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24th March 2015

Would you like some free tickets/DVD to view the latest film? Studios send these out all the time to accredited reviewers.
Or perhaps you prefer the more classic products of the older studios, often being re-released and digitally improved. They too want publicity and have less cash to spend on promotion. But many will happily send out a review copy of a disc free for you to review.
In return can you write a review of the film in 500 words or less? We can help you here with some suggestions. Email us.
You can use ReelStreets as a springboard to journalistic stardom, by becoming an associate editor.
Can you formulate a letter to the publicity department of the film studio?
Can’t write an email? We can send you a template. Ask them for location photos for adding to the site, and your blog.
Use our 1300 films, 33,000 stills, 4 million monthly hits and 400,000 page views each month to attract film companies to participate in and benefit from our huge success.

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John Tunstill