American Werewolf in London, An

Date: 1981
Director: John Landis
Production Company: American Werewolf Inc

Stars: David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne, John Woodvine, Brian Glover, Rick Mayall, Frank Oz, David Schofield, Don McKillip, Paul Kember
Location(s): London, Surrey, Wales

Region(s): , ,


Two American tourists are attacked by a werewolf in Yorkshire and when the one survivor recovers in London, he finds he has inherited some lycanthropic tendencies. SJ

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Dunne and Naughton in Wales. Nigel Taylor was able to be more specific and correctly identified this spot as being adjacent to the Hay Bluff Car Park on the Black Mountains in the county of Powys.

image no 1

Only just, as it's near the border with England. Hay Bluff area southeast of Lanigon, Powys. This looks south. SJ/Google

Coming across a North Yorkshire Moor village the fictitious "East Proctor" known in real life as Crickadarn in central Wales off the A470.

image no 2

Brother Robin (RJ) didn't want to trespass, or, er, walk up the hill, so here's a reverse POV. RJ

Approaching from the south.

image no 3

Now. RJ

Close-up of Naughton

image no 4

Close-up of door. RJ

Leaving the Slaughtered Lamb.

image no 5

And pass a garage door.

image no 6

The garge door is still blue. RJ

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Then Princess Beatrice Hospital, Finborough Road, London SW10 now a hostel with thanks to Tony Reeves. Woodvine is interviewed by McKillip and Kember. The outside of the building was seen in 'Child in the House'.

St. Luke's Church, Redcliffe Gardens, SW10

image no 8

Taken in the same season. SJ

Agutter and Naughton outside 64 Coleherne Road, SW10

image no 9

Now. SJ

Another shot of the same location as amwere001, Welsh hills.

image no 10

Another Google/SJ. Still cloudy.

Entering the village from the east.

image no 11

Nicer day. RJ

Blurred shot of Woodvine.

image no 12

One of two churches in the village. This one is the Hebron Congregational Chapel. RJ

Woodvine heads for the Slaughtered Lamb.

image no 13

Another shot taking in the statue.

image no 14

The "Angel of Death" statue was just a prop. RJ

Woodvine braves the rain.

image no 15

Now. RJ

More rain. Umbrella in hand, why didn't he use it? Spotted by sharp eyed Paul Weir.

image no 16

Now. RJ

At the time the "pub" was an empty cottage and rather looked it. The interiors were in The Black Swan, Effingham, Surrey where Performance was also filmed.

image no 17

Occupied now. RJ

Ah, he's got an umbrella now. Did he lift it from the pub? No, he had it in 016, Paul Weir found it.

image no 18

Charming. RJ

Close-up of Woodvine.

image no 19

Nice bright red gate to churchyard. RJ

Now, Schofield's standing in the other church's yard. St. Mary's to be precise.

image no 20

Had to get closer as the vegetation is winning. RJ

Woodvine enters the churchyard: note the crates outside the "pub."

image no 21

Much undergrowth. RJ

Following Woodvine.

image no 22

Church sign and wall still intact. RJ

Woodvine and Schofield.

image no 23

Now. RJ

Glover is not best pleased.

image no 24

Now: a lot prettier. RJ

Schofield flees from the Glover look.

image no 25

Real tombstones. RJ

Woodvine has learned enough.

image no 26

More gravestones. RJ

Naughton back on Coleherne Road, SW10

image no 27

No change, so to speak given what's about to happen to Naughton. SJ

Geoffrey Burridge and Brenda Cavendish up in Hampstead, NW3

image no 28

Slightly posher looking now with embellishments. SJ

They round the side of the "Pryors," East Heath Road, opposite Well Walk, NW3

image no 29

The north side of The Pryors. SJ

And round the back onto Hampstead Heath.

image no 30

A CCTV camera now guards against further werewolves. SJ

Christopher Scoular looks for his dinner guests while Mary Tempest looks out of the window.

image no 31

Now: the heath side of The Pryors unchanged. SJ

Tramps Sydney Bromley, Frank Singuineau, Will Leighton on the old Pool of London set but the warehouses are long gone as is the open space now filled by the London Assembly SE1. A similar view was seen in 'Mission: Impossible'.

image no 32

Peter provides a daytime shot from nearly the right place!

Michael Carter at Tottenham Court Road tube station, not Aldwych for once. Same cream and green tiles though. He is on the Northern line

image no 33

Eli Perl provides this comparison.

  • 'Now' required

Regent's Park zoo, London NW1. Naughton is naked behind the tree.

  • 'Now' required

There he is.

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Rufus Deakin with the balloons.

Naughton grabs a coat on the Mappin Terraces, a zoo film location favourite.

image no 37

Nearly the right angle. SJ

Woodvine reads the next day headlines.

image no 38

From the north west side of Putney Bridge looking south. A temporary google image provided to back up, sent in, with thanks, by Abi Abiri (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

This bus-stop may be Prince Albert Road, NW1, as it's close to the zoo.

Naughton and Agutter.

image no 40

Location found by Paul. Taken by SJ at Wilton Crescent SW1. A fascinating story lies here.

No 35 just left of post-box above.

image no 41

Change of door, change of the number 35, change of motor. Wilton Crescent. SJ

Before the National Gallery road was pedestrianised, Trafalgar Square, WC2. Agutter chases after Naughton from taxi.

image no 42

Now. SJ

In the square, one of the most photographed in the world.

image no 43

So let's keep snapping. Canada House in the background. SJ

Insulting things British to an officer (Peter Ellis) by the Landseer lions at the base of Nelson's Column with a view of St Stephen's down Whitehall.

image no 44

No longer St Stephen's but the Elizabeth Tower to celebrate the diamond jubilee, but I reckon it will always be called Big Ben. SJ

Naughton in the phone box in Piccadilly Circus, W1

image no 45

No phone box, surely never was: too noisy. SJ

A deteriorating Dunne inviting Naughton in to "See You Next Wednesday" on the Shaftesbury Avenue section of Piccadilly Circus, W1. The old Eros, also a news theatre in Passport to Pimlico.

image no 46

Hmmm, roughly here. I think a bit more to the left. Now a Gap store, which I seem to have missed. SJ

Mayhem in Piccadilly Circus intercut with the odd studio shot, as the werewolf runs amok.

image no 47

Now, showing clearly further repositioning of the Angel of Christian Charity or the Greek god Anteros or even, far more popularly, his brother Eros nevertheless still aiming to bury his shaft down Shaftesbury Avenue (geddit? but sadly maybe an apocryphal story). SJ

Now in SE1. Winchester Walk and its neighbour Clink Street, both in the Borough area, are often cited.

image no 48

A google shot sent in by Neil Pentecost which at last pinpoints this shot. This is directed west along Clink St at the top of Stoney St.

Agutter in the alley. Have the SE1 streets been widened since? Or did they close off the west end of Clink Street which is quite narrow? Neil Pentecost thinks this is looking east along Clink Street with the Golden Hind being on the other side of the building but the area has been redeveloped.

image no 49

Peter provides this comparison of the redesigned location.

Agutter further down the street for the climax. The location also features in 'The London Nobody Knows', 'The Elephant Man' and 'Murder by Decree'.

image no 50

Barely recognisable buildings in Peter's modern view of Clink Street.