39 Steps, The (1959)

Date: 1959
Director: Ralph Thomas
Production Company: The Rank Organisation

Stars: Kenneth More, Taina Elg, Brenda De Banzie, Sid James, James Hayter, Barry Jones, Reginald Beckwith
Location(s): Edinburgh, Fife, Perthshire, West Lothain (Scotland); London

Region(s): ,


A diplomat witnesses an attempted murder which leads him to become involved with an international spy ring.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ (Alternative spelling)


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In nautical attire, a Man retrieves a model boat from the lake. This is alongside the Boating Lake in The Regent’s Park, London NW1 with a dome on one of the properties in Sussex Place to the top left.

image no 1

About here. SJ

A Nanny (Faith Brook) follows the Man through the park. The footbridge passes over the Boating Lake.

image no 2

The bridge was also seen in One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing. SJ

The Man reaches a roadway.

image no 3

I've always wanted it to be the Inner Circle, NW1 but this is definitely not in harmony continuity-wise of the previous shots. This though is a possibility. SJ

Standing by their Ford Zephyr Zodiac, Brown (Michael Goodliffe) and Kennedy (Duncan Lamont) watch the Man being followed.

image no 4

And this decayed finial, along with the curve of Inner Circle would seem to match, though there's a new lamppost. Additionally the Zodiac is in the right place as seen in tns103. SJ

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With a signal from the Man, the car speeds towards the Nanny, knocking her down.

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After secretly taking a handbag and gun that he discovered in the otherwise empty pram, Richard Hannay (Kenneth More) answers a Policeman’s (Victor Brooks) questions.

Hannay visits the hospital to speak with the Nanny and finds that she has been discharged. The Wilkins Building at University College London on Gower Street WC1 which was also seen in ‘Raising the Wind’, ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Doctor in the House’ and ‘The Idol’.

image no 7

Peter paid a return visit to the location.

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Learning that the Nanny’s name is Miss Robinson, the diplomat makes his way to Norwich Terrace in Paddington after obtaining her address.

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Seeing that the address no longer exists, Hannay attends the theatre using tickets found in Miss Robinson’s handbag.

After Miss Robinson turns up at the theatre, Hannay takes her back to his apartment only to discover that the two of them have been followed. The corner of St. John's Wood High Street and Greenberry Street in London NW8.

image no 10

There is a saying about not seeing the wood for the trees! (RL)

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The next morning, Kennedy and Brown wait for Hannay outside the building after murdering Miss Robinson on the previous evening. Haven Green Court in London W5 recognised by Tony Crampton.

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Disguised as the Milkman, Hannay appears from the building. Haven Green Court, Ealing advises Tony Crampton.

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Fooling Kennedy and Brown, Hannay rides away on the milk float.

A Policeman takes note of the abandoned milk float. King’s Cross station on Euston Road, London N1.

image no 14

Yes, Kings Cross station depicted by Brian Hockey.

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Using information gleaned from Miss Robinson, Hannay travels by express train to Scotland. An unidentified location, but the footage also appears in ‘Raising the Wind’.

As newspapers begin to carry stories about the Nanny’s death, the train pulls into Edinburgh. Platforms 8 and 7 at Waverley station, now designated platforms 11 and 7.

image no 16

Platform 7 and the construction of the new platforms 5 and 6 on the left. (SD)

A Detective (Michael Brennan) and two Constables check passengers on the platform. Edinburgh Waverley station. Identified by Roy Barnacle.

image no 17

Waverley station platform 5, now re-numbered as platform 3 which is home to the Operations Depot. SD

Hannay alights to purchase a newspaper.

image no 18

Waverley Station, platform 5, now re-numbered as platform 3. Taken further forward because of the position of the Operations Depot. SD

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With Hannay back on board after getting rid of his distinctive raincoat, the train departs. Edinburgh Waverley station with the clock tower of the North British Hotel, now The New Balmoral, to the top left.

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The journey northward gets under way. The west end of Edinburgh Waverley station with the Mound Tunnels running beneath The Mound on the left.

Hannay jumps from the train after being discovered by the Detective. The Forth Bridge carrying the railway line between Dalmeny, West Lothian and North Queensferry in Fife.

image no 21

Jeff Kirk provides us with this shot taken in 1980 very near to where Richard Hannay jumps off the train. (RL)

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A Passenger (John Young) and the Detective search outside the train. The Forth Bridge over the Firth of Forth.

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Cars are checked as they leave the Queen’s Ferry. The slipway of the Railway Pier in North Queensferry, Fife with the Forth Bridge to the left. The ferry ceased running in September 1964.

Hannay makes it to the south side of the Forth. The harbour at South Queensferry in West Lothian.

image no 24

Brian Leng provides this modern view.

