It Happened Here

Date: 1963
Director: Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo
Production Company: Rath Films

Stars: Pauline Murray, Sebastian Shaw, Bart Allison, Reginald Marsh
Location(s): Dorset, London, Middlesex, Powys (Wales), Surrey, Wiltshire

Region(s): , , ,


What if?…. The German Invasion of England actually did happen in July 1940 after the British retreat from Dunkirk. Resistance, collaboration and a controversial portrayal of the ‘English Nazis’.

Additional Information:

This copy of the film was given to John Tunstill by the director, Kevin Brownlow, who’s research work into old films should be well known through his documentaries and books. Andrew Mollo, the co-director, used to help John when he was working at Tradition, a militaria shop in London’s Piccadilly, with military advice and uniform details.

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The village used, was in fact two villages, firstly Berwick St John in Wiltshire

image no 1

Wrong! The village of Eashing just off the A3 south of Guildford, Surrey. Nick Gilbey

And later New Radnor, because the previous landowner, Mark Dineley, the owner of Bapty's, the military props store, wouldn't agree to continue to allow Brownlow and Mollo filming rights.

image no 2

...and wrong again! At the junction at Wool,Dorset of the A352 and the road to Bere Regis. Woolbridge Manor is in the background. Nick Gilbey. Well done Nick.

So perhaps New Radnor...or maybe Berwick St John

image no 3

Original poster, British, 65cm x 100cm, about 25” x 39”, good condition, normal minor damage, folds, minor stains and pin holes. € 150.00 Rare to the point of possibly being unique. + p&p.

The Bank

image no 4

National Westminster Bank, Victoria Road. Aldershot Town centre copyright Google Street View

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The main street

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Another street

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Camberwell, south east London, slum clearance looked much the same as bomb damage.

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Salisbury Cathedral. Tallest freestanding spire in Europe. Roy Barnacle.

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New Radnor

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Main street, probably New Radnor

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Close up of the house

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New Radnor main road, probably.

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And Again

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And Again

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The old Euston Station

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Euston Station in the background

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Camberwell, under demolition

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Making way for picturesque new flats

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In the Land Fit for Heroes, or is it Pic ih006, New Radnor again, from a different angle?,

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The Brave New World, but this looks more north London to me

And it is Albany Street

image no 22

Now. A blank wall and the pub behind the tree.

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North London again, I guess, Palmersy Green, New Southgatey? But Kevin thinks perhaps Stanmore.

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The front door

Chester Terrace, where "End of the Affair" was made, and where John Profumo, War Minister was living when the film was made. The butler had been sent to the door to enquire why Nazi troops were marching past and the band was playing. Ms Keeler didn't make an appearance, but she used to go to my brother's shop in Clapham, years later. Nice lady, he always said.

image no 25

Now. Confirmed, 10 out of 10 to John Morrisy.

Van Johnson walks through this arch on a couple of occasions in "The End of the Affair".

image no 26

Now. Chester Terrace, off Regent's Park.

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Probably Parliament Square, London, or nearabouts

Parliament Square and Big Ben, but on the left is a "cabby's rest" a tea shop for cab drivers that remained there until the 80's, another one remains at Pembroke Road, Notting Hill Gate

image no 28

Looking down Broad Sanctuary, SW1. Area also seen in Regan. SJ.

Probably Parliament Square again

image no 29

Looking south across Broad Sanctuary towards Great Smith Street. Area seen in If Only (2004) and The Da Vinci Code. SJ.

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

image no 30

Storey's Gate. And film memorabilia fairs are held in the basement of the Methodist Hall. SJ.

And Again

image no 31

Now. SJ.

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A London Street

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And again, but curious basement grills

Houses of Parliament, "stately" home, from the Lambeth side of the Thames

image no 34

Now. SJ.

These are the Signal magazines that the Nazis published in every occupied country, often in full colour, an amazing achievement in the middle of a world war. I have several of these magazines, see

image no 35

Now. SJ. Originally added 06/09/2009.

Central London, but which Square

image no 36

Jonathan located it, not so much a square as Storey's Gate, London SW1, a part of the Methodist Central Hall Westminster. (RL)

With a Midland Bank

image no 37

Like so many ex-bank premises this is now a café. Central Hall Westminster, Storey's Gate, London SW1 located by Jonathan. (RL)

And Gent's Lavs?

image no 38

Leicester Square, a good tip from AG. SJ.

