All Neat in Black Stockings

Date: 1968
Director: Christopher Morahan
Production Company: Miron

Stars: Victor Henry, Susan George, Jack Shepherd, Clare Kelly
Location(s): London



A window cleaner with great taste pursues Susan George.

Additional Information:

Stills by SJ.


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  • 'Now' required

A hospital.

  • 'Now' required

A house being refurbished or prepared for demolition.

  • 'Now' required

Industrial-looking. See gas holder on the right...This is Wandsworth Gas works. Now replaced by the waste disposal. This is the opposite end of anbs004. Carl McGlinchey

The railway overbridge over what is now Smuggler's Way, Wandsworth, London, facing south. Identified by Marc Maitland. With a passing train.

image no 4

Smugglers Way, Wandsworth and a little Google, Adrian Wild. Lorry exit now moved.

  • 'Now' required

York Road, Wandsworth, facing north east. Marc Maitland.

  • 'Now' required

Panning from anbs005. York Road, a little further on from previous shot. Marc Maitland.

V. Henry picks up S. George.

image no 7

This is 20 Collamore Avenue, Earlsfield, SW18 spotted by Alan F and taken by SJ (10/8/15). Same door, same colour: impressive. SJ

Quite a distinctive corner... 2018 update: Rebecca D'Monte remembers the shop being Shillings, a chemist and watched the filming from her piano teacher's house.

image no 8

Adrian Grepnold discovered this as All Farthing Lane, London SW18 and he was right as usual. SJ.

A corner.

image no 9

All Farthing Lane and Barmouth Road, no longer a junction for road traffic. SJ/AG.

Same corner.

image no 10

Killarney Road and Barmouth Road. AG/SJ.

And again. Can the roadsign be read?

image no 11

Much the same as anbs010. SJ/AG.

Opposite anbs007.

image no 12

More centre of town. Labour Exchange?

image no 13

Kingwood Road SW6, at the junction with Wyfold Road. Too late to catch the original building, but not by much. The original is still visible on Bing Maps aerial pictures. Alan Field

Bluey Zatoff sends this additional screen grab of Jack Shepherd in Branksea Street off Fulham Palace Road. (RL)

image no 14

Bluey sends this Google Image from behind where Jack was standing to support, saying, that Branksea Street has now been virtually been absorbed into a local school. The wall down the righthand side of the pathway is that to the right of Jack in the still. (RL)

Definitely central but could be anywhere.

image no 15

It could be anywhere but actually it is 33 Westbourne Terrace, London W2 although this facade is on Craven Road. (RL)

An underpass. Queen Caroline Street, leading up to The Broadway, Hammersmith?

image no 16

Yes, there it is with new lights and new coat of paint. 12/07/11. SJ. John Orr adds that this had disappeared by 2012 so we got there just in time. (SJ)

Westway or Hammersmith flyover? I can confirm that this is Hammersmith flyover, as you said. This scene was filmed at 26 Fulham Palace Road, W6 9PH. In Google Maps street view option "...chand Clothing" at number 28 is now "Spanish Tapas Bar", "Mr John" at number 26 is now an empty shop, and "Tip Top" at number 24 is now "El Paso Mexicana". Greg doing some serious sleuthing, excellent work, well done. Adrian Grepnold confirms that this is Hammersmith Flyover. Top end of Fulham Palace Road. The parade of shops is still there but no other buildings.

image no 17

Google Maps Street View, found by Greg, our super sleuth. Copyright Google Maps..

As above

image no 18

Now. SJ

Tilting to left of anbs016.

image no 19

Seety street view, also tracked down by the ever enthusiastic Greg. Copyright

As above

image no 20

Now. SJ

Now this is familiar territory, and it's still standing unlike the part of the street in The Leather Boys. Seriously well sleuthed. Well done, Simon. JT.

image no 21

Looking much the same. SJ.

Yes it's Southolm Street. London SW11.

image no 22

And panning left. SJ.

A distinctive hue of blue..."The Ship pub, Jews Row, Wandsworth is, in fact, just a few streets away from Smuggler's Way (anbs004), which makes sense." This info comes from Nick Cooper who is writing a book on London Underground appearances in film and tv to follow up Underground during the War - now available!

image no 23

Nick has sent in this Google Image extract to support his identification whilst he continues with his next book. (RL)

Bluey Zatoff send this additional still of the cafe that Jack enters on the corner of Allfarthing Lane and St Anne's Crescent, London SW18

image no 24

Bluey supports with this Google Image. (RL)