Green Man, The

Date: 1956
Director: Robert Day, Basil Dearden
Production Company: Grenadier Films Ltd

Stars: Alastair Sim, George Cole, Terry Thomas, Jill Adams, Raymond Huntley, Colin Gorden, Avril Angers, Eileen Moore, Dora Bryan
Location(s): City, Holborn, London, Weybridge, Surrey

Region(s): ,


Watchmaker / Freelance Assassin John Hawkins has had work pouring in and it seems that his latest hit, a pompous industrialist, should prove no problem. That is until an endless procession of interruptions makes his work nearly impossible.

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In front of the Bank of England and Royal Exchange in Central London.

image no 1

Looking at Mansion House from the steps of the Royal Exchange. SJ.

Prudential Building, Holborn, London.

image no 2


Prudential Building, Holborn, London.

image no 3


Prudential Building, Holborn, London.

image no 4

Now. SJ.

Underground station in the background but which one?

image no 5

It's Bank. SJ

Don't know.

image no 6

And continuing on from above Sim has now crossed Lombard Street, London EC3. SJ

Don't know.

image no 7

And enters 3 Lombard Street with the British Investments House long gone, if ever it were real. SJ

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Don't know.

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Don't know.

That is the north-east corner of the junction of Holborn and Grays Inn Road. There is no question - you can see the trolleybus wires emerging from Grays Inn Rd; trolleybuses were only grudgingly allowed near the City (the wires were deemed 'unsightly';) and this turning loop was required for the terminating routes from North Finchley. Here and Moorgate were the only places in the actual City of London where wires were tolerated.
Confirmation can be had by reading the rather blurred legend above the descending stairs into the LT Station - look at the hazy words there and think: 'Chancery Lane Station'.

image no 10

Well, here's the now but I can't see the match. SJ. Not to worry, Molly Cutpurse confirms the location, she remembers the trolleybus lines and tells us that the City of London Lion was taken away during the War. (RL)

Roy Barnacle has correctly pointed out that this is also the junction of Holborn and Grays Inn Road - in fact, pretty much the same picture as gn010!

image no 11

Yes the location is definitely right though new buildings aim to confuse and here's the same now as above until I, or anyone else, gets a better angle. SJ

About the pictures gn012, gn013, gn014 and gn015 - I have found information from this website: and you can see now pictures from two houses (Windy Ridge and Appleby), but Greg, who we thank for this excellent information, suggests to read all 11 pages in the forum thread, for this film. Mary French advises that despite the bus stop, it never has been a bus route, she used to walk to school along Oatland's Avenue. (RL)

image no 12

Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge, KT13 9SN. Copyright Google Maps Street View, found by Greg, excellent, as always.

The address of the house called Windy Ridge in this movie is 5 Oatlands Avenue, and Appleby 7 Oatlands Avenue, WEYBRIDGE, KT13 9SN, Greg.

image no 13

Appleby, 7 Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge, KT13 9SN. Copyright Google Maps Street View, found by Greg, absolutely spot on.

This spot is available both in Multimap Bird's Eye option and in Google Maps Street View option. This information is also listed in IMDb: And Greg found them all, well done!

image no 14

Appleby, 7 Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge, KT13 9SN. Copyright Google Maps Street View, found by Greg, first class research.

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Near, or actually Littleton House, Weybridge, Surrey. IMDB. Littleton House is near Shepperton Studios, TW17 0QD: So we were wrong..........AGAIN! Well spotted Greg, thanks. Mary French sya that it is once again Oatland's Avenue as in gn012 (RL)