13 East Street

Date: 1952
Director: Robert S Baker
Production Company: Tempean Films

Stars: Patrick Holt, Sandra Dorne, Sonia Holm, Robert Ayres, Dora Bryan, Michael Balfour
Location(s): London



When police inspector Gerald Blake wants to infiltrate a London stolen-goods gang, he does a thorough job of it. First, he robs a jewellery shop, gets caught and is sentenced to prison, where he teams up with gang member Joey to make an escape. Once established in the gang Blake identifies the boss Larry and most of the others but not the “inside man”. As an approaching fur robbery gets closer his task is complicated by the playful but seductive advances of Judy, a dazzling blonde who happens to be Larry’s girlfriend.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

The A London Inheritance report on the Euston Road junction, together with photographs can be read by clicking here.

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The scene is set on Scotland Yard where the story unfolds. Derby Gate, London SW1

image no 1

The building work continues.

It “begins in March, March the 23rd to be exact”. Supt. Duncan (Hector MacGregor) watches from the corner of Hampstead Road and Eden Street, London NW1 to see Gerald Blake (Patrick Holt) arrive in his car. The location appears in '13 East Street'.

image no 2

A very much changed view. An excellent report on the changes that occurred with this junction together with photographs can be had at "A London Inheritance" website. In view of the length of address a direct link can be found in the "Extras" section in the Header of this film.

“It was on that date that the name of Gerald Blake first appeared on police records.” Hampstead Road looking across to the Westminster Bank that was on the corner with Euston Road.

image no 3

More or less the correct location now. A photograph of the bank as it was on the corner with Euston Road can be seen in the report referred to in Caption 2 and available via the "Extras" section in the Header to this film.

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A policeman stands watching events unfold. Exact location not determined.

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Supt. Duncan continues to watch. Probably still the corner of Eden Street but now looking north along Hampstead Road.

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“At 11 o’clock exactly” Blake enters the jewellers as an armed robber. Hampstead Road.

He is captured and sentenced to three years in prison. Wormwood Scrubs Prison, Du Cane Road, London W12

image no 7

A capture that I took in 2014.

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Blake and Joey Long (Michael Balfour) are “taken on a nice train ride” by the prison authorities. Unknown location.

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Having overtaken the warders they jump from the train and steal a delivery van. Unknown location.

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They are flagged down by the police for speeding, only afterwards are the police aware that it was a stolen van and set off in chase. Unknown location

Gerald and Joey give the police the slip and Joey takes them to meet “the gang” in “East Street, E1”. Rainville Road, London W6

image no 11

A little more colourful now.

A delivery of stolen goods is made to the location before they arrive. Rainville Road, London W6

image no 12

The Crabtree is now a much more trendy establishment.

Shortly afterwards they arrive and are taken up to meet the boss Larry Conn (Robert Ayres). Crabtree Lane, London W6

image no 13

Re-developed as can be seen.

With George Mack (Michael Brennan) Gerald is assigned to “a job”, some nylons are being delivered to “Grahams Warehouse”. Black’s Road, Hammersmith London W8

image no 14

The terraced houses in the background remain.

Gerald distracts the van’s driver (Edward Evans) while George highjacks the van. Looking back to the opposite side of Black’s Road. Now built on by Marks and Spencers

image no 15

Without the development I should have been further back but this is the view now across the road.

They drive off turning into Angel Walk, but as the sign says it's a “No Through Road”!

image no 16

And still a "No Through Road".

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Not least, they manage to rendezvous with a waiting lorry. Unknown location.,

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In which they travel to the deliver the van and stolen nylons. Unknown location.

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The house and presumably “the fence”.

Having tipped the police off and learned of the next “job” Gerald visits Larry Conn’s apartment to gather some evidence. Kensington High Street, London

image no 20

"Kenton Court" can now be clearly read.

Luckily, he escapes with the help of Judy (Sandra Dorne) and hails a cab as Larry returns to find Mack drunk and asleep. Kensington High Street looking towards the junction with Warwick Road.

image no 21

The same spot now.

