10 Rillington Place

Date: 1971
Director: Richard Fleischer
Production Company: Filmways Pictures, Genesis Productions Ltd

Stars: Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, John Hurt, Pat Heywood
Location(s): London, Merthyr Tydfil County (Wales)

Region(s): ,


The film dramatises the case of serial killer John Christie and the miscarriage of justice involving Timothy Evans.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited ‘now’ images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Establishing shot of 10 Rillington Place off St. Marks Road in the borough of Kensington, W11. The road was renamed Ruston Close in 1954 and was demolished shortly after filming took place.

image no 1

The area is now occupied by Bartle Road and St. Andrews Square. The tree to the right of centre is in front of where the front door to No. 10 stood.

Timothy and Beryl Evans arrive at 10 Rillington Place. The large chimney belongs to the James Bartle Western Iron Works.

image no 2

Bartle Road now. See www.youhaventlived.com

John Reginald Halliday Christie (Richard Attenborough) walks home along Rillington Place looking towards St. Marks Road. An excellent web site describes the area at www.10-rillington-place.co.uk

image no 3

The line of the road is now further north. A service station stands on the site of the white building at the end of the road in image rill003 and is behind the buildings and trees in the centre of the picture.

Beryl (Judy Geeson) meets Timothy (John Hurt) at work. Hythe Road, London NW10. In reality, Timothy Evans was employed as a van driver at a bakery.

image no 4

Working on Tom Saunders' comparison for the next screen capture, I believe that this may be be the location of the entrance to the yard.

Beryl and Timothy catch a bus home from outside Timothy's workplace. A car chase towards the end of 'The Blue Lamp' also passes along this section of Hythe Road.

image no 5

Tom Saunders found the location. The main clues are in the pavement and the bend in the road as all of the buildings have been demolished.

Timothy arrives at Merthyr Vale station near his hometown.

image no 6

The same location now. Phil Wilkinson arrives at Merthyr Vale station by John Tunstill.

Timothy heads for his parents house on Coronation Place, Aberfan and Mike Austin confirms the location.

image no 7

Coronation Place in Aberfan near Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. Now shot by John Tunstill.

  • 'Now' required

Timothy Evans in the hills above his home town. Gareth Williams believes that this is on the mountain behind Merthyr Vale looking south toward Cardiff so would be looking across to where the A470 is today, situated on the other side of the valley. This location is up on the mountain side behind the cafe, train station and police station shown in the other pictures. The street roof tops left to right below is Cardiff Road with Aberfan (Bryngolau), just behind John Hurt's left shoulder, on the other side of the Taf river. He used to play there as a child so it should be familiar to him. (RL)

Timothy contemplates going to the police in Merthyr Vale. The shot is faked. The building dressed as the police station is on Cardiff Road, Merthyr Vale and the cafe in image rill010 is actually behind it. Note the differing heights of the window advertisements in each screen capture.

image no 9

No sign of a cafe or building of any type here. John Tunstill took the now shot from the top of a muddy bank next to the road.

Timothy sits in a cafe prior to going to the police.

image no 10

Station Square, Grays Place, Merthyr Vale.

Christie heads for the river after leaving the doss house that he spent the night in.

image no 11

Lower Richmond Road in Putney, SW15 next to The Star & Garter public house. The steps lead down to Embankment.

Christie heads for the riverside whilst the policeman (Richard Coleman) who eventually makes the arrest approaches. Embankment in Putney SW15 with Putney Pier to the right. The location features in 'The Sandwich Man' and 'Sweeney 2'.

image no 12

The same riverside location.

Christie about to be arrested by Constable Thomas Ledger with Putney Bridge in the background.

image no 13

The same location now.