Alfie Darling

Date: 1975
Director: Ken Hughes
Production Company: Signal

Stars: Alan Price, Jill Townsend, Paul Copley, Joan Collins, Sheila White
Location(s): Haute-Normandie (France), Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): , ,


Up to his old womanizing ways, Alfie meets his match in a sophisticated magazine editor.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Driving from the ferry, Alfie's co-driver manoeuvres their articulated lorry towards customs. As well as their ships being used, the film also credits Normandy Ferries so this must be Le Havre in Upper Normandy as the P & O brand operated the route from Southampton to the French port until 1985.

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Alfie drives the rig through France on one of his regular runs. Pont de Tancarville crossing the Seine near Tancarville in Normandy.

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With the weather deteriorating, Alfie pulls into a roadside restaurant. This is Auberge du Relais on Route Nationale 13, Écardenville-la-Campagne to the south-west of Le Neubourg in Haute-Normandie.

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Alfie Elkins (Alan Price) and his co-driver Bakey (Paul Copley) head to the front door of the truck-stop where the cheeky northerner attempts to chat up Abigail Summers, an editor returning from an assignment. Auberge du Relais on the D613 in Écardenville-la-Campagne.

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The following morning, Bakey checks over the lorry as Pierre (Roger Lumont) and Alfie emerge from the building. Auberge du Relais in Écardenville-la-Campagne.

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Pierre's wife Louise (Rula Lenska) watches as Alfie and Bakey set off in the rain. Outside Auberge du Relais on Route Nationale 13, Écardenville-la-Campagne.

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The weather clears as Bakey drives the Volvo F88 through Normandy towards Rouen.

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The camera pans with the lorry.

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As Bakey drives past a petrol station, Alfie leans from the passenger seat to get a better view of Abby as she pulls out of the forecourt in her red Triumph Spitfire.

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Having flirted on the road with the blonde Abby, Alfie and Bakey eventually arrive at their destination. This is on Île Lacroix, an island located on the Seine to the east of Rouen, Normandy.

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The Depot Supervisor tells Alfie that he is scheduled to depart at six the next morning. Quai du Cours la Reine on the Île Lacroix with the spire of Rouen Cathedral in the left distance. Much of this area is now occupied by the Mathilde Bridge.

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The two men take time out before the following day's journey back to Le Havre. The junction of Rue du Gros-Horloge and Rue Massacre with the archway that carries Le Gros Horloge, Rouen's fourteenth-century astronomical clock, in the background.

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The view changes to a longer shot as Alfie chases after two girls passing by. Looking roughly eastward along Rue du Gros-Horloge in Rouen. To the top can be seen Le Gros-Horloge or Great Clock.

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Alfie drives the rig away from the docks after the pair arrive back in England. Town Quay, Southampton with the entrance to the Royal Pier on the extreme right. The area was also used for 'Stranger in the House' and a closer view of the Town Wall can be seen in 'John and Julie'.

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The camera pans with the articulated lorry. Western Esplanade in Southampton, Hampshire with St. Michael's Church to the left. The road layout has since been altered.

En route to London, Alfie calls in on the widow of his former workmate.

image no 16

The "ink is barely dry" and Jules Ballantyne has come up with the location, Woodhall Lane, Shenley which she supports with this Google Earth extract. (RL)

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Journey's end sees Alfie and Bakey arrive back at the depot. The yard appears to belong to Bullens Ltd., a transport company with premises on Elstree Way in Borehamwood . . . . . just next door to the studio where this film was based.

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While Bakey deals with the paperwork, Alfie calls Fay to arrange an evening with her. Bullens also had a depot on Western Avenue in W3.

