Adventures of a Taxi Driver

Date: 1976
Director: Stanley A. Long
Production Company: Salon Productions

Stars: Barry Evans, Judy Geeson, Adrienne Posta, Diana Dors, Liz Fraser, Ian Lavender
Location(s): London



A London cab driver spends his day picking up women but runs into trouble when jewel thieves hijack his taxi.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson  

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image no 1

And now for the film . . . .

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A narrator tells of the life of cab drivers throughout the world as scenes featuring taxis are shown.

image no 2

Alan Draghi provides us with a wider and more recognisable shot of the Strand, London WC2 between Villers Street and Southampton Street WC2. (RL)

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Cabs are seen as they ply the streets of London. Neil Rigby identifies this as Victoria Station and the corner of Wilton Road, now re-developed. (RL)

image no 3

Alan Draghi sends us this shot of the location now pointing out that the white building in the centre, the Victoria Palace theatre, has survived the re-development of the area. (RL)

Waiting for a fare, Joe North (Barry Evans) sits reading in his taxi. In the background stands The Elgin public house at the corner of Elgin Avenue and Lanark Road in W9. The area was also used in 'Passport to Shame' and 'Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door'.

image no 4

Tris provides this view towards Lanark Road across the still extant taxi rank.

The narration goes on to explain that the cabbie has no prejudices.

image no 5

Neil Rigby, credited as NR for remaining info., found the location, Sutherland Avenue by Castellain Road, London W9 and this replaces his Google shot. SJ

The driver passes a man as he hails the cab . . . . only to stop a few yards on to pick up a pretty woman.

image no 6

Panning to left (NR). SJ

Taxis are seen carrying passengers all over London.

image no 7

But more specifically, Hamilton Terrace, London, NW8 Neil Rigby/Google. (RL)

Another street featuring another cab. This is Elgin Avenue in Maida Vale W9.

image no 8

The postbox has gone possibly in the road narrowing exercise. The Elgin pub, mentioned in 003, is on the right at the terrace end. SJ

The narrator continues, claiming that taxi drivers have fewer accidents than other drivers.

image no 9

Neil Rigby with the help of Google identifies the spot as Warrington Crescent, London, W9 (RL)

As a Rolls Royce attempts to overtake, a hand hails the taxi and the cabbie screeches to a halt.

image no 10

Rather more difficult to overtake in Warrington Crescent now. NR/Google. (RL)

After crashing into a bollard, the Rolls Royce Driver (Pete Walker) looks in disbelief as the taxi pulls away.

image no 11

NR found the spot: Warrington Hotel, Warrington Crescent, London W9. Replacing the google. SJ

A cab approaches the camera and comes to a stand.

image no 12

Castellain Road, London W9. NR/Google replaced. SJ

Joe drops a Gentleman at his destination and collects the fare.

image no 13

Also Castellian Road, London W9 NR/Google. (RL)

After breaking the fourth wall with a comment about the size of his tip, Joe drives away to find the next passenger. Neil Rigby places this as Castellain Road, London W9

image no 14

Looking north-west towards Sutherland Avenue. SJ

On another day, Joe drives off to work from outside the small basement flat where he lives with his mother, his thieving younger brother Peter and his little sister.

image no 15

Another location found by Neil with the help of Google. Blenheim Terrace, London NW8 (RL)

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As he cruises the streets, Joe takes in the sights.

image no 16

Another missing "now" from Alan, Hamilton Terrace, London NW8 and junction with Abercorn Place.

More scenery is taken in as the morning progresses.

image no 17

Edinburgh House and Falkirk House, Maida Vale, London NW8. NR points out that the postbox is still there. Google replaced. SJ

Streets and shops get busier and yes . . . more women are ogled. Well, it was the 1970s! This is Woolworths on Edgware Road W2 with the corner of Harrowby Street to the right. The premises are currently occupied by Waitrose.

image no 18

Looking south-east down Edgware Road. SJ

In the distance, Joe spots a likely customer and slows down. Baylis Road, London SE1 with the spire of Christ Church, now Oasis Church, to the right.

image no 19

The hoarding has gone and has been replaced by an extension to the park in this picture from Peter.

A young lady holds her arm out as the taxi draws near. Baylis Road with the Duke of Sussex public house on the road's former route to the left.

image no 20

Peter replicates the same scene.

Joe carries his fare to the requested destination . . . . the middle of Lambeth Bridge.

image no 21

Facing Millbank and Horseferry Road SW1 from Lambeth Bridge. Picture by Peter.

Linda (Jane Hayden) is talked down from the bridge and Joe takes her home. Lambeth Bridge with the Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament to the right of centre.

image no 22

Peter found that no one was contemplating the end when he visited.

