BBC2 – Reel History of Britain

16th February 2015

BBC2 in Wales is re-running this super series called “ Reel History of Britain” that was first broadcast in 2011. Melvyn Bragg the famous broadcaster, two months, less a day, older than me, and obviously with fond memories of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s has produced an interesting medley of very human social moments, caught on film. Whilst I currently have the benefit of being in Wales it is available to all via iPlayer if you didn’t catch it first time round.

His trips down memory lane included a visit to Soho and the Two II’s coffee bar site and an interview with some of the original Lambeth boys, the lads who appeared in Linsay Anderson’s documentary film “We Are The Lambeth Boys”, filmed in that South East suburb and also Mill Hill.
The good Lord Bragg supposedly travels around the Kingdom in a Vintage Mobile Cinema, what fun, but if his old bones are similar to mine I hope he has a more comfortable mode of transport.
The Two II’s appeared in numerous films and a search on this site will list half a dozen pages detailing Old Compton Street, Sammy Lee, Shakedown and The Flesh is Weak used this road, and it was also included by a number of other directors. Anderson, more famously, produced “If”, a Cheltenham based film.
Melvyn says he went to that famous caff, the home of British Rock ‘an Roll, with his girl friend, but then didn’t we all. I can’t ever recall meeting MB, but then I can’t recall the name, or names, of the girls that I entertained over a cup; more like a glass dish really; of frothy coffee. Wow. Those were the days!