I See a Dark Stranger

Date: 1946
Director: Frank Launder
Production Company: Individual Pictures

Stars: Deborah Kerr, Trevor Howard, Raymond Huntly, David Tomlinson, Katie Johnson
Location(s): Dublin & Dundalk (Ireland), Isle of Man, Devon, Somerset

Region(s): , ,


A kind of noir film, full of the “Ealing” favorites of the time. Kerr plays ‘Bridie’ a young Irish lass who helps spy Huntly against the British during WWII.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and captions by Roy Barnacle unless otherwise stated

Also known as ‘The Adventurers’ (US Title)

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  • 'Now' required

Village in Ireland. RB.

The exterior of Dublin Heuston Station, known as Kingsbridge until 1966. RB.

image no 2

Mark o'Neill captures a little changed station notwithstanding its change in name. (RL)

Huntley being picked up outside station. RB.

image no 3

Outside Hueston Station but we rely on you Mark for it being the right spot! (RL)

Huntley again with different backdrop. RB. Almost looks like the Santa Sophia mosque in Istanbul, but I could be wrong. JT.

image no 4

Mark advises that the bridge was completed in 1828 and restored in 2003. (RL)

Iron bridge spanning the River Liffey (built to commemorate visit of King George IV in 1821), Heuston Railway station is in the background. RB.

image no 5

It now he says, is only used for pedestrians and the Luas tram. (RL)

O'Connell Street, Dublin (as it was in the 40s). RB.

image no 6

O'Connell Street in Dublin, as it is in 2015. (PW)

Dunster in Somerset, sleuthed by Alastair Terry, within 24 hours of joining up!!

image no 7

With some cosmetic changes over the past 60 odd years, the now Dunster Castle Hotel, North Somerset. The statue in the old shot would have been a prop as it's in the middle of the road. Alastair Terry identified and photographed the location.

Also Dunster, the cobbled walk way by the side of the road is still there today. Alastair again.

image no 8

A private house in Dunster High Street, North Somerset, Alastair ably and agreeably assisted, acknowledgements and approval.

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Railway station, but could be a set. RB. This could be Dunster station (still in operation on the now privately owned West Somerset Railway) or one of the local stations on the same line. Suggests Alastair.

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Another hotel or inn. RB. But look at the tower on the hill, just might be a clue. JT. Dunster Castle in Somerset (about 4 miles from Minehead). Sent in by Alastair Terry, well done.

image no 11

Dunster High Street with Conygar Tower on the hill. Dunster Castle is on the opposite hill behind the shot, Alastair Terry points out.

  • 'Now' required

Road tunnel somewhere. RB.

Hotel, might be in the same town as sds007/8/10. RB. Dunster again, Alastair Terry.

image no 13

Church Street, Dunster. This is round the corner to the left of the Hotel in sds007n. Alastair did the sleuthing.

Village - I think this is supposed to be in Ireland in the film, but it has a decidedly English look about it. RB. The funny looking building is Dunster Yarn market (google image 'Dunster' for confirmation). Sleuthed by Alastair.

image no 14

Dunster High Street with the Medieval Yarn market in the distance, built in 1590 and is the only one left in the UK. Alastair Terry found this one as well.

  • 'Now' required

Ron Smith advises that this is Douglas Promenade showing Derby Castle and Onchan Head beyond the sea in the distance. The model boat lake had gone but otherwise the scene today is the same.

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Laxey Station with Manx Electric Railway car 26 heading towards Douglas and part of the station building (both still existing today). Information and screen capture from Ron Smith.

Public building, supposed to be exterior of a station. RB.

image no 17

Ron Smith took this picture of a doorway of the IOM Government Building on Prospect Hill, Douglas, IOM.

A London street? RB.

image no 18

Ron Smith identifies this as Prospect Hill, Douglas, IOM. The large semi's at the top of the hill are still there although the right hand side has been re-developed.

  • 'Now' required

Waltons were fruit and veg merchants who had shops at many London Underground stations. This one on the Metropolitan line. RB.