84 Charing Cross Road

Date: 1987
Director: David Hugh Jones
Production Company: Brooksfilms, Columbia Pictures Corporation

Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft, Judi Dench
Location(s): London, New York (USA), Surrey

Region(s): , ,


The true story of a transatlantic business correspondence about used books that developed into a close friendship.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill. Uncredited ‘now’ images by PW.


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In 1971, Helene Hanff visits London. Passing the Wellington Arch, Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner, London W1.

image no 1

Mirroring the season. SJ

Helene sees Admiralty Arch between Trafalgar Square and The Mall, London SW1.

image no 2

It looks cleaner. SJ

Not the best shot in the world but included as it shows what used to stand on The Mall just through Admiralty Arch. London SW1.

image no 3

Buildings alive and well. SJ

The concierge hails a cab for Helene Hanff (Anne Bancroft) outside The Kenilworth Hotel in Bloomsbury.

image no 4

Some alterations since filming took place. Great Russell Street, London WC1.

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Helene looks through the window of Marks & Co's shop that closed in 1970. A studio set included for sake of completeness.

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Back to 1949 and the story unfolds in flashback. Ray Edwards spotted Madison Avenue at the intersection with East 92nd Street in New York, New York.

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Helene browses through a copy of the Saturday Review of Literature. Madison Avenue with East 92nd Street in the background identified by Ray Edwards.

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And spots an advertisement for Marks & Co.'s bookshop in London. Ray remarks that the ‘OK Grocery Store’ in the background occupies 1291 Madison Avenue, it is now known as the ‘OK Market’.

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The upper floors of 14 East 95th Street, New York, home of Helene Hanff. Unknown location.

After correspondence begins, a letter is posted from London to Helene. Studio set included for sake of completeness.

image no 10

Peter provides this view of the real 84 Charing Cross Road showing further changes that have taken place since the comparison for screen capture 36.

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A New York Mailman makes deliveries. Unidentified location.

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Packages from London arrive by post.

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Helene crosses the street towards a mail box. The intersection at Madison Avenue and East 92nd Street in New York 10128 recognised by Ray Edwards.

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Remittance is sent to London, with 12 cents extra for a cup of coffee. Madison Avenue in New York's Upper East Side located by Ray Edwards.

Detail of the ceiling behind the colonnade of St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in Trafalgar Square WC2.

image no 15

The same ceiling now.

Tilting from image efccr014, Frank Doel (Anthony Hopkins) walks through the colonnade of St Martin-in-the-Fields Church.

image no 16

Trafalgar Square, London WC2.

Frank waits for his bus home on Duncannon Street WC2 with St Martin-in-the-Fields Church behind.

image no 17

A little more cluttered but still the same location.

Frank nears his home in Oakfield Court, Crouch End. Actually Selwyn Court on Church Road, Richmond, Surrey.

image no 18

No longer crossroads ahead, now a bend. A clearer now shot from Richard Lovejoy (RL).

Frank enters the court where he and his family live. Church Road, Richmond.

image no 19

The garden has grown but little else has changed. (RL)

Putting out empty milk bottles. Selwyn Court, Church Road, Richmond.

image no 20

Not the best of angles but I would have had to jump into someones garden. (RL)

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Frank queues outside the butchers for rationed meat.

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Outside the butchers shop.

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Helene watches a fire truck pass her window.

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A young couple outside Helene's apartment.

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Helene sits in the window of her East 95th Street apartment.

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Helene heads home after working in a warmer building than her 'old brownstone'.

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Ginny (J. Smith-Cameron) and Ed (Tom Isbell) carry Helene's paperwork.

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It's now 1951 and Frank and Nora Doel attend the Festival of Britain celebrations. This appears to be shot in the vicinity of the Jubilee Gardens on the south bank of the Thames. London SE1.

Frank with his wife, Nora Doel (Judi Dench), at the Festival of Britain with the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament in the background. London SE1.

image no 29

From a similar viewpoint now.

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Helene attends Ginny and Ed's wedding.

