Weapon, The

Date: 1956
Director: Val Guest and Hal E. Chester
Production Company: Periclean Productions

Stars: Steve Cochran, Lizabeth Scott, Herbert Marshall, Nicole Maurey, George Cole, Laurence Naismith
Location(s): London



A boy accidentally shoots his friend with a gun found in the rubble of a bombsite. The gun turns out to be a clue in a ten-year-old murder case.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by John Tunstill

An explanation of the location identification for Captures 050 and 051 can be read by clicking here.


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  • 'Now' required

A bomb site. Did you play here as a kid? Did you see the film being made? Ray Glenister places this as the Western corner of Jewin Crescent as exhibited in Capture 8. (RL)

Supposed to be London, but that structure in the distance? The building on the right is the left hand side of the property housing the Fire Station at the junction of Red Cross St/Fore Street, London EC2. The boys would be running down what was then Jewin Street and now part of the Barbican development. The building in the middle background is the Whitbread Brewery.

image no 2

Only residents are allowed at ground level. (RL)

.....and that tower in the background comes into view as we pan right. The tower of St Giles without Cripplegate, Fore Street, Barbican, London EC2

image no 3

The tower has been cleaned, unless it is the lighting. (RL)

It is a fairly large bombed site where the kids play. The Fire Station at what was Red Cross St/Fore St, London EC2. Now all part of the Barbican development.

image no 4

We all have our own opinion of the Barbican development. (RL)

The far side of the site and the church tower again. Once again the tower of St. Giles without Cripplegate, Fore Street, Barbican, London EC2. The area was seen in 'The Glass Cage'.

image no 5

The tower of St Giles can still take centre stage. (RL)

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More destruction. Placed by Ray as looking East from Mansell Street. (RL)

Our little hero starts to leg it away from the previous location.

image no 7

Ray Glenister finds the boy amid war debris looking North West to Half Moon Court, London EC1. This Google Earth capture reveals that at least two buildings have survived the ravages of development. (RL)

The slightly rounded building again and the bump in the distance. The last remaining building in Jewin Crescent, London EC2 and can be seen in http://www.heritage-explorer.co.uk/web/he/searchdetail.aspx?id=3953&large=1 Now part of the Barbican development.

image no 8

Without an exact landmark it is difficult to be precise but the maps indicate more or less "here" and at this angle. (RL)

A police station, suggests the script. Bow Street Police Station it is, London WC2 looking towards Broad Court.

image no 9

Closed in 2006. (RL)

A closer view of the cop shop. Bow Street Police Station, Bow Street, London WC2

image no 10

A little patience and momentary break in the traffic pays off. (RL)

....and closer still. Bow Street, London WC2

image no 11

Pity about the cars but they were clearly there for the duration. (RL)

Grosvenor Square, London, W.1. The one time US Embassy.

image no 12

East side of Grosvenor Square looking south with the Italian Embassy flags and Grosvenor Street to the left. The only match at present says Peter are the twin chimney stacks and windows in the background.......we believe you! (RL)

Mum on her way home after work. Paddington perhaps? Anyway, the bombed site where the kids were playing should be close by, shouldn't it? Mum is passing a wall behind which are several pre-fabs.

image no 13

Ray and Ron Glenister sleuthed this to Mornington Terrace, London NW1 at its junction with Mornington Street. The pre-fabs have gone but the post box remains according to Google Earth. (RL)

Reverse POV, as they say in the trade.

image no 14

Which leads Ray and Ron northwest up Mornington Terrace, London NW1 The capture from Google Earth shows that the apartment block on the right has replaced the pre-fabs. (RL)

Paddingtony? Islingtony?

image no 15

Mornington Crescenty really, in fact outside No.26 Mornington Terrace, London NW1 according to Ray and Ron and this is a Google Earth capture of that house until a personal visit is carried out. (RL)

Opposite Mum's house, above the light coloured head-scarf, seem to be, perhaps, two lamp-posts. The entry to a bridge maybe? Certainly no houses.

image no 16

A bridge indeed, the Mornington Street bridge, London NW1 identified by Ray and Ron Glenister and support with the aid of Google Earth. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Now this heavily studded door to Mum's flat should be a clue. Continuity was the clue for Ron and Ray Glenister because the door to No27, that she enters here, has been changed. (RL)

Grosvenor Square again. Mr Roosevelt in the middle.

image no 18

Peter took this shot with the old American embassy in the background now being converted into flats.

