Hyde Park Corner

Date: 1935
Director: Sinclair Hill
Production Company: Grosvenor Films Ltd.

Stars: Gordon Harker, Binnie Hale, Eric Portman, Gibb McLaughlin
Location(s): London



150 years after a duel is fought during which the wronged party is killed by a villain, the descendants of the original combatants and those involved are brought together following another murder at the same house.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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In the year 1780, Officer Cheatle (Gordon Harker) of the Bow Street Runners and his men approach a house where illegal gambling is taking place.

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Edward Chester curses the house as he dies following a duel.

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The years pass . . . this is the house in 1850.

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More time elapses until the modern day house is seen, being depicted by a matted shot of Apsley House at 149 Piccadilly in London W1.

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An excellent "now" from Mark O'Neill, from memory and without playing chicken with traffic in the lashing rain! (RL)