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Frank goes on his travels around the country. As a result of Jonathan G identifying the 1949 Bedford OB with Duple Vista bodywork together with other information I was able to contact Mervyn's Coaches of Micheldever, Hants............ (RL)

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The bus pulls up. ............ who operate the coach that still carries the registration HOD 75. An up to date picture of the 29 seater coach can be seen on their website http://www.mervynscoaches.com/home.html As a result, Joshua very generously advised that the location is Lacys Hill, East Sussex and.....

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Frank looks across the road at another stately home as he continues his quest to buy rare editions. .......and that Frank, standing on Lacys Hill, Glynde, E. Sussex with the lychgate of St. Mary's Church to his right, was viewing........

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Frank crosses towards the house where he finds a copy of Elizabethan love poems for Helene. .......the entrance to Glynde Place, Glynde, East Sussex. (RL)

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Helene walks through Central Park after receiving the book of poems on her birthday. Unconfirmed location.

Marks & Co, at 84 Charing Cross Road. Studio set included for sake of completeness.

image no 36

The real 84 Charing Cross Road. London WC2.

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Helene's friend describes the shop. Studio set included for sake of completeness.

Its election time. Park Road, Richmond, Surrey with St Matthias' Church in the left background.

image no 38

It was election time in the rest of country but not here in Richmond today. (RL)

The Labour Party canvas for support. Park Road, Richmond.

image no 39

A lamp post is still in the same place. (RL)

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At the polling station. Unidentified location.

The start of a tilt and pan shot into image efccr041. Detail at the base of the spire of St Matthias' Church in Richmond.

image no 41

As one would expect . . . . . identical. (RL)

Nora Doel helps a neighbour with shopping. Church Road, Richmond, Surrey.

image no 42

Nora and her friend now use a car! (RL)

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Helene chats to Maxine's mother (Betty Low). Unknown location.

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Helene walks the dog in Central Park. Unconfirmed location.

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The dog runs back to Helene. Unconfirmed location.

Moving on to 1953 and the Doel family brave the elements on Eastbourne Pier, Eastbourne, Sussex.

image no 46

Moving on to 2014 and the sky is still blue. (RL)

The family enjoy time at the seaside. Eastbourne Pier once again. But they didn't meet up with the 'Punch and Judy Man'.

image no 47

And neither did we. (RL)

The upper storeys of the Cavendish Hotel on Grand Parade, Eastbourne. Rebuilt after bomb damage in WW11, shown in Millions Like Us

image no 48

And now. (RL)

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Lovely lens flare! A rainy day in Eastbourne. Grand Parade from the band stand.

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The band plays to a wet audience. Eastbourne Bandstand on Grand Parade.

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Frank and his family shelter from the rain. The bandstand in Easbourne, East Sussex with the pier in the background.

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Nora listens as Mary (Zoe Hodges) asks why it always rains at the seaside. Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Frank walks to see Tottenham Hotspur play. This looks like Mafeking Avenue in Brentford.

image no 53

Indeed it is Mafeking Avenue. (RL)

Fans walk past The Griffin public house on Brook Road, Brentford. The pub was also seen in 'The Rainbow Jacket'.

image no 54

Very colourful now even in winter. (RL)

A closer view of the detail on the wall above the walking fans. The Griffin, Brook Road South, Brentford, Middlesex.

image no 55

A closer view of the greenery that now covers the wall detail. (RL)

The sign says Paxton Road which is in London N17 . . . . . but it isn't. Jamie Heath locates this as Braemar Road outside Griffin Park, Brentford FC's ground.

image no 56

Jamie also provides proof. Image copyright Google.

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Helene looks at a building being constructed on 2nd Avenue after receiving an eviction notice. Unknown location.

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Tilting up to the top of the new block being built. Unidentified location.

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Helene looks up at, what will become, her new home. Unknown location.

Frank walks through Cecil Court in London WC2.

image no 60

The same location now, without rain.

Browsing in Cecil Court off Charing Cross Road in WC2.

image no 61

No books in this window now.

Frank sits in Soho Square, London W1.

image no 62

The same square now by Richard Lovejoy who wonders "Who planted that tree just there?"

Frank contemplates life in the 60's with a cup of coffee. Soho Square, London.

image no 63

No time to contemplate these days, they are all on the mobiles. Now shot by Richard.

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Helene sits at the desk in her East 72nd Street apartment. Looking across Central Park from an unknown location with what appears to be the San Remo block in the centre left background.