Afraid of the Dark

Date: 1991
Director: Mark Peploe
Production Company: Les Films Ariane,Telescope Films,Ciné Cinq

Stars: James Fox, Fanny Ardant, Paul McGann, Clare Holman, Robert Stephens, Susan Wooldridge, David Thewlis
Location(s): Cambridgeshire, London

Region(s): ,


Reality starts to blur when a young boy expecting eye surgery becomes obsessed, believing that his mother, step-sister and neighbours are blind.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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Looking out from his bedroom window, Lucas watches a pair of Grave Diggers at work.

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After breakfast, Lucas Hardy (Ben Keyworth) stands at the front door as his father Frank (James Fox) is collected by an unmarked police car.

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The young lad eats a slice of toast as the car drives the Chief Superintendent away.

Lucas accompanies his blind mother Miriam (Fanny Ardant) to the clinic where she teaches a knitting class. The corner of Moorhouse Road and Artesian Road W2.

image no 4

The view towards the corner of Moorhouse Road from the junction with Artesian Road by Tris.

Miriam is led into the building by her son. The south entrance to St. Mary of the Angels church on Artesian Road in Westbourne Green.

image no 5

Including an unavoidable parked car, Tris provides an up to date shot of the entrance from Artesian Road.

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A Window Cleaner (Struan Rodger) peers through into the classroom where a group of blind people sit knitting and weaving. The view through the window above the south entrance to St. Mary of the Angels with the corner of Artesian Road and Needham Road to the left of centre and in the right distance a building at the corner of Needham Road and Westbourne Grove W11.

Lucas escorts Rose (Clare Holman) from the clinic. Artesian Road W2 at the junction with Needham Road W11.

image no 7

Taken by Tris from a similar position.

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Stopping off on the way to meet her fiancé Jim, Rose takes Lucas into a shop where ice creams are bought from the Newsagent (Niven Boyd). Looking out onto Needham Road.

Coming out of the shop, Lucas leads Rose to Tony Dalton's photographic studio. Facing north on Needham Road with the post box at the corner of Artesian Road.

image no 9

Today's view north along Needham Road towards Artesian Road by Tris.

While Rose waits inside the studio for Jim, Lucas leaves.

image no 10

Denis Hoare provides the location: Belsize Road NW6 opposite the Priory Tavern pub and supports with this Google Earth View. Belsize Road, he reminds us was also seen in 'Ooh, You Are Awful'. (RL)

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Lucas turns a corner, looking back before going to the rear of the studio to peer in through a broken window. Denis advises that this is the other side of the zebra crossing seen in Capture 10. (RL)

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When Jim arrives, Lucas leaves the studio and begins to follow Lucy Trent (Susan Wooldridge) from the clinic. The corner of Vereker Road and Perlham Road in W14.

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Lucy stops momentarily when she senses someone following her. Facing east on Perlham Road with the corner of Vereker Road to the left.

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Lucas watches the woman enter the building where she lives. Looking east on Perlham Road with the corner of Challoner Street ahead.

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An ambulance carries Lucy away after Lucas enters her flat and attacks her with a razor. The corner of Perlham Road and Challoner Street in West Kensington.

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From the other end of the road, Lucas looks towards the house where Lucy's lives as a police car departs. Looking along Perlham Road W14.

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When the Window Cleaner cycles past him in the street, Lucas runs to follow. Facing north-east on Old Brompton Road in SW5.

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The Window Cleaner stops and turns as Lucas is knocked down by a Boy running along the pavement. Outside the North Lodge of Brompton Cemetery on Old Brompton Road in Earl’s Court. The location is used in 'Johnny English'.

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Picking himself up, Lucas watches as the Window Cleaner continues on his way. Looking across Old Brompton Road to the corner of Kramer Mews.

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Carrying bags containing his photography equipment, Tony Dalton (Paul McGann) walks towards a nearby cemetery. North Lodge on Old Brompton Road.

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As Tony takes pictures, Lucas watches from the cemetery's colonnade. The Colonnade of the Great Circle in Brompton Cemetery off Fulham Road, Kensington SW10.

