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31st July 2015

Well fans, in the last month we have loaded some 375 “now” shots. Thanks to you all who have contributed your time most generously. Those of you who can identify some of the mystery locations, and so far have only given us teasers, and promises, now that there is a bit of sun around dust off your cameras and please, get out there and take some snaps, so that next month we’ll beat the 400 mark.
With some 16,000 comparative shots recording architectural detail, as it once was, we are fast becoming a prime source for local and social historians, and by highlighting the films on our site we are often bringing slices of history once more into view. Those of you who are able to view the early films in their entirety with doubtless be intrigued by the way we were. Our dress, our speech, our food, work conditions and practices, streets and vehicles and many more minor aspects of life, once upon a time.
Our most recent films are listed and they total more than sixty, and we’ve loaded over 1400 since we started. Have you still got a few gems lurking on a dusty shelf that could usefully be loaded? Will you send ’em in so that we can all enjoy them. The BFI have found ten reels which are short films with an historical / architectural interest, can you imagine that Telford in the 1970’s had a hypermarket with manual tills, no bar codes then, have a look at
Thanks again to all our helpers.