Summer Time, When the Snapping is Easy

31st July 2016

Well, location enthusiasts, what a rotten summer, but obviously many of you have found time to investigate movie sites, the real streets and the actual locations, rather than the on-line collections.

A rapid count shows that in the last thirty days about 130 films have been upgraded with recent location shots depicting some of the many changes which have been made since the original movies were made. Quite apart from the usual suspects, a goodly number of you have actually taken to the streets with your box Brownies and taken a snap, or three. Thank you all.

For the rest of you “pomme de faineant”, or even “patate de sofa”, couch potatoes; and you can imagine how well I fared in my French and Latin GCEs! Get off the chaise-longue, stow the beer and crisps for later and get out into the cool streets to record those places that you know about, but that not many others do.

If you can’t raise yourself, have a go at Google, and see if you can identify an unknown location with their street views. And, if you can’t do that, please just send us £10.00 via PayPal to pay for some of our shoe leather.

Happy viewing.