Up the Junction

Date: 1967
Director: Peter Collinson
Production Company: Paramount / Collinson-Crasto

Stars: Suzy Kendall, Dennis Waterman, Adrienne Posta, Maureen Lipman, Michael Gothard, Liz Fraser, Hylda Baker, Alfie Bass
Location(s): London, Sussex

Region(s): ,


Movie version of the BBC TV play that first addresses some of the major social issues of the day. A girl from a rich family in Chelsea is bored and decides to go “slumming” in depressed Battersea.

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Neil Betterton suggests "This is Gladstone Terrace, Wandsworth. In a later scene of the film the road name is visible so that was my clue. Unfortunately the buildings have been demolished but the road still exists on Google Maps, and if you view the location with Google Earth you can use the timeslider to 1945 and you'll see the buildings in place". However, Wendy Hudson believes it to be "A street near Falcon Road in Battersea as I recall them filming. It has been demolished now, but was possibly Speke Road".

image no 1

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Chelsea Bridge, as seen in "The Day the Earth Caught Fire".

image no 2

Not quite the same crane shot but Chelsea Bridge it is. SJ.

Battersea? Clapham? From Neil Betterton; The flats in the background are sandwiched between Usk Road and Petergate, Wandsworth. The four smokestacks are from Fulham power station, now demolished.The flats which are still standing. The footpath that Suzy Kendall is walking along is formed by the factory in uj003c,d,e,f and the back gardens of houses in Usk Road, now demolished. This footpath no longer exisits and has been replaced by a new housing estate and a park. If you move with Streetview to Petergate you can see not all of the old housing has been demolished.

image no 3

Here's the best one can do now. I believe the nearest block is called Berwick House with its rear looking onto Usk Road, SW11. SJ

Battersea? Clapham? Same drainpipe, wall and chimneys as 003a.

image no 4

This is further back from above showing what has replaced the path and side of the factory. Berwick House still in the background. SJ

Battersea? Clapham? From Neil; The location of the factory is just south of the flats in uj003a&b. It has been demolished and replaced by the houses and park mentioned above. The road Suzy is walking along to reach the factory is now a footpath running parallel to the railway line. The 1968 map confims the position and layout of the factory, also confirmed by the 1945 Google Earth image.

image no 5

About here probably. SJ

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Battersea? Clapham?

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Battersea? Clapham?

Battersea? Clapham? Neil adds; The flats across the railway line in the background were located in Nantes Close (then called Podmore Road) but these too have been demolished, again the 1968 map and the 1945 Google image confirms their location.

image no 8

The middle of the factory looking towards its south entrance must be about here. SJ

Battersea power station in the background? Neil adds; This is the Wandsworth Road at the junction with Lansdowne Way, facing south, and, during this scene, the camera pans around to a view of the power station: I set up a similar angle of the power station on Google Earth, worked out the distance (much guess work) and found the location. In the top right of the picture are the white windows of a pub, formerly The Bell and now a second hand furniture shop. Further on from the pub can be seen flats which are still there. Also in the top right hand corner of the picture immediately behind the parked black car/van is the Portland Arms which still exists. On the opposite side of the road to the girls is a row of shops which has been demolished and rebuilt but the layby is still there. Interestingly there is still a cafe at this location so a bit of groundwork will confirm or dismiss if it was the actual cafe they used. Also the crossing they use is still in the same location. Wonderful stuff, thanks.

image no 9

After Neil's research, this is the long overdue now. SJ

Clapham Junction station. Did you spot the clue?

image no 10

Keith Mitchell did, and sent us this picture of the location. Image copyright Google Streetview.

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This is the station approach Clapham Junction, and Mrs. B. Hearn knows as she walked through there every day in the 60s. Her daughter was caught on film walking though there too when she was going to school one day, and she's now 50!

image no 13

Keith Mitchell sent this shot of the drastically altered location. Image copyright Google Streetview.

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Local shop.

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Ingrave Street, London SW11.

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Ingrave Street, London SW11.

Falcon Road, SW11.

image no 17

Yes, numbers 93-97, hardly changed.

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West End?

Could well be York Road or Battersea Park Road near the junction of Falcon Road. What do you think? The Edinburgh Castle Pub at the Corner of Archway Street and White Hart Lane, Barnes. The pub is now called the Tree House. K Montrell

image no 19

Now. SJ

Pete 'hires' a Jaguar for a weekend at the seaside. Worthing Promenade, Marine Parade, Worthing, West Sussex. SD

image no 20

Walking and cycling is allowed on the promenade but not driving. The same section of the promenade was also seen in 'The Birthday Party'. SD

The lovely boarding houses. SD

image no 21

Marine Parade, Worthing, with Western Place to the left. SD

Pete has opted for the best hotel. (They have already driven past the hotel). SD

image no 22

Marine Parade, Worthing, with Western Place to the right. SD

The Beach Hotel, Marine Parade, Worthing. SD

image no 23

The Beach Hotel was demolished in 2012 and is now The Beach Residences and Premier Inn. SD

Polly fancies some cockles. SD

image no 24

No cockles here now. Worthing pier was also seen in 'The Birthday Party', 'Cor Blimey', 'Dance With A Stranger', 'The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer', 'Wish You Were Here'. SD

Pete takes Polly to a 'stuffy' upmarket restaurant. The Warnes Hotel, Marine Parade, Worthing. Lynda posed for a beach photographer on the entrance steps in 'Wish You Were Here'. SD

image no 25

The Warnes Hotel burnt down in 1987 and was rebuilt as luxury apartments. SD

A public building, but where? Could this be Chelsea Old Town Hall in the Kings Road? Yes it could. Adrian Grepnold.

image no 26

Uh-oh there are two identical doors to the town hall but, worry not, this is the western one. Spot the dark chip in the plaster work to the right of the lamp. SJ.