Alfie turns into the road where Bakey lives after giving him a lift home. Looking from Malvern Place NW6 towards Malvern Road with Craik Court on Carlton Vale in the right background.

image no 19

A greener place to live these days. (PW)

Bakey runs into the building as his Mother calls down to him. This is Kilburn House on Malvern Place in Queens Park NW6.

image no 20

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

Driving south over the river, Alfie heads home to his flat. Westminster Bridge in SE1 with the House of Parliament taking up the background.

image no 21

A less sporty-looking vehicle. SJ

The womanising lorry driver heads indoors to freshen up. This is Bourne Terrace in W2 with Gaydon House to the left and Brinklow House on Harrow Road in the right distance.

image no 22

Remodelling, bollards gone, trees flourishing. SJ

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With his Pontiac Firebird parked in the street outside, Alfie spends the night with Fay while her Husband is away in Birmingham.

Determined to date Abby, Alfie visits the publishing company where she works. Looking out from Millbank Tower SW1 at the River Thames and buildings on Albert Embankment beyond.

image no 24

Lots of new building on the Albert Embankment. SJ

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Carrying the manifest for a load to Trieste, Bakey tells his mate about a girl that he met over the weekend before Alfie feigns a back injury to get out of the trip.

After going home to change, Alfie returns to the publishing house and waits until Abigail Summers (Jill Townsend) leaves work. The ground floor of Millbank Tower on Millbank.

image no 26

Now. SJ

The sophisticated magazine editor gets into her sports car. Beneath Millbank Tower in London SW1.

image no 27

The steps have sprouted forward. SJ

The Spitfire is driven out onto the roadway. Looking north on Millbank.

image no 28

Now, a post-box has appeared. SJ

A change of angle sees Alfie sitting in his car just along the street. Millbank with Millbank Tower to the right.

image no 29

An empty road for once. SJ

Not too far behind, Alfie follows Abby as she drives away. Millbank SW1 with the Victoria Tower of the Palace of Westminster straight ahead and the corner of Thorney Street to the left.

image no 30

This shot shows how clever the post-box has been to leap several yards south. SJ

Abby tows Alfie back to her apartment block when his car won't start after a playful car chase. Lords View on St John's Wood Road NW8.

image no 31

'Owzat for little change. SJ

Getting out of her Spitfire, Abby walks back towards Alfie. Outside Lord's View.

image no 32

Bit of filling in here though along with some gardening. SJ

The cocky philanderer gets what he wants when Abby asks him inside. Lord's View stands opposite Lord's Cricket Ground in St John's Wood.

image no 33

And this is where Price's car has taken root. SJ

Following a disastrous evening, Alfie finds Abby at work in Hyde Park. The Pergola, or new Serpentine, Restaurant off Serpentine Road, south of Serpentine Bridge in Hyde Park, London W2.

image no 34

Roughly where this much-missed Pergola was. SJ

Alfie watches the Travel World editor direct a photo-shoot. The Pergola Restaurant was demolished in 1990 and was also seen in 'Theatre of Blood' and 'Robbery'.

image no 35

Looking onto the main road through Hyde Park. SJ

After persuading Abby to walk with him, Alfie apologises, telling her that he's never met anyone like her before. This is Hyde Park's Long Water with Serpentine Bridge in the background.

image no 36

The same location taken by Peter.

Abby watches as Alfie's kinder side shows through when he rescues a young boy's boat from the water. Alongside Long Water with the tower of Hyde Park Barracks in the left distance.

image no 37

Peter found that the swans wanting feeding.

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Back on the road in France, Alfie has a ploy worked out to enable him to meet up with Abby.

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Before collecting a hire car, Alfie calls the boss to tell him that the lorry has broken down.

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Alfie drives to Honfleur at the mouth of the River Seine. This is looking across Le Claire towards the Old Pier from Quai Sainte-Etienne in Honfleur, Lower Normandy.

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Getting out of the car, Alfie spots Abby across the small harbour. The Old Pier off Quai Sainte-Catherine.

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Abby stands up from her table and waves at Alfie. In the background stands Café de l'Hôtel de Ville at the corner of Quai Saint-Etienne and Rue Geneviève Seydoux in Honfleur, Normandy.