George Cole's mews house is visited.

image no 19

Ennismore Garden Mews in London SW7, found and captured by Peter, who enlisted the help of Martin the builder to open the gate.

Outside George's house.

image no 20

Peter captured this image of the location.

At the end of the street is a seemingly familiar archway. Ennismore Garden Mews in London SW7 identified by Peter.

image no 21

And Peter provides this comparison as proof.

  • 'Now' required

Outside the teashop where mum works. The interior shots suggest that it is, or was, a Joe Lyons Tea shop. From the following stills it appears to be on the south side approach to Blackfriars Bridge.

  • 'Now' required

Blackfriars Road. A little closer. A definite slope going up to the right.

Reverse POV, with the bus, middle left, emerging from Stanford Street, SE1.

image no 24

Peter took this picture of the modern Blackfriars Road.

  • 'Now' required

Looking across Blackfriars Road, with three huts or vents on the lower part of Blackfriars railway bridge.

  • 'Now' required

Another shot of Beldon's or Joe Lyons' restaurant.

Our little lad legging it across the bridge towards the City with St Paul's looming through the mist.

image no 27

The dome of St. Paul's now rises behind a remodelled Blackfriars station that straddles the Thames. Picture by Peter.

Mum crosses the Blackfriars Road, with the railway bridge back right.

image no 28

Peter provides this shot of all that remains of the old bridge support arches.

Is he running backwards? Thought he was closer to the other end in wea027.

image no 29

Another comparison from Peter.

Yes, really running backwards, St Paul's has almost vanished!

image no 30

Peter managed to keep St. Paul's in the frame.

Dodging the met!

image no 31

Nobody chasing Peter when he took this shot.

Supposedly the City end of Blackfriars Bridge.

image no 32

Peter managed this shot from the west side of Blackfriars Bridge looking north. (RL)

The plaque behind the boy's head reads Blackfriars Bridge.

image no 33

Here's Peter's shot of the same location.

And the young man runs down a wide stairway. Ron and Ray Glenister place the stairway at Bridge House, Blackfriars, with Unilever House in the background. (RL)

image no 34

Looking into a bright sky, Peter took this comparison.

And as we turn round, for another POV, the stairway magically narrows to less than half width, and the squarish black and white bollard becomes octagonal and unpainted. Peter identifies this as the north side of Southwark Bridge.

image no 35

When Peter visited the location he found widened steps, new paving and a replacement bollard dating from 1995.

And from this position, perhaps beneath London Bridge, could we be looking at the Cannon Street, flat, railway bridge with the arched Southwark Bridge in the far background?

image no 36

Peter captured the same view which confirms the spot.

Here comes the hunter. Blackfriars Bridge states the plaque. But he doesn't know that he's a quarter mile and three bridges away from his prey.

image no 37

The same spot, complete with plaque, captures by Peter.

Yes, under the old London Bridge, vertical supporting ironware, rather than the Victorian trellis of Blackfriars. They do try it on, don't they!

image no 38

And Peter adds that the area and embankment have been rebuilt, taking this shot of the location now.

  • 'Now' required

Back to the bomb site where we started. Jewel Crescent, London EC2 now part of the Barbican development. See wea008.

  • 'Now' required

Those faraway buildings may help in the identification. They certainly helped Bruce Fleming. The buildings with the Dutch gables are 53-54 Barbican, the premises of W Bryer & Sons, gold refiners. The camera was situated circa Jewin Crescent/Jewin Street. (RL)

Terrible picture, sorry, but most of the film is fuzzy and dark. Fuzzy and dark or not, Peter recognised this as the Metropolitan Music Hall at 267 Edgware Road W2.

image no 41

And this is Peter's view of the location now, taken from the entrance of the Green Man public house at the corner of Bell Street.


image no 42

Ron and Ray Glenister Mmmm'd and Aaar'd then added angst and hours of exploration to come up with Shad Thames and what is now Pizza Express, courtesy of Google Earth. (RL)

Distinctive glazed brickwork, probably long gone.

image no 43

In fact no, as evidenced by this Google Earth capture from Ray and Ron. The bricked up window has been opened up and the background changed but essentially it remains as was. (RL)

