Peter’s Feat

26th November 2014

Peter has been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of ReelStreets for several years, he has been a keen space filler, constantly and consistently providing the photographs that has helped to promote our site to its place as number one in the world of film and movie location identifiers.

We are probably all nerds, anoraks or some such, and it could be argued, as it has been, that a degree of autism or aspergers is prevalent in our psychological make-up. But then, anyone who has a passion for detail, accuracy, lists or collections is subject to a similar overall diagnosis. Aficionados of locomotive numbers, postage stamps, pharmaceutical research, family historians, investigators and anyone who has a usual or unusual interest in any subject could be so classified. Football and most types of sport, television soaps, and maybe even Agatha Christie, Maeve Binchy and Colin Dexter readers could be included. But the key question here is one of obsession or overwhelming interest. Do the football fans who spent thousands on flights and accommodation to experience the World Cup in Brasil, come into the obsessive category?

So, we need both a sense of proportion, and a sense of humour, Peter obviously has both as his recent foray into North London proved in his submission for Tube Tales. He tells us that he went up and down the escalator at the Piccadilly Line station of Southgate half a dozen times because they, Transport for London, had reversed the direction of travel. The going-down moving staircase was now going-up, and the other one was also going the “wrong” way. See what I mean about a sense of humour?

Peter plodded around the booking hall, and snapped a few more locations. He tells us,

“Wot a laugh. Outside the station there was a miserable couple selling magazines, so I did a little dance for them. They laughed, a bit too heartily I thought. After a moment or two in a local Wetherspoons I headed back to the tube, and noticed my shoes. No wonder that they laughed.”

Peter's Feat







You see what I mean about a sense of humour?

Thanks Peter for your contributions.