Date: 1952
Director: Charles Crichton
Production Company: Independent Artists

Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Jon Whiteley, Elizabeth Sellars, Kay Walsh
Location(s): Dumfries and Galloway, London, Staffordshire

Region(s): , ,


Fugitive from justice teams up with small boy fleeing from unhappy home and they travel across the country.

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Stills and now images by SJ

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Whiteley running in possibly Pimlico, London SW1. Lupus Street/St George's Drive/Claverton Street was suggested in But I'm not so sure. Looks like a slight incline to the left, and the buildings don't match... This is Lupus Street/St George's Drive/Claverton Street. The brick building on the left has changed its facade but the taller white building is most distinctive and identifiable from the Google Streetview image. The building on the right is either a newer addition or the block behind the thinner one visible in the screenshot. I'd send a photo but I'm in Canada. Anneke Dubash did this sleuthing, well done, thank you.

image no 1

Yes, my doubts have been vanquished. The building at the back left leaves no doubt. SJ

Part of the same scene as it pans left following Whiteley.

image no 2

And this is Claverton Street. But only identifiable thanks to the row on Lupus Street Just to my left out of shot is the very new Pimlico Academy. SJ

This could be Lupus Street, again suggested in That certainly looks like St Saviour's where Lady Diana wore that legs-revealing dress, and those buildings to the right were indeed there before Pimlico School replaced the site but I'm not sure the left side matches.

image no 3

Not a great deal of evidence apart from the spire.SJ.

Panning right in the same shot.

image no 4

But this does seal it. These houses are still standing west of Claverton Street on Lupus Street. SJ.

Another SW1 street.

image no 5

In fact this is still Lupus Street (same as hunt002) and the buildings have gone. The replacement Pimlico School is seen 30 years later in Madame Sousatzka. SJ.

Bogarde and Whiteley on Grosvenor Road: London Film Location Guide has this opposite Claverton Street. That's All Saints Church now lost to the Churchill Gardens Estate... This is Grosvenor Road, just East of Lupus St from the embankment side of the road. Anneke Dubash found this one as well, splendid work, thank you.

image no 6

There's the tower ever so faintly in the background. The houses and pub behind the trees still survive but no church. SJ

A street in Pimlico.

image no 7

For some random reason this one eluded me for a while. It's Charlwood Street looking southwest across Belgrave Road to the white curved corner building on Denbigh Street. SJ

Ivory House, St Katherine's Dock, London E1. The location was also used in 'The Long Good Friday' and 'The Trygon Factor'.

image no 8

Rather more in the foreground these days! (RL)

Alongside the river in King Edward VII Memorial Park, Shadwell E1. The location was also seen in 'The Long Haul'.

image no 9

The railings remain at least. (RL)

Ebury Buildings on Semley Place in SW1. Sean Longden identifies this as the same one seen in 'Dance Hall' 006.

image no 10

Picture copyright Google Maps 1282531480530, found by BT, the British Overseas Airways Corporation building.

And he's right. Bogarde is looking onto Ebury Buildings on the northeast side of Ebury Square from Flask Lane. All gone!

image no 11

Pic from Flickriver Andrew HA, 1282514012638, their copyright, researched by BT, B O A C building, Victoria.

As above. The doorway to St Philip's Church (the parsonage still stands on 162 Buckingham Place Road) can just be made out behind the lamppost. Great work from Sean

image no 12

Pic from Imagestate, their copyright 1646341, discovered by BT. B O A C building, Victoria.

A good bit of background here

image no 13

And it's still here, though BOAC is gone. SJ

Worth having another look to have a gander behind Bogarde's left shoulder

image no 14

A close-up not of a National Express coach but the detail of the BOAC (now the National Audit office) building on Buckingham Palace Road. SJ

Vauxhall Bridge Road. One can just make out Barclays Bank on Churton Street, then to the left the blob-like spire of St James The Less, still standing, and to the left of that, the thinner spire of Holy Trinity Church now lost and buried in the Bessborough Gardens Estate.

image no 15

That's the bank in the middle. SJ.

Vauxhall Bridge Road looking north towards Victoria Street.

image no 16

Not much left except the tiny bit at the right and the white pub on Victoria Street. SJ.

Vauxhall Bridge Road looking south.

image no 17

A definite match on the corner of Francis Street. SJ.

Vauxhall Bridge Road looking north again.

image no 18

Much the same as hunt009n. SJ.

This looks like Churton Street, also seen in more detail in Innocent Sinners.

image no 19

The street has been closed off after the building of the 70s Lillington Garden Estate, but that HSBC is still going strong on the corner of Vauxhall Bridge Road and Rochester Row. SJ (update: spoke too soon, now an estate agents)

The corner of Tachbrook Street and Charlwood Street.

image no 20

Same corner though the tree's in the way, different corner shop. SJ.

Bogarde and Whiteley catch a bus in Charlwood Street.

image no 21

Easy for me. That's the Vincent Square pavilion in the background where I've coached games for rather a long time. The Lillington Gardens Estate is now either side of Charlwood Street. SJ.

Geographical error. The bus should cross Tachbrook Street to continue along Charlwood Street but is in fact already in Tachbrook Street and turning west into Charlwood Street.

image no 22

No mistaking the curve of Tachbrook Street. SJ.

But is in fact already in Tachbrook Street and turning west into Charlwood Street.

image no 23

And this is the now. SJ.

Sutherland Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.

image no 24

Sutherland Road, Longton, photographed by David Rayner. It is probably a long road but this isn't the exact location, the building on the left was there in the 1950's and so was the factory with the rounded door. Perhaps you could try again please David.

We didn't pull this still originally because the architectural detail was too vague.

image no 25

However David Rayner was able to not only locate the site but actually take a photo as well!! Well done that man.

image no 26

The corner of Oxford Street and Honeywall, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent. Ident and pics by David Rayner.

The bridge that Jon Whiteley is about to jump from is the last of three bridges situated very close together that were essentially foot bridges that then linked Burslem brickworks (out of shot to the left) with Sneyd Colliery (out of shot to the right). The railway below is part of the Potteries Loop Line that linked Stoke with Kidsgrove. This is on the stretch of line between between Cobridge and Burslem stations and we are here looking in the direction of Burslem. Info and grab from David Rayner. Excellent stuff.

image no 27

The line was closed in the late 1960's as part of the infamous Dr Beeching cuts and the three bridges demolished in the 1980's. Today, what was once a very busy railway has been turned into a greenway for cyclists and walkers and the present location is completely unrecognisible from the way it looked in late 1951. And who could argue with that? Our thanks to David Rayner for the background info.

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Sutherland Road, Longton in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. Information from

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The railway line between Burslem and Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent (thanks to David Rayner for the corrected spelling), no longer in use. Info from

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The railway line between Burslem and Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, no longer in use. Info from

Establishment of Scotland Yard on the Embankment. We've been here many a time.

image no 31

This is actually from the Derby Gate side on Parliament Street. SJ.

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The pretty town of Portpatrick in Dumfries and Galloway, according to IMDB and confirmed by Phyllis Elias: "indeed Port Patrick, looking from the southern side to the north (the hotel on the top is still there, but now painted white)."

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And again. It's in the southwest corner of Scotland near Stranraer... "Taken from the north looking south, where the lifeboat is usually moored," with thanks to Phyllis.