Amazing Grace

Date: 2006
Director: Michael Apted
Production Company: FourBoys Films, Walden Media, Bristol Bay Productions

Stars: Ioan Gruffudd, Romola Garai, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Gambon, Albert Finney, Rufus Sewell, Youssou N'Dour, Ciaran Hinds, Tobey Jones
Location(s): Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Wiltshire

Region(s): , , ,


Not to be confused with The Amazing Grace, though the hymn’s author John Newton appears in both, this is the story of William Wilberforce and his battle to abolish slavery. SJ

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Oops, a bit dark. Gruffudd's pad, but just the front. Trafalgar Park/House, so of Salisbury, Wiltshire. Also seen in Sense and Sensibility and 28 Days Later.

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The RNC at Greenwich, London SE10.

image no 3

Queen Mary's Court. SJ

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image no 5

Not the most convincing matches in the world. SJ

Gruffudd and Garai become acquainted.

image no 6

Same chips in the column, which seals it. SJ

A church at Chatham Historic Docks, Kent, transformed into the House of Commons.

image no 7

The Dockyard Church. Sorry about the dark. SJ

Gruffudd in the grounds of Chettle House, Chettle, near Blandford Forum in Dorset.

image no 8

Clive Rideout sends this shot of the house and garden wishing that he could have been but the dogs apparently "looked a bit quick!". (RL)

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On the way to see Finney.

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Gruffudd approaches Finney's church once he's dealt with the chap on the stairs.

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An interior: this may be one of the aisles of St Bart's London EC1.

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Possibly Balls Park.

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This may be Balls Park, Herts. Gruffudd and Garai became greater acquainted.

An early morning run with the prime minister, Gruffudd and Cumberbatch at Chettle House.

image no 14

Had Clive been a little earlier he reckons he would have caught all the heavy-breathing. (RL)

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Gloucester Historic Docks, Gloucestershire

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The tall ships of Gloucester Docks.

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Another shot of the docks.

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Gruffudd in an unidentified street.

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Gruffudd back with Finney in St Bart's.

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An as yet unidentified bridge.

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A rainy and dark Gloucester Docks.

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Another shot, just to make a location trip there worthwhile. Also seen in Vanity Fair and TV's The Onedin Line.

Looks like the house at West Wycombe Park in Buckinghamshire.

image no 23

A slightly closer view to make sure. (PW)

A game of golf with an interesting background. Ian Davidson advises that this is West Wycombe Park. The same building was seen in 'The Music Lovers', 'Give My Regards to Broad Street' and 'The Black Cat'.

image no 24

Looks the same to me. (PW)

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Piping Amazing Grace in front of Westminster Abbey, London SW1.

image no 26

Now. SJ

Camera tilts.

image no 27

Also tilting. SJ