father-in-law taking in the view. Granville Street, overlooking Sheaf Street.

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Granville Street, Sheffield. Now demolished. The street has become a tramway.

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Granville Street, overlooking Sheaf Street and Ponds Forge works.

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Steel Peach & Tozer works, Sheffield Road, Templeborough, Rotherham.

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Steel Peech & Tozer, Sheffield Road, Templeborough, Rotherham.

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Steel Peech & Tozer, Rotherham. The steel works closed but the building remains.

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Tinsley works staff canteen.

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Tinsley works staff canteen. Information from Sheffield History website. SD

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The steps leading to the Neepsend Station site. Painted black for filming.

image no 30

'pdprop' identified the location and sent this 'now' shot. The railway foot-bridge leading originally from Wallace Road, Parkwood Springs to Parkwood Road, Neepsend in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Looking down on the terraced houses on what was Farfield Road, now swallowed up by the Farfield Industrial Estate.

image no 31

The foot-bridge leading from Wallace Road to Parkwood Road in Sheffield, as seen in image gwp018bn. Now shot by 'pdprop'.

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A caff somewhere, Bacon sarneys anyone? Brown sauce? Frederick Street, Rotherham, next to the bus station.

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Frederick Street, Rotherham. The area has been redeveloped.

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Frederick Street, Rotherham.

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OK, cooling towers, but which ones and where? Rotherham Power Station, with the bus station and Frederick Street in the foreground. The cooling towers have been demolished and the bus station redeveloped.

St Pauls Hospital, but is it Bristol or Bath?

image no 37

Neither. This is Hillingdon Hospital, Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge. To the left were the old hospital buildings, demolished in 1968. SD

image no 38

Hillingdon Hospital, Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge. SD

image no 39

Hillingdon Hospital, Pield Heath Road, Uxbridge. SD

Hospital main entrance.

image no 40

Cossham Hospital, Lodge Road, Bristol. Viewed from ground level. SD

image no 41

By the entrance to Cossham Hospital, Lodge Road, Bristol. SD

Hospital car park.

image no 42

Hillingdon Hospital car park. One place where the presence of cars can't spoil the shot. SD

Churchyard and cottages, but where?

image no 43

Church Street, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, from the graveyard of Holy Trinity Church. No sign of the large gravestone, and a local man told me he had never seen it. SD

image no 44

Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. SD

image no 45

Church Street, Bradford on Avon. The cottages almost got demolished but were saved by a preservation order. SD

Alongside the river Avon, Bath.

image no 46

Now. Footpath off North Parade, Bath. Excellent sleuthing work by Russell Groves, and with his pics. Thank you Russ. Three good idents.

image no 47

Now. Footpath off North Parade, Bath. Pic by Russell Groves.

image no 48

Now. Footpath off North Parade, Bath. Pic by Russell Groves.

Country house along the river. Bath area?

image no 49

Jobs Mill, Five Ash Lane, Crockerton, Wiltshire. I found this just in time for a National Gardens Scheme charity open day. SD


image no 50

Now. George Street, Bath and spotted through all the clag and mist and rain by Russell Groves. Splendid work, above and beyond the call of duty. Give that man another sugar lump in his coffee!

image no 51

Now. George Street, Bath. Pic by Russell Groves.

image no 52

Now. George Street, Bath. Pic by Russell Groves.

image no 53

Now. George Street, Bath. Pic by Russell Groves.

Roland-Francois believes this is St Martin's court and they go into "The Salisbury" pub in St Martin's Lane,WC2. Remember Victim? The chequered flag in the background was the sign for a motor / railway / military enthusiasts bookshop. They used to sell my Miniature Warfare magazine, and also my books on wargaming. Those were the days!

image no 54

Definitely St Martin's Court. SJ.

image no 55

And there's The Salisbury again, as seen in Night and the City, Victim and Travels with my Aunt. SJ.


image no 56

Roman Road, Bath, another good'un from Russell Groves.


image no 57

Corner of The Circus & Brock Street, Bath. RG strikes again, wonderful.


image no 58

Looking towards corner of The Circus & Brock Street (gwp031), Bath. And even through the net curtains our Sherlock Russell is undaunted.