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As the couple embrace and walk together the camera pulls back to reveal a panorama of La Claire. The old harbour is surrounded by Quai Sainte-Etienne and Quai Sainte-Catherine in Honfleur, France.

Back in London, the Photographer prepares to take a shot of the happy couple at Bakey and Gloria's wedding. Rowington Close in Paddington W2 with Dartington House as the backdrop.

image no 44

The north-east end of Dartington House taken on Rowington Close. SJ

A steel band provides the music outside the church. The background is filled by St. Mary Magdalene church.

image no 45

The sign has since moved: a much-loved location. SJ

Alfie and Abby congratulate the newly weds as Gloria (Minah Bird) smiles at her husband. Rowington Close, Paddington.

image no 46

Down there was an interior for Les Misérables (qv). SJ

Rather than have them catch the train, Alfie offers to drive Bakey and Gloria to their honeymoon on the south coast. Rowington Close in W2 with St. Mary Magdalene school in the right background.

image no 47

Now. SJ

The guests wave as the four set off for Brighton. Rowington Close in Paddington with St. Mary Magdalene church on the right. The location was seen in 'The Blue Lamp', 'Innocent Meeting' and 'Secret Ceremony'.

image no 48

And also 'The Boys', 'Spare the Rod', 'Violent Playground', 'The End of the Affair (1999)' and 'Doctor Sleep'. Very popular indeed. SJ

It's three in the morning when Alfie runs from the hotel after Abby leaves. The entrance to the Hotel Metropole on King's Road, Brighton in East Sussex. The location was seen in 'Genevieve'.

image no 49

A daytime shot of the Hilton Brighton Metropole entrance now. SD

Abby's taxi disappears into the night. Facing east on King's Road in Brighton with the multi-coloured Roto-Sphere to the right of centre.

image no 50

A dull and wet daytime shot. The Roto-Sphere and most of the lights have now gone. SD

Outside his flat, Norma (Sheila White) speaks with neighbour Claire (Annie Ross) while Abby visits the bedridden lothario. Through the window of Gaydon House to the extreme right is the church of St. Mary Magdalene.

image no 51

Taken from ground level. SJ

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After being cured of his back injury by Claire, Alfie hurries to Heathrow Airport to catch Abby before she flies out to Rome. Outside the Queen's Building with Terminal 1 in the background. The location was seen in 'Quest for Love',

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Alfie heads to the observation deck. C. Chanbars advises that this is inside the now demolished Terminal One at Heathrow Airport in Hounslow, Middlesex. The Escalator once led from the Domestic Arrivals area to the Domestic Baggage reclaim area below.

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Calling down to Abby that he'll meet her when she returns, she shouts back that she loves him. Heathrow's observation deck was seen in 'Three Hats for Lisa'.

The following day, Alfie leaves his flat and takes time to play a little football before setting off to meet Abby. The entrance to Gaydon House on Bourne Terrace W2 with the Westway in the distance. The area was also seen in 'The Strange Affair', 'The Sandwich Man' and 'Robbery'.

image no 55

Westway barely visible as the trees have exploded in growth. SJ

Alfie drives through town on the way to the airport. Looking towards Bruton Lane from Berkeley Square in London's Mayfair. The square was also seen in 'Go to Blazes', '11 Harrowhouse' and 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square'.

image no 56

Peter provides this comparison.

A Traffic Warden eyes Alfie's car as he parks before entering a florist. Berkeley Square in W1. The building with Moyses Stevens florist on the ground floor, has since been demolished and replaced.

image no 57

The same redeveloped plot taken by Peter.

Feeling really happy, Alfie gives a flower to the Traffic Warden before driving away. Berkeley Square once again.

image no 58

Peter found the same trees in this more up to date view.

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Hearing a radio news report about an air crash, Alfie pulls up outside a newsagent.

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Alfie reads the newspaper to discover more about the flight to Rome that crashed in Kent on the previous evening.