Can you help?

10th March 2016

Paul Tinman, like many others, has an appreciation of the film Innocent Sinners (1958) and is trying to research the lives of the two child actors who played the main characters; June Archer as Lovejoy Mason and Christopher Hay as Tip Malone. The two really talented young actors apparently ‘disappeared’ without trace shortly after that film. June Archer appeared once more in Spare The Rod (1961) and Christopher Hey appeared in the Jimmy Edwards farce Whacko.

Quite rightly Paul wonders why they didn’t go on to long dramatic careers for they had the ability, especially June, who was only 14 in Sinners, so she would be about 70 now.

Are you able to help with any information as to what happened to either of these two talented young stars? Please get in touch with us if you can and we will forward all information on to Paul.