24 Hour Party People

Date: 2002
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Production Company: Revolution Films, Baby Cow Productions, The Film Consortium

Stars: Steve Coogan, Paddy Considine, Danny Cunningham, Paul Popplewell, Shirley Henderson, Lennie James, Sean Harris, Peter Kay, Conrad Murray
Location(s): Cheshire, Greater Manchester



A dramatisation based on real events, rumours and urban legends about bringing Manchester’s music to the world and the setting up of Factory Records.

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Screen shots and uncredited now images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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  • 'Now' required

Somewhere in the Pennines, television reporter Tony Wilson demonstrates hang gliding. Neil Rigby brings to our attention that IMDb provides the location as Mam Tor, Derbyshire and adds that it appears to be overlooking Barber Booth and Edale. (RL)

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After a couple of crash landings, Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan) makes his way back to the studio. See Capture 1.

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At the studio, Tony's producer Charles (John Thomson) tries to console him after the risky hang gliding. The Baker Street set at Granada Television Studios on Quay Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester.

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Tony tells his producer that he's a serious journalist before leaving the studio to watch The Sex Pistols perform. Granada Television Studios, Manchester.

A post van approaches Tony Wilson's house near Marple.

image no 5

Swallow House Lane, Hayfield SK22. Google/Neil Rigby (G/NR)

John the Postman (Dave Gorman) delivers the mail as Tony sets out for the studio.

image no 6

Swallow House Lane, Hayfield SK22. G/NR

  • 'Now' required

After getting tired of just showing bands on his television show, Tony, his wife Lindsay and Alan Erasmus arrive at the grubby out of town Russell Club.

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Tony, Lindsay (Shirley Henderson) and Alan Erasmus (Lennie James) follow club owner Don Tonay (Peter Kay) after striking a deal for the use of the venue. Pear Tree Court, Salford, Manchester.

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Don tells Tony "No ska" before getting into his car.

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Tony makes a point of calling Don by his first name instead of Tonay as there's a clash. Pear Tree Court, Salford.

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'I think the name thing went OK'.

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As they drive away, Tony comes up with the name 'Factory'. Pear Tree Court, Salford, Manchester.

After forming Factory Records Tony goes in search of Martin Hannett.

image no 13

Sitch Lane/Laneside Road, Hayfield SK22. G/NR

Martin Hannett (Andy Serkis) records silence.

image no 14

Sitch Lane/Laneside Road, Hayfield SK22. G/NR

  • 'Now' required

Tony asks Martin to become a producer for Factory Records.

For a local news programme, Tony reports on a duck that rounds up sheep.

image no 16

Stanlow oil refinery, Ellesmere Port. View from M56. Google/NR

  • 'Now' required

A troubled Ian Curtis (Sean Harris) calls at Tony's house and talks with Lindsay. Unidentified location, now identified by Neil Rigby as Swallow House Lane, Hayfield SK22

The Joy Division front man heads home.

image no 18

Swallow House Lane, Hayfield SK22. G/NR

  • 'Now' required

Curtis nears his house where he commits suicide by hanging himself. Santley Street at the corner of Patey Street, Longsight, Manchester M12.

While out on location for a news report, Tony is stunned when he's told of Ian Curtis' suicide. Eastgate Street in Chester, Cheshire.

image no 20

Under the clock on the bridge over Eastgate Street.

Chester's Town Crier (David Mitchell) stands by whilst Tony comes to terms with the news. Eastgate Street in Chester.

image no 21

Looking onto Eastgate Street now.

Hear yea, hear yea. The Town Crier announces Ian Curtis' death. Chester, Cheshire.

image no 22

The same location now. The bridge carries the footpath that follows the city's walls.

Tony and Lindsay arrive at Macclesfield Crematorium.

image no 23

Cross Lane, Salford M54AP. Google/NR

A Fan approaches Tony and Lindsay as they walk towards the building.

image no 24

Cross Lane, Salford M54AP. Google/NR

The couple make their way inside through fans and autograph seekers.

image no 25

Cross Lane, Salford M54AP. Google/NR

  • 'Now' required

Journalist Mick Middles (Simon Pegg) meets Tony at the entrance before they go inside to pay their respects to Ian Curtis.

Tony asks Lindsay if she is leaving him as the pair drive through Manchester.

image no 27

Mancunian Way A57 sliproad to London road A6, Manchester. G/NR

Lindsay looks through the car window as Tony asks her not to leave him.

image no 28

Mancunian Way A57 over Brook Street A34. Grown a bit since the film. G/NR

Tony tells his Wife to 'just go' when they arrive at the railway station. Outside Manchester's Piccadilly station.

image no 29

Greggs is still going strong in the same unit.

After a last kiss, Lindsay gets out of the car and walks into the station. Manchester Piccadilly station on Station Approach off Ducie Street.

image no 30

Unrecognisable now.

Tony sighs as car horns sound behind him. Piccadilly station approach looking towards Ducie Street.

image no 31

Almost the same view.

Tyres squeal as Tony drives away. Piccadilly station approach, Manchester. Beyond the railings, at a lower level, runs London Road.

image no 32

Not quite the same location, just a little further along as a large building now stands on this part of the roadway.

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Paul Ryder (Paul Popplewell) and his brother Shaun (Danny Cunningham) approach pigeons on a rooftop. The roof of the Birchin warehouse on Joiner Street, Manchester. Identified by British Film Locations.

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Tony breaks the fourth wall, talking to camera about the history of popular music.

