13. revír (13th District)

Date: 1946
Director: Martin Fric
Production Company: Ceskoslovenská Filmová Spolecnost

Stars: Dana Medrická, Jaroslav Marvan, Ella Nollová
Location(s): Prague (Czech Republic)



A Police Inspector pursues a recently released thief whilst dealing with the disappearance of a local informer.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

The title is often translated as ‘Guard 13’ but a literal translation of revír is ward or grounds.


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Wang-Liové (Blanka Waleská) appears from a building. All locations are unknown in this Czechoslovakian film noir.

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Inspektor ?adek (Jaroslav Marvan) and his men follow bar dancer Frantiska Brabcová.

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Frantiska Brabcová "Fróny" (Dana Med?ická) approaches a restaurant as the Inspector watches.

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Detectives Draboch (Vladimír ?epa) and Pobozný (Otto Rubík) wait as the Inspector questions Fróny.

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A police dog finds a body buried in the waste ground.

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Fróny enters the Kavárna restaurant to meet with her lover, Karel Chrudimský.

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Wang-Liové appears from her home as the police arrive.