Hummmmm? Ray and Ron have further Humm'd and Harr'd over this one and changed their minds with the benefit of further evidence and research. Shad Thames, London SE1 The No40 on the column was the street number for Anchor Brewery. (RL)

image no 44

A Google Earth shot to support their findings. Street numbering has changed with redevelopment. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Not much help I'm afraid. As per Capture 44 (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Could this be inside a tunnel? There is / was a dark and dingy road running under the tracks near London Bridge Station, Shand or Barnham Street? A further change of mind of Ron and Ray. The gantry in Capture 44 shows the spot here, filmed from within the ambulance. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

This'll be difficult. Not for Ray and Ron, this is Bankside, London SE1 just before he turns into Capture 48... (RL)

  • 'Now' required

........that was Horse Shoe Alley, now totally built over. (RL)

Is this the entrance to the aforementioned tunnel?

image no 49

Whether it is or whether it isn't, it is Bankside, London SE1 under the south side of Southwark Bridge as evidenced by Google Earth and located by Ron and Ray. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Another difficult one. Not for Ray and Ron Glenister who have located it near to Emerson Street, London SE1. See Header Section for link to their findings. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Nice Jeep! See Capture 50 (RL)

  • 'Now' required

This could be a,...... maybe. Ron Glenister tells us that this is his 'Swan Song', having, over a period of time, resolved many problematic locations for us, he exits with Lambeth High Street, London SE1 looking towards Black Prince Road. It has confounded many of us for a long time, let us hope that he will not be able to occasionally resist keeping his hand in. (RL)

Well, at last, back on familiar ground. Trafalgar Square, but think of the distance this ten year old has traveled!

image no 53

Well, he is too young for a Freedom Pass but he might have one now. (RL)

South Africa House, corner of The Strand.

image no 54

For once, less clutter now. (RL)

More difficult this one. A Lyons van in the background, was this a bit of early placement in thanks for the use of their tea shop?

image no 55

Once again a sharper print of the film has helped, this time Christopher Matheson who has found Southwark Street looking north into Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 supported by a capture from Google Earth. (RL)

Georg Cole turns the corner. Looks like somewhere in the City.

image no 56

Actually, somewhere in Southwark says Christopher, the junction at Southwark Bridge Road looking east along Southwark Street towards Thrale Street, London SE1. This shot from Google Earth shows that whilst the buildings have survived the shop fronts have not. (RL)

And now another couple of miles, poor little lamb. This is the south side of Lambeth Bridge, Lambeth Palace Road. Seen so often, and featuring in so many films. Which ones? Try our search button.

image no 57

Peter found the place a little less blurred!

Yes, Lambeth Bridge.

image no 58

And Peter was there.

. . . . . and back to Piccadilly Circus. The kid has obviously taken the scenic route.

image no 59

Peter found himself in Piccadilly Circus too.

  • 'Now' required

This is supposed to be Covent Garden market. Remember 'Frenzy'? Obviously no place for an unaccompanied youngster. Peter confirms that it is indeed Covent Garden in WC2.

Possibly nearby. Yes, New Row with Bedfordbury WC2 to the left states Peter.

image no 61

And to prove his point Peter captures the same scene in daylight nearly 60 years on. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Don't be fooled. There never was one in WC1.

Wyndham Street has always been in W1, and is straight. Could this wigley street be a set? No says Peter, it's New Row at the junction of Garrick Street in WC2 adding "The White Swan pub to the left and The Round House pub on the right. The Phone Box is a prop."

image no 63

Peter proves that the council have done their best to get rid of the "wiggly bits" of yesteryear. (RL)

Back to Mum's house.

image no 64

Nos. 27 and 26 Mornington Crescent, London NW1 identified by Ray and Ron and for the time being supported by Google Earth. (RL)

Different angle.

image no 65

Ron and Ray provide a different angle courtesy of Google Earth. (RL)

Difficult when it's fuzzy and dark. Fuzzy and dark to some of us but crystal clear to Ray and Ron. 429 Strand on the corner with Agar Street. Once Rhodesia House and now, not surprisingly, Zimbabwe House.

image no 66

Peter captures the location to replace Ray and Ron's Google Earth image.

  • 'Now' required

More ruins. A dark and fuzzy shot of the building in Capture 7.

  • 'Now' required

....and back at last to where we came in, after a Cook's tour of London, and probably somewhere else. Jewel Crescent, London EC2 see also Capture 8 and Capture 39