How to submit


A big thank-you to all of our contributors who are helping us in identifying film locations.

We are always looking for more location identifications, information, snippets, anecdotes or references. We will mention anyone who helps and give full credit for all location shots received, and similarly, for any Google, Bing or third party shot sent in to support a previously unidentified location.

Do also send us background information about the film and locations, or any involvement by you or your family and friend’s.

Our criteria for inclusion in the lists is as follows…

Any commercially made and distributed film made for screen with outside, recognisable, built-up locations be they real streets, (REEL STREETS), “stately homes”, countryside or sea views that are an integral location within the film. We do avoid inside locations as they can so skilfully be recreated in a studio.

All entries must have been made for cinema screen release or showing. Whilst there are some TV programs/episodes showing on our Site we have made a conscious decision not to develop these further as some already have their dedicated websites and there are so many films yet to list.

Film Adoption

Pull the stills from your favourite film using the technical requirements below, using GOM, VLC, Mac Media Player or any free program, try to identify the locations, “adopt” the film and we’ll show you how to load everything to our site. In addition, take comparative “now” photo’s if you are able.

If the film is old and the images a little poor, then “tweak” the colour balance, brightness and contrast.

Submitting “now” shots or information

It is our aim to cover each screen capture with a “now” photo in order to record the changes made, however significant, or perhaps not at all. A click on contact us within in the Header Section of each film will allow you to email us with photographs and information to be uploaded.

Technical Requirements:

All we ask is that images are in JPEG (.jpg) format, an ideal width is 1024px at 72 dpi and that you give each a Capture number or the Capture number to which it relates (with an “n” suffix) if it is a “now” shot. Should you not be able to resize your photo’s don’t be put off, send them in and we will do it for you.

Shots from Google Earth or Bing Maps are generally only used to support previously unidentified locations and will be overwritten if and when an original photo is submitted.

“Second-hand” shots, from brochures, catalogues, newspapers or magazines, may also be used, subject to copyright. However these could also be overwritten if and when an original photo is presented unless it is supporting important information or historic record.


All the films depicted on this site are the copyright of the current title holders.

The object of this site is to promote the wider knowledge of these films and thereby to benefit the current owners by renewed or increased interest in their real or intellectual copyright property.

The use of the individual low resolution “snips” from the films is intended as review, publicity or promotional material and in no way attempts to violate the said copyright holder’s rights.

This site is for public consumption.

If any copyright holder objects to the use of their material on this site it will be removed.

Copyright remains with the creator of any image submitted and Reel Streets will always give due credit or acknowledgement unless specifically asked not to do so. If, through no fault of our own, photographs or images have been used without due credit or acknowledgement, then apologies are offered. Should anyone believe this to be the case, please let us know and the necessary credit will be added at the earliest opportunity. Reel Streets reserve the right to use any submitted image and to pass on any image to a third party for publicity purposes without financial gain.

If you have read this far, and you must have done in order to submit your pics, then it is understood that you have read, and therefore agree to, these “rules”.