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Shaun watches as the rat poison that he and his brother have fed to the pigeons begins to take effect.

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Looking at Manchester through the window of a studio as New Order rehearse 'Blue Monday'.

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Tony discusses the sleeves for New Order's first release with Peter Saville (Enzo Cilenti) in a split screen showing an unidentified location on the left.

After leaving The Haçienda and realising that the business is losing money, Tony passes Boethius (Christopher Eccleston), a Beggar. Greengate, Manchester M3 looking towards Chapel Street.

image no 38

The same place now, under the bridge over which Manchester's Exchange station once stood.

Boethius calls out wise words as Tony continues on his way. Greengate in Manchester.

image no 39

The same location now.

  • 'Now' required

Shaun Ryder experiences an encounter with a UFO. Facing west on Jubilee Street, Salford, Greater Manchester.

  • 'Now' required

Fellow band member Bez (Chris Coghill) approaches Shaun after the moment passes. Jubilee Street with Keswick Grove on the left. The tower block in the background is Fitzwarrren Court. Salford in M6.

After being signed up, the Happy Mondays get into Tony's car. Jersey Street looking along Murray Street in Ancoats, Manchester.

image no 42

Chris Hughes provides this comparison of the same location . . . with added scaffolding.

  • 'Now' required

Tony outlines the history of Manchester and it's canals for another news report. The Rochdale canal running through Manchester city centre.

The report sees Tony interviewing Mr. Peter Duff (Unidentified), an old canal worker. Castle Street in Manchester.

image no 44

Looking along the Rochdale Canal now, with Beetham Tower in the left background.

After the interviewee proves to be far from talkative, Tony approaches his cameraman.

image no 45

The same location now. The same area was seen in 'The Parole Officer'.

The intrepid reporter admits that the interview can't be used.

image no 46

Castle Street in Manchester M3 with the laticework of the disused Castlefield Viaduct to the top left.

Tony approaches a club where the new Happy Mondays video is being shot.

image no 47

Whitworth Street West with Gloucester Street passing under the railway bridge.

During scenes of drug related gun crime, in voice over Tony explains that the club-goers to The Haçienda weren't spending money on alcohol, but ecstasy.

image no 48

Hankinson Way, Salford M65JA. G/NR

A shooting is shown as Tony says that the club wasn't making any money.

image no 49

The row of shops here match. Langworthy Road by Amos Street, Salford M65PW Neil Rigby

Armed cyclists ride away as Tony continues that the answer was seen as employing the drug dealers as doormen at The Haçienda.

image no 50

"Bear with me a second on this. There have been a lot of redevelopments especially to the row of shops to the right. This is an entirely new building. Streetview is in the centre of the road hence the angle. But the pavement still matches. Langworthy Road by Amos Street, Salford M65PW" Neil Rigby

Drug dealer Pel (Paul Ryder) and his Associate (Sean Cernow) walk towards the club. Whitworth Street West looking across Albion Street.

image no 51

From a similar viewpoint now.

Tony and his girlfriend Yvette Livesey (Kate Magowan) approach the club. The exterior of The Haçienda on Whitworth Street West at the junction with Albion Street.

image no 52

The same corner now looking onto Albion Street with Beetham Tower in the right background.

After being employed as head doorman, Pel watches when Tony and Yvette arrive. Outside The Haçienda on Whitworth Street West with the Manchester, South Junction & Altrincham Railway viaduct in the right background.

image no 53

Outside a different Haçienda on Whitworth Street West with the Manchester, South Junction & Altrincham Railway viaduct in the right background.

Pel stands outside the club as Tony and his Girlfriend enter.

image no 54

Whitworth Street West now.

Clubbers queue outside The Haçienda. The corner of Albion Street and Whitworth Street West with the, now demolished and replaced, Haçienda building on the left.

image no 55

A daylight comparison shot, without the queue.

  • 'Now' required

Tony drives to the hospital where his second Wife, Hilary, is a patient. Unknown location.

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A later narration explains that Tony had remarried and had had children.

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Tony gives Hilary a mobile phone before leaving to attend Martin Hannett's funeral. Through the window is an unidentified location.

Mourners gather for the burial.

image no 59

"The only image I could get. St Joseph's R C cemetery, Moston Lane, Moston, Manchester. And the next one as well." Bing/NR

  • 'Now' required

Mick Middles stands with Tony at the graveside.

Whilst driving through the city, Rob Gretton (Paddy Considine) tells Tony that New Order want to record a new album. The City Road Inn on Albion Street . . . . .

image no 61

. . . . . at the junction with Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1.

On another drive, Paul Ryder tells Tony that the Happy Mondays also want to make another album. Portland Street at the junction with Chorlton Street.

image no 62

Yates's still standing.

  • 'Now' required

Shaun Ryder and the Happy Mondays travel to Barbados to write and record music. Unknown location.

After their return from the Caribbean, the Happy Mondays head to The Haçienda. Facing east on Whitworth Street West.

image no 64

Same street, different focal length.

A short panning shot starts as Tony calls to Ryan Letts outside the club. Albion Street, Manchester.

image no 65

Looking across the bridge over the Rochdale Canal on Albion Street.

Journalist Ryan Letts (Rob Brydon) questions Tony about The Haçienda closing down. Whitworth Street West with The City Road Inn on the corner of Albion Street in the left background.

image no 66

The City Road Inn is still prominent.

  • 'Now' required

Tony Wilson smokes cannabis with Shaun Ryder, Rob Gretton and Alan Erasmus after the closure of the club.