Finding Mr Sweet

15th February 2015

Lazy afternoon in Swansea, sunny day but cold. A bit of radio therapy I thought, not the type I had a few months ago at the local hospital, but an easy chair, a pot of tea and a couple of chocolate suggestives. Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean.
Anyway I found Radio Three on my television, on my television? It used to be on the wireless. Nice programme called the Sound of Cinema, melodies from films dealing with obsession, nice one I thought, just for me. And, as an obsessive regarding this site, I wondered if they would be playing my tune.

The show, presented by broadcaster Matthew Sweet, on Valentine’s Day, at about 16.30, arrived at the theme music for Peeping Tom, and Matthew described his walks from Broadcasting House to the British Film Institute, which would generally take him via Oxford Circus, left into Oxford Street and then right, through a passageway which was one of the locations used by Michael Powell in the film Peeping Tom, said Matthew. The cut-through was called Dryden Chambers and I don’t believe it appeared in Peeping Tom, but in Frenzy, pic 025. It appears in my 1950’s A-Z, but was closed and absorbed into a modern store in the early 2000’s. I didn’t know that a right of way could be closed, but perhaps it was private land, so when Matthew last did his walk I cannot imagine.

Nice music though, and from his photo on the BBC website, he appears to be a nice looking young man, maybe he’ll be interested in ReelStreets and can do something with the Cinema of Darkness, where we really are speaking about obsession, and in the film world.
I’ve tried sending a copy to Mr Sweet via the BBC website, filled in their questionaire, entered name, password and confirmation, received their email telling me to confirm, and, after pressing the links, was directed to a page which read “Sorry, page expired”. So, if any of you know Mr Sweet please advise him of my blog.