Sid and Nancy

Date: 1986
Director: Alex Cox
Production Company: Initial Pictures, UK Productions Entity, Zenith Production

Stars: Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb, David Hayman
Location(s): London; Paris (France); New York, New Jersey, California (USA)

Region(s): , , ,


An unpleasant tale of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. This film is waiting for your input. Grab more stills, take the “nows”, add anecdotes, locations, news and views. Also when next you visit New York, California or Paris, take your camera, and bring back a few snaps.

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Edwardian mansion block, central London?

image no 1

W14. SJ

A different view.

image no 2

Yes it is Oakwood Court, just north of Peeping Tom's Melbury Road. SJ

Same place. Maybe it is the Oakwood Court, West Kensington, London, W 14 mentioned in Simon's book. Pictures someone?

image no 3

Same as sn001, still Oakwood Court but closer to Addison Road. SJ

  • 'Now' required

A cinema or a club, with railings.

Could easily be Lots Road, Chelsea, site of Optimists of Nine Elms, and also the Deadly Affair. ... by the side of Bramley Arms looking towards Quadrophenia's junkyard. SJ

image no 5

The tower block is still there but obscured now, and the Arms was converted back in 1988. SJ

A factory, next door to housing. The site behind the blue boarding was being demolished when 'Withnail & I' set off for the country, and then it was built upon where was based, before moving to W14, Anova Books, yes those who published my location guide and sequel. This location also appears in 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula' and 'Operation Third Form'. SJ

image no 6

Taken from Bard Road, W10

A bus, a bit off course, if this really is Lots Road.

image no 7

Freston Road now. SJ

Baloon Tavern, Lots Road Diner, which ever one you like. ...I prefer the Bramley Arms, W10. Similar shape but this one's thinner! SJ

image no 8

Much missed: see London Movie Guide, published July 2011, for details of many more of this pub's cinematic appearances. SJ

No 6 Moor Street, Soho, London,W.1. Source, Simon James' book London Film Location Guide.

image no 9

And at least I got this one right. Also in London Movie Guide, published July, 2011. SJ

A street market, Soho Bakery in the distance, Berwick Market perhaps, where Sammy Lee was?

image no 10

Berwick Street facing Peter Street in W1. (PW)

........or, could it be Petticoat Lane? With Little Red Riding Hood.

image no 11

Not Petticoat Lane, Berwick Street in Soho. (PW)

A chemist. Same street as 006b

image no 12

More confirmation on Berwick Street in London W1. (PW)

This scene wasn't shot in the East End but was shot on Ingestre Place in Soho, London W1. Same as 007b and 007c. Michael Jones

image no 13

Ingestre Place with a new tree to park bikes against. (PW)

Main road, double yellow chevrons, passageway and a yellow painted pub?

image no 14

Ingestre Place looking at Silver Place in Soho. The corner building is presently a hairdresser. (PW)

Double yellow lines and triple chevrons, a really busy paint job!

image no 15

The same street now, Ingestre Place. (PW)

Rockwood Place, Pennard Road, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12. Simon James' book on Locations.

image no 16

And here's my proof. SJ

Panning left from above shot.

image no 17

Pennard Street now. SJ

County Hall. Frenzy, Genevieve, Night and the City and a few others.

image no 18

Wheel in the way now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Tower Bridge, Thames, London

Houses of Parliament, London.

image no 20

Peter took this calmer but similar view, with an added bird!

Westminster Pier, London. There are many other "thens" to be pulled for this film, in the UK, USA and France. So, what more reason do you need for a spot of film induced tourism than this story of sex, drugs and rock and roll?

image no 21

Now. SJ