Wrong Box, The

Date: 1966
Director: Bryan Forbes
Production Company: Salamander Film Productions

Stars: Ralph Richardson, John Mills, Michael Caine, Nanette Newman, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Peter Sellers, Tony Hancock, Cicely Courtneidge, Irene Handle, John Le Mesurier
Location(s): Somerset, Surrey

Region(s): ,


A couple of would-be crooks try and defraud their relatives out of the proceeds of a Tontine.

Additional Information:

Note from Robin: My assistant, Angela, grew up just down the road from Englefield Green and was my “Go To” girl on this one. She knew where the Bishopsgate House entrance was (she took riding lessons there). I’d have never found it on my own! She also pinpointed the elusive white house on the Green in the original pic on the website. This spot with the old fellow making a brew though was all my own work – found it looking for something else. So, many thanks to Angela as well.

Brian Godwin who was ‘on set” during filming has kindly provided some photographs that he took at the time. They can be viewed here.

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Can you help:

If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Pics from some ten years ago that appeared in the Bath Evening Chronicle, provided by Russell Groves

image no 1

The only bit of the crescent with greenery. SJ

image no 2

Identical apart from the motor. SJ

image no 3

Cars have replaced the film crew. SJ

Royal Crescent, Bath, where the Girl With Pistol was also made.

image no 4

Nows provided by Russell Groves, and Elton Jameson, thanks to you both. Well done.

image no 5

image no 6

Now. Rounded door panels, with a plaque commemorating the fact that Elizabeth and Richard Brindsley Sheridan eloped from this house in 1772.

image no 7

Did you spot the TV aerials?

image no 8

image no 9

Now. Royal Crescent, Bath, pic Russell Groves, thank you.

image no 10

Now. Rectangular door panels.

image no 11

A station, Bath?

image no 12

Now. Green Park station, Bath, Somerset, provided by Russell and Elton, thanks again. They both took more or less the same pics, independently of each other, and ten days apart! Mr Warwick in the ticket office of Bath main station identified this Green Park site.

image no 13

St James's Square, Bath as advised by Brian Godwin. (RL)

image no 14

Now. North west corner of St James's Square, Bath, Pic by Russell Groves, the sharp-eyed sleuth. Well spotted Russell.

St James's Square, Bath as advised by Brian Godwin. (RL)

image no 15

Now. North west corner of St James's Square, Bath, Somerset. Russell Groves snapped this one. Well done, and thanks to Russell.

A variety of suggestions for 005 / 6 / 7 have come in.

image no 16

The Fox & Hounds pub on Bishopsgate Road, Englefield Green, just before the Bishop's Gate entrance to Windsor Great Park. New foliage obscures much of the now shot. Robin Brooks took this.

These scenes were filmed in, on or around "The Green" in Englefield Green, Surrey says David Pickhaver. Thanks David, confirmation pics anyone?

image no 17

The Fox and Hounds, Englefield Green. Note the removal of the third chimney in the modern view. Another pic by Robin Brooks.

Biddestone, or Leycock or Corsham?

image no 18

The Green at Englefield Green. The couple are sitting on the cricket pitch. More work required to pinpoint wb006b and wb005a/b. Robin Brooks doing the sleuthing.

These scenes were filmed in, on or around "The Green" in Englefield Green, Surrey says David Pickhaver. Thanks David, confirmation pics anyone?

image no 19

The Green at Englefield Green. The white house is now completely obscured by the trees. The bandstand in the picture is situated just out of shot to the left in wb006a. The wall is the same one in both pictures. Identified by Robin Brooks.

image no 20

The entrance to the Savill Court Hotel, Englefield Green. This is on Bishopsgate Road, 500 yards from the pub in wb005a/b. Our thanks to Robin again.

Although lacking anything to pinpoint this spot, it must have been on the Green somewhere. Robin Brooks still identifying.

image no 21

This is the only candidate, and somehow it just 'looks' right. If so, the hearse is actually bearing down on the cricket square. There is a tree stump on the left of the now shot that could well have once been the tree seen on the extreme left in the original. Robin.

The Barley Mow pub overlooking the Green. View from the bandstand. Robin Brooks.

image no 22

Now. By Robin, excellent work, thank you.

A horse and cart races down Barley Mow Road. Pub in the background.Robin Brooks grabbed this.

image no 23

Now. Brief and to the point, from Robin.

A brewer's dray joins the procession in front of the pub. Robin.

image no 24

Now. Robin, thanks.

The bandstand with bandleader. They look like my lead soldiers! Grabbed by Robin.

image no 25

Now. A man of few words is our Robbo!

Near miss! Robin.

image no 26

Coopers Hill Lane. Sadly unable to get the correct angle, but this is the same spot. The public footpath sign stands in for the period lamp post. Robin Brooks, sleuthing and photo-ing.

Teatime as doom approaches....Robin.

image no 27

The reverse angle for wb0010. An assistant stands in for the old gent........I am an old gent, would this pretty girl like to assist me!?! But obviously a mate of Robin's. Assistant indeed!

Big clue from Mr Hancock....says Robin.

image no 28

Tough one to find. This is the Bishopsgate House entrance on Wick Lane. The post has been rebuilt and resited slightly, although the design is very similar to the original. However the gate itself is the same (note the two adornments on the top and to the right of the floral centrepiece. They are now painted gold. No doubt - this gate is the same one). The entrance on the right gives access to Dell Park, but seems to have have moved further away in the intervening years. Robin Brooks.

A genuine funeral cortege joins the confusion. Robin.

image no 29

The Savill Court Hotel, Bishopsgate Road. Robin again.

The hearses turn left and head off down the road. Thanks to Robin.

image no 30

Actually down Wick Lane. The Bishopsgate House entrance (wb0011) is 150 yards down here on the right. Robin found this as well.