Prince of Wales pub, Lansdown Road, Holland Park, West London

image no 39

Now. Pic snapped by super sleuth John Morrisy. Thanks John ... this is from Portland Road and not Lansdowne Road, though the pub's front is on Princedale Road. SJ

Lansdown Road?

image no 40

This is the south wall at the back of the Prince of Wales pub where Pottery Lane joins Portland Road, W11. The houses are on Portland Road. SJ

An Archway, Albany Street, north London? Not quite, Peter advises that this is Pancras Street in London NW1.

image no 41

And here's Peter's proof.

Prince of Wales again

image no 42

Now, Prince of Wales pub today. Courtesy of John Morrisy.

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F W Woolworths says the sign? PW advises that in the 1970's a Woolworth warehouse was located at LMR Granary, St Pancras Goods Station, Camley Street, London NW1 but part of the road's route was known as Cambridge Street at the time.

Looks a bit Islingtony to me, what think you?

image no 44

Lansdown Road, Holland Park, opposite the pub. John Morrisy took the pic. Thanks John.

Albany Barracks maybe? Kevin lives just up the road, so perhaps.

image no 45

Kevin, Kevin Brownlow, the director. So the barracks in Albany Road were just what the doctor ordered. John Morrisy took this one.

Seriously don't know this one.

image no 46

But I reckon that it is the forerunner of the Round House at Kentish Town, North London, with the perspective foreshortened by the cine lens in use. And John Morrrisy agrees with me. So there! But Roy Barnacle from the USA says "that's an architectural stretch for the Roundhouse in Kentish, or Camden. From older photos I have seen, and when I saw it myself in the 50s, it looked nothing like. Sorry John and John. So there there!"

Corner of Wolverton Gardens and Hammersmith Road, west London ... and this has been rebuilt. However after some splendid research from Christopher Matheson, this is actually the wrong address.

image no 47

In fact it is 594 Fulham Road, SW6 at the corner of Kelvedon Road. The Kelly Street Directory, after a lot of searching, did the trick for Christopher who also provided the proving Google shot. (SJ)

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This looks like the New Cross Road Bus Depot to me.

Now that's what I like, clues. Belsize Square it says, Belsize Square confirms Kevin Brownlow, so that's good enough for me, Belsize Square it is.

image no 49

Now. Yes, Belsize Square.

Is this then Lancaster Drive I wonder?

image no 50

Now. No, its Belsize Square

And panning

image no 51

Now. Still Belsize Square.

Close up of basement steps in Belsize Square.

image no 52

Now, with taller plinth and added rail. SJ.

And the house next door in Belsize Square.

image no 53

Now. SJ.

Chester Terrace NW1, also seen in 'The End of the Affair'.

image no 54

Now. Confirmed as Chester Terrace.

84 Albany Street NW1, Albany Allcrafts can be seen above one of the shops.

image no 55

Now. Definitely 84, Albany Street.

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And panned. Harrison Mark's famous model Pamela Green's husband, also a photographer, had a studio in this row of shops, and my brother, Brian, who helps with this site, and who lived just round the corner, has several of the photos from the shop. Small world!

Pawsons & Leaf were in St Paul's Churchyard in 1956. Adrian Grepnold.

image no 58

And the building still stands, known as 10 Condor House. SJ

Edgware Underground Station, we are told.

image no 59

Maybe some rebuilding has taken place. On a recent visit to the location, this is the only matching stairway that could be found. (PW)

Edgware station again?

image no 60

Possibly, unless any of our viewers know better . . . (PW)

In and around Belsize Square again

image no 61

15 Belsize Square. SJ.

Through the gardens

image no 62

Just round the corner of Belsize Square, John Morissy claims, and who am I to doubt?

And a reverse shot

image no 63

Now. Lancaster Drive, NW3.

Hatch End Station in Pinner, Middlesex. Only a couple of miles from Grim's Dyke House where other scenes were filmed. Peter Wilton.

image no 64

. . . . . and snapped by Peter. Excellent.

Grim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, Harrow Weald, Middlesex.

image no 65

Grim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, identified by brother Brian. Photo by Peter Wilton.

Grim's Dyke House was used in 'The Blood Beast Terror', 'Endless Night', 'The Cherry Picker', Futtock's End' and 'Curse of the Crimson Altar' amongst many.

image no 66

Yes, well done Peter Wilton.

Grim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, Harrow Weald, Middlesex.

image no 67

Grims Dyke House, Harrow Weald. Peter Wilton.

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A house in the country somewhere

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A village

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A bridge