Gerald takes the cab to the library in Westminster Council House to pass on information to Sgt. Follett (Alan Judd) not knowing that Judy is following in her own car. Marylebone Road looking towards Gloucester Place, London NW1

image no 22

I still can't work out how things have changed with that balustrade.

“The boys” learn that Larry wants them all at the flat. Judy has already told Gerald about Larry’s “big and final job”.

image no 23

Subsequent development of the yard prevented be standing further back.

After the meeting they disperse, Gerald to meet up with Sgt. Follett but Mack sticks right with him. Kensington High Street, London W8

image no 24

The entrance to Holland Park and the pavement alignment has all been changed.

Upon leaving the restaurant Mack is concerned that they are going to walk “5 miles to East Street”. Victor (Charles Victor) looked in that very window two years later in "The Embezzler".

image no 25

A less stressful air today.

To add tension, Gerald’s wife Joan (Sonia Holm) and her friend Valerie (Dora Bryan) walk towards them. In reality not a problem as they are some 100 metres behind him. Kensington High Street.

image no 26

The corner with Earls Court Road going in the right midground.

Valerie recognizes Gerald but Joan manages to hold her back…… Gerald and Mack have changed location to appear with Valerie and Joan.

image no 27

I am sure it will smarten up in due course.

…….and hurries her across the road but Mack is sure he heard one of them “call him her husband”. Kensington High Street looking towards Edwardes Square, London W8.

image no 28

A very brief break in the traffic flow.

Mack gives chase. Kensington High Street at its corner with Edwardes Square.

image no 29

And the retail name still begins with a "K" but a different line of business.

But his progress is halted when he bumps into a less than sympathetic security officer who recognises him as the van driver in Capture 15

image no 30

No such altercation when I was there.

Having received instructions regarding the next “job” the gang leave Larry Conn’s office and Gerald sees Sgt. Follett looking inconspicuous. Holyport Road and Crabtree Lane, London SW6

image no 31

On my second visit the "Openreach" van had thankfully been replaced by a car.

He holds back to scribble a note giving details of the robbery. 81 Crabtree Lane

image no 32

The bars have been removed and parking is now very much in evidence.

Meanwhile Mack storms back and catches sight of Gerald. Crabtree Lane having just passed Woodlawn Road.

image no 33

No one has bothered to repair that window sill.

Gerald throws the paper into a convenient dustbin. Holyport Road.

image no 34

No even a convenient "wheelie bin".

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With a gun, Mack intercepts the “copper” and takes him to a disused house where he shoots him dead. Unknown location.

Larry leaves his office to join “the boys” and the lorry. Crabtree Lane

image no 36

The background is right but I could not replicate the foreground.

Tower Bridge and the Thames to establish the wharf location.

image no 37

Not quite from water level.

Finding everyone has gone Mack grabs handy Ford “woodie” station wagon and sets off for the warehouse. Crabtree Lane towards the junction with Rainville Road, London W6

image no 38

Further improvements are being made to that building.

Mack arrives at the warehouse. Supposedly Upper Thames Street, London actually Little Trinity Lane off Upper Thames Street, London EC4

image no 39

All now redeveloped.

Sgt. Follett’s body having been found Supt. Duncan goes immediately to Larry Conn’s offices and meets with Judy.

image no 40

Cars, as always, dominate the scene.

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After the furs are loaded into the lorry and Gerald is revealed as a “cop” Mack chases Gerald over the rooftops. This looks like it could have been the rooftop of Sunlight Wharf that specialized in furs and other products. The Tower of St. Mary Somerset Church, Upper Thames Street, London to the left of Gerald.

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Gerald races on with the dome of St. Paul’s as a background.

He looks down at the road below. Queen Victoria Street at its junction with Cannon Street.

image no 43

The same junction from ground level.

Meanwhile the police turn up at the warehouse to provide a larger picture of the background buildings and arrest the gang. Little Trinity Lane, London EC4

image no 44

Some older premises remain, particularly and thankfully, Painter Stainers Hall out of frame to the left.