Looking for a safe route, Hannay turns to see a Constable walk past the far end of an alleyway. Looking along Harbour Lane in Queensferry with Bell Stane at the far end of the alley.

image no 25

Photo by regular contributor Brian Leng.

Queensferry Harbour in South Queensferry with the Forth Bridge in the distance.

image no 26

Comparison photo by Doug Hill.

The fugitive runs from the harbour to find a way northwards. Facing Harbour Lane from Hillwood Place in South Queensferry, West Lothain.

image no 27

Comparison shot from Brian Leng.

Having been given a lift in Percy Baker’s lorry, the following morning Hannay is helped to get away by Nellie Lumsden and her Husband. This is Glen Finglas Road at Brig o' Turk, Perthshire and out of sight to the left stands the Brig o' Turk Tea Room.

image no 28

A little less activity in this Google Earth view from Clive Brett. (RL)

Escaping detection by hiding within the ranks of the Freewheelers of Clackmannan, Hannay rides towards Glenkirk. Looking towards Main Street in Killin, Perthshire.

image no 29

Alan Watt provides this view with only yellow lines to give away the different era.

Hannay checks his map as a sheep herder approaches. Bridge of Dochart crossing the River Dochart in Killin.

image no 30

Alan Watts found it impossible to match up the stonework exactly, but close enough I think . . . and we think so too.

Being told by Mr. Lowrie (John Grieve) about newcomers in the village, Hannay cycles away to Glenkirk House. Looking north from Bridge of Dochart, Killin. All of the Perthshire locations are now situated in the modern Stirlingshire.

image no 31

Alan Watts supplied this image of the bridge over River Dochart.

The cycle chain snaps as Hannay cycles over a bridge. The River Balvag bridge at Balquhidder in Perthshire.

image no 32

Alan Watt advises that this is the best angle possible due to overgrown shrubbery adding "I think it's interesting to note that you can still see the original iron railing just to the right of the signpost."

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The Police search continues.

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The B829 about a mile from Kinlochard towards Blairuskinmore with the bridge crossing Allt Tairbh in the foreground and the cottage known as Teapot in the right background.

Hannay reaches Glenkirk House, home of Professor Logan. Altskeith Hotel on Loch Ard Road to the east of Kinlochard in Perthshire. Information from Scotland, the Movie Location Guide

image no 35

A Google Earth view from Clive Brett. (RL)

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Discovering that the Professor is the leader of the spy ring being tracked by Miss Robinson, Hannay flees the house. Altskeith Hotel on Loch Ard Road, Kinlochard.

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When he finds the car locked, Hannay takes a scooter. The hotel is currently branded Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard.

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Hannay rides away on the Vespa to tell the police about Logan. Altskeith Hotel with Loch Ard in the right background.

Having followed in their car, Kennedy comes across the stolen scooter outside the Sheriff’s office. Outside Burgh Chambers on The Cross in Dunblane with the Cathedral in the left background.

image no 39

Doug Hill sent this image of the same building.

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When the Sheriff doesn’t believe the story and arrests him, Hannay looks for a means of escape. Looking onto The Cross in Dunblane.

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Hannay jumps from the window into a passing truck. Burgh Chambers, now offices for Stirling Council.

Kennedy and Brown pull away as the lorry as it heads from the town. Looking south along High Street from The Cross, Dunblane, then in Perthshire. Location found by Graham Shewan and Graeme Allister.

image no 42

Alan Watt took this wider shot of the street.

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Looking back from the sheep transporter, the wanted man sees the Professor’s henchmen following.

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The lorry reaches St. Catherine’s School for Girls. The Trossachs Hotel at Tigh Mor, then in Perthshire. Location identified by Chris Haywood.

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The hotel became neglected but has been restored and is now known as Tigh Mor Trossachs.

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Hannay runs into the school where he sees Miss Fisher, a teacher that he met on the train. The Trossachs Hotel stands on the site of a small inn known as Ardcheanochrochan.

Crashing the car whilst escaping from Kennedy and Brown at the school, Hannay carries Miss Fisher (Taina Elg) from the wreckage. Easter Gartchonzie formerly in Perthshire.

image no 47

Alan Watt visited the area to take this shot which replaces a Google image from Keith Woods.

As their pursuers begin to catch up, Hannay and Miss Fisher leave the road to hide under a bridge. Gartchonzie Bridge with Eas Gobhain flowing beneath.

image no 48

As above. (SJ)

Here's a bonus capture from Keith showing a helpful signpost.

image no 49

And the accompanying now. (SJ)

Kennedy and Brown reach the crashed car. Gartchonzie Bridge over the Eas Gobhain at Easter Gartchonzie to the west of Callander.

image no 50

Alan Watt replaces Keith's Google image with this shot of the location now.

With his adventure over, Richard Hannay returns to Regent’s Park in London. The same bridge over the Boating Lake that was seen earlier.

image no 51

This is the bridge nearest Baker Street tube in NW1. SJ.