Record Breaking Reel Streets

27th January 2017

Well fans, it looks like we will break the record again this month.

In March ’16  we were getting 71k files viewed per day, 2.21m in the month.

Currently Jan ’17 we are at 75k files per day, so in six days we should have a new block busting, biggest, grandest, super colossial, humongous, mammoth, whopping  turnover…….EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….2.26m 

Very well done you lot out there for continuing to send in snippits, pics, films, stills and the recent slab of “nows” by Cynthia and Lionel as well as ongoing work by the Three Wise Men and Peter, ably aided and assiduously assisted by an army of authentic adventurous amateurs Phil Bailey, Raymond Edwards, Dave Wilson, Stephen Dean, James Churcher and Nick Williams.

If I’ve missed out someone who added all the stills for a film in the last month, sorry, tell me who you are, it wasn’t intentional.

Best wishes

John Tunstill.