Local Guides

22nd March 2017

Google have a scheme/system called “Local Guides” where people put up photos of interesting places taken in their local area, or in areas that they have visited.

This system, which contains space for written reviews, is seemingly viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. I launched a Local Guide entry in the summer of 2016, with many photographs and a long and damning report about a company who have acted in a most irresponsible manner. So far my entry has received some 10,000 views!

Google Local Guides offer various rewards and incentives to contributors, who, by promoting their local area through a Google service, create more viewings for the adverts that Google carry whilst at the same time bringing to the attention of the huge viewing/surfing public the interesting places that are relevant to the viewer’s search.

Many of you who use Google Maps and Street View are already taking advantage of these services to identify reel streets which eventually benefit us all by being entered on this site. As this research has already been undertaken on our behalf it could well be an advantage to us for our comparative photos to be entered onto these Local Guides. Can you do this for us? Let us know of your successes and we’ll once again thank you by putting your name “in lights” on our site.

Liverpool, as you will have read below, is already using the real/reel homophone, as is Melvin Bragg in his Wednesday airings on Channel Four, “The Reel History of Britain”. Researchers for both entertainments will doubtless have found ReelStreets during their extensive and exhausting investigations into film and movie history.

For those of you too busy, too comfortable on your sofas or too lazy to contribute information or photos, let alone money to help support this site, keep viewing the continuous, unstinting and unselfish additions provided by our regular contributors. But, if nothing else, you could inform the world about the interesting photographic evidence we have provided and which you, without raising yourself off your couch, could add to Google Local Guides.

Happy viewing.   

John Tunstill