14, The

Date: 1973
Director: David Hemmings
Production Company: Avianca Productions Ltd.

Stars: Jack Wild, June Brown, Liz Edmiston, John Bailey, Diana Beevers, Alun Armstrong, Anna Wing
Location(s): Berkshire, London

Region(s): ,


This film portrays the fate of fourteen children who are orphaned after the death of their single mother.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Existence’ (US Title)

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Terry (Frank Gentry) carries a football as he runs to join two of his brothers. Although the film is based on actual events involving a family from Birmingham, this is facing Hampton Road from Stuart Road in London NW6.

image no 1

Looking the same way from a similar viewpoint. (PW)

The camera follows to give a view in the other direction. Stuart Road in Maida Vale with Fielding House in the background.

image no 2

A few changes here, even the then new tower block has gone. (PW)

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Two more young lads run across a busy railway line. Looking towards Westbourne Park station on Green Lane Bridge from railway sidings adjacent to Portobello Junction on the Great Western Main Line out of Paddington.

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The camera pans, bringing the Hammersmith & City Line part of Westbourne Park station into view.

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The two boys run towards the backs of derelict buildings. In the centre of the shot stands Westbourne Park Signal Box.

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Crossing the scene is the footbridge linking Tavistock Crescent with Acklam Road.

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The Westway passes to the top left and the remaining original buildings of Acklam Road can be seen on the right.

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Playing in nearby sidings, more scruffy youngsters come into view. Facing westward from the sidings towards Portobello Bridge. An older, similar view was seen in ‘Bitter Harvest’ with the bridge also appearing in 'Bedazzled' and 'Col cuore in gola'.

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Climbing under railway wagons, the children follow the others home. Across the Great Western Main Line stand properties waiting demolition on St. Ervan’s Road.

The Mother of 14 children (June Brown) wearily walks home. Shelley Road in London NW10 with Milton Avenue crossing the background.

image no 10

The same location over 44 years on. (PW)

Inside their wretched home, the older children help as a meal is prepared.

image no 11

Shelley Road in Stonebridge. (PW)

After their Mother falls ill and is taken to hospital, Terry and Roy (Chris Kelly) walk away from the house as Mr. Sanders and Miss Field from the welfare turn up. Looking along Shelley Road towards Mordaunt Road with new buildings on Shrewsbury Crescent and Wilmers Court in the background.

image no 12

Now even newer buildings in the background. (PW)

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Reg (Jack Wilde) and his siblings decide to visit their Mother in hospital. Looking north on Great Western Road at the north end of Green Lane Bridge with The Westway passing overhead and Carlton Chambers at the corner of Kensal Road in the centre distance.

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The bus is bought to a stand after the children try to avoid paying their fares. Eastbourne Terrace W2 with Bishop’s Road Bridge in the left background. Incidentally, the bus is number 3430 in the West Midlands PTE fleet and was based in Birmingham at the time.

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The family cross the road to make their way to the hospital on foot. Eastbourne Terrace, alongside Paddington station.

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Finding that their Mother has passed away, the devastated children return home. Facing south from Mordaunt House in Stonebridge with one of the cooling towers belonging to Acton Lane Power Station on the left.

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Pushing a pram containing her two babies, Reena (Cheryl Hall) walks with Reg. Under The Westway with Westbourne Park station to the right and flats on Alfred Road W2 in the distance. The covered stairway from the booking hall leads to the British Rail platforms that were closed in March 1992.

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The teenage girl listens to Reg as he outlines his plans to move to Australia. The footbridge crossing the Hammersmith & City Line between Tavistock Crescent and Acklam Road.

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Having been sent to the house, Mrs. Booth (Anna Wing) returns to the welfare offices after finding it impossible to cope with the children.

Frank Whitehead (Keith Buckley) and his colleagues from the welfare take the children into care. Shelley Road in NW10.

image no 20

Not even the suggestion of a garden here now. (PW)

Neighbour Mrs. Gibbs (Anne Dyson) watches as the orphans are driven away. Facing Milton Avenue from Shelley Road.

image no 21

From a similar position. (PW)

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At the child welfare offices, Mr. Whitehead catches up with Mr. Sanders (John Bailey).

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As the boys are causing disruption at the home run by Father Morris, Mr. Whitehead suggests sending the older ones to St. George's.