When Linda's boyfriend turns up at the house and finds the pair in each other's arms, Joe makes his excuses and leaves as they argue. Opposite Alexander Street on Westbourne Park Road in W2.

image no 23

New door and steps. SJ

Following a series of questions from his girlfriend Carol (Adrienne Posta), Joe drives away with his belongings after leaving home.

image no 24

Neil finds this to be Blenheim Terrace looking towards Blenheim Road and supports with this Google shot. (RL)

Joe arrives in the mews where his pal Tom lives above his motor repair business. Prince's Mews off Hereford Road, London W2.

image no 25

The mews look narrower now! SJ

After Tom agrees to let him lodge for a couple of weeks, Joe gets back to work. Whitehall in SW1 with Nelson's Column in the distance and the statue of the Duke of Cambridge to the left. The famous road also appears in 'V for Vendetta', ‘Skyfall’, 'Gideon's Day', 'Come Play With Me' and 'The Body Stealers' amongst others.

image no 26

A clearer view along Whitehall in this picture by Peter.

Another passenger, another fare and another shot of the location from image 016. Edinburgh House, Maida Vale London NW8. See adtadr016n

image no 27

The base has been filled in. SJ

The busy day draws on.

image no 28

Another busy day for Neil finds Randolph Avenue, London W9 on Google, now replaced by SJ

  • 'Now' required

It's time to take a break and Joe swings his cab off the main road. Park Royal Road at the junction with Coronation Road in London NW10.

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The vehicle is brought to a stand outside a cafe. The bank in the background stands at the corner of Coronation Road and Abbey Road in Park Royal.

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After making arrangements for a date with the waitress, Joe leaves the cafe with his sausage bap. Looking out onto Abbey Road NW10.

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The morning after an eventful date with Dora, Joe is back at work.

Joe gets out of his cab with a parcel for Mrs. De Vere Barker.

image no 33

Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google. (RL)

A box containing a new dress is carried to the door.

image no 34

Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google, now replaced by SJ

The meter keeps on ticking whilst Joe is inside helping Mrs. De Vere Barker to try on her new dress.

image no 35

Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google. (RL)

Some time later, Joe leaves the house and notices the extortionate fare that has been clocked up.

image no 36

Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Joe thinks better of charging Mrs. De Vere Barker after their afternoon together.

Through hazy London streets, Joe heads to pick up Tom's girlfriend Nikki. Facing Parliament Square and Parliament Street from St. Margaret Street in SW1.

image no 38

Peter found a less hazy but more populated location.

After oddly passing The Unity public house at the corner of York Road and Chatfield Road in Battersea, Joe parks up outside the Soho club where Nikki and her friend Helga work as a strippers.

image no 39

Neil Rigby assures us that with no prior knowledge he found this comparative Google shot showing the changing face of Soho at 48 Dean Street which was also seen in 'Rude Boy'. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The day after Carol catches her boyfriend in bed with Helga, Joe helps Marion (Angela Scoular) with her packages after a shopping trip.

The two head to the front door of the large suburban house.

image no 41

This is a couple of doors east of 033 on the north side of Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google, replaced by SJ

  • 'Now' required

When Marion can't find her keys, Joe helps out by finding a way in through a back window. Neil Rigby identifies this as Springfield Road, London NW8

Harold (Brian Wilde) returns home unexpectedly. Neil Rigby identifies this as Springfield Road, London NW8

image no 43

Looking to the south side of Springfield Road. SJ

Without his clothes, Joe manages to escape from the house.

image no 44

Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google, replaced, showing the house on the right. The one on the left is seen above. SJ

Putting on the only clothing to be found in the cab, Joe drives away, heading west.

image no 45

Springfield Road, London NW8 NR/Google, replaced by SJ

With the meter off, Joe hurries home. Looking towards the corner of Randolph Avenue on Elgin Avenue W9.

image no 46

Looking west. SJ

Wearing only a jacket, Joe stops as a policeman helps an elderly lady across the road.

image no 47

Neil Rigby finds no such obstruction in this Google shot in Colville Road looking towards All Saints Church, Notting Hill. We believe Neil that the Church is behind the trees! (RL)

  • 'Now' required

A Vicar (Jack Haig) helps a Nun (Beatrice Shaw) into the waiting taxi before telling Joe to take her to St. Mary's Convent.

  • 'Now' required

When they arrive at the Convent, the Nun asks Joe to help with her cases. Outside Saint Mary of the Angels Church on Moorhouse Road in W2.

  • 'Now' required

Joe looks one way along the road . . . . Moorhouse Road in Bayswater.