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A Nanny pushes a pram through the cemetery.

image no 22

And now suddenly we're in Kensal Green Cemetery, W10. The Mary Gibson Monument with the four angels is on Centre Avenue and also seen in "Three Steps to Heaven", but of course I forgot to turn around to snap shots from "Secret Ceremony." SJ

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Lucas heads for a mausoleum before a dog that he knows appears.

image no 23

A similar now and then appear in London Movie Guide, but under the wrong postcode of NW10. This is Patrick O'Brien's temple-tomb, now with a new roof. SJ

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Closing his eyes and talking to Toby as if he were a guide dog, Lucas walks through the gravestones towards "the tunnel". Kensal Green Cemetery on Harrow Road in Kensal Green W10 as seen in 'The Lady in the Van', 'Steptoe and Son Ride Again' and 'Look Back in Anger'.

image no 24

Not all that easy to find though the gasometer helped. This is south of the chapel, and quite close to a "Lady in the Van" shot. SJ

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Climbing over a wall, Lucas scrambles down a steep railway embankment before entering a tunnel. Glyn Horton advises that this is Wansford tunnel on the Nene Valley Railway in Cambridgeshire. (RL)

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At a nearby station, the tapping of a stick is heard. West Brompton station on the District Line between Earl’s Court and Fulham Broadway with the West London Line pasing through to the top right.

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Followed by an unknown Man, Meg (Sheila Burrell) walks down the footbridge steps onto the platform. West Brompton station on Old Brompton Road SW5.

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Lucas looks back as he walks deeper into the tunnel. Glyn advises that this is also Wansford tunnel on the Nene Valley Railway. (RL)

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Meg taps her white cane as she makes her way along the platform. Platform 2 at West Brompton station.

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A train enters the tunnel. Another view of the Wansford tunnel on the Nene Valley Railway says Glyn. (RL)

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Lucas flees from the tunnel as the train hides Meg's screams while passing through the station. Glyn believes that this could also be the Wansford tunnel on the Nene Valley railway. (RL)

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Children play on an abandoned car.

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After being told by a Little Girl that a woman covered in blood was crying at the underground station, Lucas runs from the scene.

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Lucas continues to run as he reaches familiar roads near the clinic.

Outside the clinic Lucas scares Rose when he collides with her. Looking north along Needham Road W11 towards Atresian Road W2.

image no 35

Looking north along Needham Road towards Artesian Road by Tris.

As the two walk together, Lucas wonders why the newsagent is closed. The premises stand on Needham Road between the corner of Pentagram Yard and the Cock & Bottle public house.

image no 36

Parked vehicles mar Tris's shot of the same frontage.

Rose says that the shop shouldn't be closed. Needham Road, opposite the Cock & Bottle.

image no 37

More parked cars in this shot of shops along Needham Road from Tris.

A little further along the road, the Newsagent appears walking towards his shop. Facing south on Needham Road with Westbourne Grove in the background.

image no 38

Tris captures the scene along Needham Road looking towards Westbourne Grove.

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As dusk falls, Lucas runs along a street. Perlham Road with the corner of Challoner Street to the right.

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The sequence sees the boy turn a corner to reach home.

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Climbing through his bedroom window that night, Lucas retraces his steps in reverse and returns to the broken window at the rear of Tony's studio.

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Now wearing his glasses, Lucas and his father Mr. Hardy the florist stand by as his pregnant Mother helps his step-sister Rose into her wedding car.

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The Rolls-Royce carries Rose and her family to church. Blythe Road W14 with Blythe House to the right and the roof of Olympia in the distance. The location was seen in ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’.

After the ceremony, Tony and Rose pose for pictures. In front of the west entrance to St. Mary of the Angels church on Moorhouse Road in W2.

image no 44

This shot from Tris shows changes to the entrance.

Tom Miller (David Thewlis) stands behind the camera that Tony has set to take the shot. On Moorhouse Road opposite the west entrance to St. Mary of the Angels church.

image no 45

The houses line the west side of Moorhouse Road. Picture by Tris.

Another one for the album. Outside west entrance to St. Mary of the Angels church in Westbourne Green.

image no 46

Less people around when Tris arrived.

After his glasses get broken, Lucas leaves the hall where the wedding reception is being held. The south entrance to St. Mary of the Angels church on Artesian Road W2.

image no 47

Tris captured this view of the entrance from Artesian Road.

Lucas walks toward the opticians shop. The junction of Artesian Road and Needham Road with the Cock & Bottle public house to the right.

image no 48

The Cock & Bottle is still going strong in this view by Tris, who lives not a million miles from the scene.

Guests assemble on the pavement as the happy couple prepare to leave the reception. Facing the south entrance to St. Mary of the Angels church from Needham Road.

image no 49

The entrance from Needham Road by Tris.

Collecting new glasses from the optician, Lucas watches the Austin A40 carry his step-sister and her husband off on their honeymoon. Needham Road with Westbourne Grove in the right background.

image no 50

Tris provides this view south along Needham Road towards Westbourne Grove.

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Making his way home, Lucas sees a Neighbour (Cassie Stuart) leave home with her new baby.

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Lucas steps nervously backward from the pavement to let the pram pass.

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The young lad reaches home where the Window Cleaner cheerily calls down to him.

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After buying an ice cream, Lucas heads home and waits for his Father to return from hospital where his Mother has given birth to a baby girl.