When he turns eighteen, Reg leaves care and returns to the street that was once his home. The corner of Mordaunt Road and Shelley Road in Stonebridge.

image no 24

The same remodeled corner. (PW)

Reg walks past workmen who are noisily dismantling the buildings. Round the corner in Shelley Road.

image no 25

Shelley Road now. (PW)

To the top left, the top of Mordaunt House is visible above properties on Shrewsbury Crescent and Wilmers Court.

image no 26

Not the best comparison but then there's nothing up there now. (PW)

The young man finds his old address boarded up. Looking north-eastward towards Mordaunt Road NW10 with Mordaunt House on Stracey Road in the centre distance.

image no 27

The same street, now filled with building more like the ones knocked down at the ends of the 60s. (PW)

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At St. George's, the older boys spend time in the playground during a break from lessons. To the right can be seen a shop sign reading 52, E. Woodward.

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Mr. Michael (Malcolm Tierney) and his colleague patrol the playground as they discuss plans for the children over Christmas.

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At the start of the Christmas holidays, a minibus takes the boys to stay with their Uncle Ron.

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The shot follows the minibus to it's parking place in front of a high rise block.

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The lads get out of the vehicle and enter the building.

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As the minibus pulls away, the boys run back out of the building and head to their former home where they find Reg.

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Reg asks Reena to stay with him over Christmas. The footbridge running between Tavistock Crescent and Acklam Road. The bridge has appeared in 'Burning an Illusion', 'Duffer', 'Col cuore in gola' and, from a distance, 'Withnail & I'.

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In a car on the back of a transporter, Roy is taken back to Father Morris' care home to collect his younger brothers.

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The lorry driver sounds the horn after Roy climbs down from the trailer.

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Outside a small grocers shop, Snowey waits before Roy appears and takes a Christmas tree with him.

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Roy steals chocolates and fruit from a street market. Facing north on Portobello Road W11 with the Hammersmith & City Line and The Westway viaducts in the distance. This part of the road was seen in ‘Pressure’,'The Moon Over the Alley' and ‘Seven Green Bottles'.

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Following the festivities, Roy flees from welfare officers after the children are discovered.

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Mr. Whitehead captures the runaway.

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Having eluded the social workers, Freddy (Paul Daly) walks through a shopping centre.

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A Policeman (Walter Henry) approaches the newsagents kiosk where Freddy is looking at his picture on the front page of a newspaper.

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Reg and Mr. Sanders arrive on the scene.

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Freddy is led away through a crowd of shoppers.

Terry looks for a suitable hiding place. Facing Wornington Road W10 from Telford Road with Hazlewood Tower on the left.

image no 45

The screening to the left hides a newly refurbished grassed area and car park. (PW)

Reg looks back as he and Reena leave the house for good. The buildings beyond Mordaunt Road were built in the late 1960s and demolished to be replaced in the 2000s.

image no 46

I wonder how long these latest disposable buildings will stand! (PW)

The view from the Mordaunt Tower along Shelley Road, across the West Coast Main Line railway and Grand Union Canal towards Acton in the distance.

image no 47

The best view possible from ground level. (PW)

While journalists interview Terry, police arrive at the adventure playground. Through the gate can be seen Telford Road with flats on Wornington Road visible to the centre.

image no 48

Looks like we're heading for a rebuild! (PW)

The fourteen year old stays hidden until the Officers leave the site. Looking out from the Notting Hill playground that still exists to the tops of Hazlewood Tower on the left and Trellick Tower to the right.

image no 49

From a similar spot in the reconfigured play area. (PW)

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Eddie hands food for Terry to a Friend (Christopher Morris).

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The young boy runs to the railway wagon where Terry is hiding. Looking towards Westbourne Park station.

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For 50p, Terry gives reporters his story. Alongside the Great Western Main Line with the buildings of Westbourne Park station in the right background.

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Reg tries to convince Terry to give himself up. With Trellick Tower to the right, this is the sidings adjacent to Portobello Junction on the line out of Paddington to the west of Westbourne Park station. The area is now occupied by Acklam Road.

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The last of the brothers finally gives himself up. The young actor looks up at a model of Vladimir Tatlin's Tower. Was this the inspiration for the Olympic Park’s Orbit Sculpture?

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Reg and the older boys are driven to Kent where their younger brothers have been found accommodation on a farm. Facing southward on Langley Park Road in Langley, Berkshire, just north of the bridge over the Slough Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

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The red minibus is spotted approaching the farm where the smaller members of the family have been housed.

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Carrying her babies, Reena smiles as the family are reunited once again.

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The little ones show their brothers around the farm.

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Reg, Terry and Freddie are introduced to the cows.

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Eugine, Brian, Dave, John, Bill, Freddie, Harry and Roy all tell Reg that they are happy to stay at the farm. Tariq Ali sent this link to a forum that has a little more information about the family http://www.birminghamforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=5357.0