. . . . . and then the other before getting out of his cab to assist. Facing Artesian Road from Moorhouse Road.

image no 51

Looking south. SJ

A police woman appears just as Joe waits naked from the waist down with the cases. Looking south on Moorhouse Road.

image no 52

Now. SJ

When she turns from the Convent door, the Nun watches bemused as Joe drives away without being paid. Saint Mary of the Angels Church, Bayswater.

image no 53

Nice big bollard in the way now. In case the door is rammed? SJ

  • 'Now' required

After obtaining clothes from home, Joe goes back on the road. Circa 14 The Broadway, Greenford, Middx.

  • 'Now' required

The latest fare turns out to be a Kidnapper (Lee Crawford) and his accomplices. 12 Ruislip Road, Greenford, Middx. to the left of Joe's face.

With a gun at his back, Joe is ordered to drive.

image no 56

........down Artesian Road looking towards Ledbury Road, London W2 according to Neil Rigby supported by Google. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

On the rear seat, two Hoodlums (David Auker and Andrew Secombe) sit either side of their Victim (Sue Vanner). By carefully following their route frame by frame Neil Rigby places this as Ruislip Road near Rectory Park Avenue. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Joe and the victim are taken onto waste ground where it's revealed that the kidnap has been a joke brought about by a bet. Further painstaking study by Neil Rigby places this looking at Highview (Block of Flats) on Byron Way, Northolt from either Rectory Park or Northolt Golf Club. (RL)

Female impersonator Bunny McQueen (Stephen Riddle) is picked up from outside the Pembridge Castle public house. Ledbury Road in Notting Hill W11.

image no 59

Tris provides this comparison adding that The Pembridge Castle is now Beach Blanket Babylon.

Another fare is carried across London.

image no 60

Neil Rigby, after considerable research, establishes the location as Millbank SW1 at the junction with Vauxhall Bridge Road and Ponsonby Terrace supporting this with a Google shot. The major changes to the properties have been well substantiated. (RL)

As a policeman deals with a car parked on double yellow lines, the passenger gets out of the cab and pays Joe. Facing north-east on Praed Street W2.

image no 61

Now. SJ

Alarm bells sound and two robbers flee from a jewellers. Praed Street in Paddington.

image no 62

Now more edible. SJ

The thieves spot Joe's taxi. Praed Street with the Clarence Memorial Wing of St. Mary's Hospital to the left.

image no 63

Nice empty street for once. SJ

The shop owner appears as the robbers are driven away after climbing into Joe's cab. The premises on Praed Street still stand.

image no 64

131 Praed Street. SJ

The police officer looks up to see the taxi disappear. Praed Street W2 with the junction of London Street and the Paddington Hilton in the centre distance.

image no 65

Rather a dark day. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Police in a patrol car receive a message about the robbery and to keep a look out for a black taxi.

The policemen watch through their windscreen as a stream of black cabs pass by. Identified by Alan Draghi as Down Street, London W1 looking towards Piccadilly and Green Park. (RL)

image no 67

The corner looks pretty much the same in Peter's modern view.

As the robbers look through the rear window, a police car passes going in the wrong direction.

image no 68

The view towards the junction of Hereford Road, Dawson Place and Princes Square with the Prince Edward public house at left. Picture by Tris.

One of the jewel thieves orders Joe to turn into a familiar mews. Looking towards Moscow Road on Hereford Road in Paddington.

image no 69

Quite a lot of renovation going on. SJ

The taxi is driven towards Tom's premises where his friend and his brother are waiting for their associates to return from the robbery. Prince's Mews in W2.

image no 70

Huge change to the mews house at the end. SJ

When he goes to leave the flat with Carol, Joe opens to door to find Inspector Rogers (Henry McGee) and Sergeant Jeeves (Charles Pemberton) outside. Looking out onto Prince's Mews.

image no 71

Looking west from the end of the mews. SJ

Following arrests and convictions, Joe leaves Wormwood Scrubs after visiting Tom in prison. Du Cane Road, London W12.

image no 72

Now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Having lost his accommodation when Tom was arrested, Joe gets into his cab to drive home to his mother's flat. Du Cane Road, White City.

Another day, another dollar as Joe sets out for another day's work after a terrible breakfast.

image no 74

Another Google Earth shot from Neil identifying Blenheim Terrace, London NW8

Things start to look up as, later that morning, Linda is picked up once again. Facing north on Baylis Road SE1 with the road access to Waterloo Station on the extreme left and properties formerly on Lower Marsh in the background.

image no 75

Peter found that some of the background buildings have been replaced.