Season Greetings

13th December 2018

It is almost a year since we launched our new style Website, that amongst other things, was to make it more accessible to mobile users and as a result more Google “friendly”. Whilst the fundamentals of website statistics can be a basis for major discussion there can be no doubt when usage, visitors and correspondence actually show a significant increase then user interest and involvement must have increased. For those reasons we know that we are now reaching significantly more contributors and viewers than ever before. In fact on the 9th December we had a record 1,270 sessions, visitors or whatever measurement is appropriate. Thank you all, we really appreciate your involvement and interest. We are what we are because of you, thanks for all the involvement and interest as well as the kind and encouraging words that we have received during the year.

We send you all our warmest wishes for this festive season and wish you health and happiness for 2019. Naturally we look forward to more locations being resolved and “now” pictures being received.

John, Simon, Phil and Richard