Admirable Crichton, The

Date: 1957
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Production Company: Modern Screen Play

Stars: Kenneth More, Sally Ann Howes, Diane Cilento, Cecil Parker, Martita Hunt, Jack Watling, Peter Graves
Location(s): Bermuda, London

Region(s): , ,


When a stately family is marooned on a deserted island with some rather eye-arresting rocks, the butler takes charge and turns the tables on his masters. SJ

Additional Information:

Also known as Paradise Lagoon


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Suffragettes march on Westminster Bridge, London SW1

image no 1

Looking cleaner nowadays. SJ

Hmmm. Maybe a back drop.

image no 2

Or maybe not. The view from Westminster Bridge. SJ

A stately home with a grand tetrastyle portico

image no 3

Mike Garfield identifies this as Claremont House, Esher, Surrey and sent this photo (Courtesy Heritage-Explorer) to confirm. admcri030 is also Claremont House with a closer view of the lights. (RL)

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More, Cilento and co. are shipwrecked on a deserted island.

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More serves breakfast.

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Frolicking in an inland pool. No rivers in Bermuda.

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I reckon those palm trees are dodgy.

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A potential rescue ship drifts into view. And this is a view from South Shore Park, Warwick, Bermuda.

But it's their original transport now empty.

image no 9

Stonehole Bay, Warwick Parish. SJ

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The cast in front of a back projection.

More by himself on the beach

image no 11

Stonehole Bay again. SJ

Continuing from above.

image no 12

Not the easiest match with the tide higher but the centre outcrop in the background is spot on. SJ

Same place as above.

image no 13

As above. SJ

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Maybe a studio but some eye-catching background.

More seashore

image no 15

The stack has gone but the rock on the left is there. Chaplin Bay just to the west of Stonehole Bay. SJ

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Another shot of the stately home.

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An interior, possibly a studio shot.

Another distinctive rock formation.

image no 18

The west side of Chaplin Bay. SJ

Panning right up the beach

image no 19

As above. SJ

And leading to More's kingdom.

image no 20

Following the same pan, this was it! SJ

Parker bangs the gong for breakfast.

image no 21

Same area now: look to Parker's left elbow. SJ

More beach views.

image no 22

Chaplin Bay with the same missing stack. SJ

Then at Chaplin Bay.

image no 23

Now at Chaplin Bay. SJ


image no 24

Ditto. SJ

Howes losing her aristocratic mien.

image no 25

Above Jobson's Bay looking east to Warwick Long Bay. SJ

A sheltered bay for a nice little dip.

image no 26

Jobson's Bay now, overgorwn but there's the jutting outcrop in the foreground to the left. SJ

image no 27

Jobson's Bay and few changes in this sheltered spot. SJ

A long shot of Jobson's Bay with some choice palm trees.

image no 28

Now at higher tide. SJ

image no 29

Cilento and More leave the stately home with everybody back in their assigned position in life. Mike Garfield identifies this as Claremont House, Esher, Surrey.

image no 30

The portico lights confirm, well done Mike. (RL)