Royal Crescent, Bath. The Wrong Box, remember?

image no 59

Royal Crescent, Bath. Good perspective, good composition RG, the wonderboy!

image no 60

Now. Royal Crescent, Bath. RG.

image no 61

Now. Royal Crescent, Bath. RG.

And probably Bath again.

image no 62

Pump Rooms, Bath, Russell Groves with Camera, snaps shots of Girl with Pistol, great effort, many thanks.

Trafalgar Square, London. Roland-Francois believes that this scene is a real demo, cut in with a fake demo filmed at Lincoln's Inn Field.

image no 63

Taken from Landseer's lions looking towards Northumberland Avenue. SJ.

The north-east corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields identified by Peter.

image no 64

And Peter also provides the proof.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background.

image no 65

From Waterloo Bridge. SJ.

Island roundabout, Elephant and Castle, Waterloo area, my Soldier shop was 500 yards away, Genevieve passed close by, File of the Golden Goose was opened just up the road and the Sandwich Man passed within a spit.

image no 66

Now. Elephant & Castle tube entrance now hidden by 3 fast growing trees! SJ.

Clearly legible in the original it is Waterford Road, SW6, just off the Fulham Road according to my 1950? 3/6p, A-Z.

image no 67

The same location now, opposite the tobacconist shop featured in 'Final Appointment' image finap012n. (PW)

The steps outside the Royal Albert Hall, London. Ipcress File, Love Story etc.

image no 68

Albert Court. London SW7 also seen in The 39 Steps (1978). SJ.

image no 69

Now. SJ.

Prince Consort Road, London SW7. Ipcress again.

image no 70

Now. Pedestrianised part of Kensington Gore. SJ.

image no 71

Reverse shot with Albert Mansion in background. SJ.

Thames Embankment, near Cheney Walk, Albert Bridge, Clockwork Orange and Blind Date territory.

image no 72

Cadogan Pier and Albert Bridge, also seen in The 39 Steps (1978). Was it the same location manager? London SW3. SJ.

image no 73

Now. Kiosk-less. SJ.

image no 74

Now. Chelsea Embankment. SJ.

Dockside? Factory estate?

image no 75

Newhaven Ferry Port, Newhaven, East Sussex. As close as I could get to the boarding ramp. The area is restricted and to gain access would mean getting the permission of this authority and that authority so the wrong side of the fence will have to do. SD

The Grand Hotel, Brighton, same shot is used 11 years later in Quadrophenia.

image no 76

Now. The rebuilt entrance, completed in 1986. SD

image no 77

The Grand Hotel foyer entrance. Also seen in 'Quadrophenia'. SD

image no 78

The Grand Hotel was also seen in 'Quadrophenia', 'Be My Guest' and 'Smokescreen'. SD

Probably Brighton, Night We Got The Bird.

image no 79

Cannon Place, Brighton. The rebuilt west side of The Grand Hotel. SD

Brighton Pavilion, no points for this one. Brighton Rock, and is that my old Moggie in the background?

image no 80

Now. Viewed from Edward Street. SD

The Promenade, Brighton, Carry On At Your Convenience.

image no 81

Madeira Drive. Taken slightly further east of the exact location which is now fenced off and covered in scaffolding. The arches have become structurally unsafe and will cost millions of pounds to repair. I shall distract you from that fact with these Aston Martins. SD

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Newhaven Docks? Roland-Francois Lack thinks so, cheers Roland-Francois. Others suggest Dover docks? So which is it sleuths?

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Claimed to be the Port of Ancona, Giulio Martini, author of the book I luoghi del Cinema, the guide to Italian film locations.