Angela’s Ashes

Date: 1999
Director: Alan Parker
Production Company: David Brown Productions, Dirty Hands, Scott Rudin

Stars: Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle, Joe Breen, Ciaran Owens, Michael Legge
Location(s): County Cork, County Dublin, County Limerick, County Wicklow (Ireland)



The story of young boy and his family as they try against all odds to escape the poverty endemic in the slums of pre-war Limerick.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Shots of The Lanes are shown during the titles. Although in Limerick, the streets are sets.

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A set depicting The Lanes where Frank McCourt spent much of his childhood.

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The titles continue with another shot of the damp and dire conditions.

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Establishing shot of Limerick across the River Shannon where most of the film is set. Clancy's Strand looking towards King John's Castle, City of Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland.

After returning from America, the McCourt family arrive in Ireland.

image no 5

Cobh, Co. Cork. View from appropriately named West View. The spire of St Colman's Cathedral just visible on extreme left. Peter Brown.

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Angela McCourt (Emily Watson), her husband Malachy (Robert Carlyle) and children including Frankie (Joe Breen) and young Malachy (Shane Murray-Corcoran) climb the hill from the docks. Fiona O. advises that it was her children who played the twins and that this hill is looking towards Pearse's Square from Lower Midleton Street in Cobh, County Cork.

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The McCourts set out for Dublin by bus. The bridge between Cobh and Fota Island with Belvelly Castle to the right.

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The Dublin bound bus passes over a bridge. The Cork Road bridge between Cobh and Fota with the Martello Tower in the background.

Another bus arrives as the McCourt family gather in a Dublin bus station in pre Busáras days. Tony Bird advises that this is inside the old Iveagh Market located on Francis Street in Dublin. The opening behind the bus leads onto Dean Swift Square near it's junction with Lamb Alley.

image no 9

Mark o'Neill was refused entry so he and we have to be satisfied with a reverse shot from outside. Thanks for trying! (RL)

Malachy carries young Malachy from the bus station. This exit from the Iveagh Market leads out to Dean Swift Square in Dublin 8. Information from Tony Bird.

image no 10

Mark witnesses building work in progress. (RL)

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Malachy is refused pension money from the IRA. Unidentified location.

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Frankie's father tells a story as they walk back to the rest of the family. Unknown location.

The McCourt family arrive in Limerick. Pearse railway station, Westland Row, Dublin 2.

image no 13

Alterations inside the station have left this area as a car park. (PW)

A slightly different angle from the previous image sees passengers alighting. Pearse railway station in Dublin.

image no 14

The gate line now cuts through the scene. (PW)

The family head for a house on Windmill Street in Limerick.

image no 15

Keith McCormack identifies this as Gerald Griffin Avenue, Cork and sends in this Google image to support. See also angas036. (RL)

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It's night time as the children are woken from sleep by fleas in the mattress. Farren Street in Cork.

Malachy beats fleas from the mattress outside on Windmill Street. Facing the corner of Wrixon's Lane and Farren Street, Cork.

image no 17

The roads are now known as Straw Hall and this is the same place in daylight. (PW)

The yard's gates are closed as Malachy arrives with a docket for coal. Lána Theach An tSiúcra (Sugar House Lane), Dublin 8.

image no 18

Mark reveals that very serious work is underway. (RL)

Malachy and Frankie return home as poor folk pick dropped coal from the road. Rainsford Street in Dublin. The tracks belong to the defunct Guinness Brewery narrow gauge railway.

image no 19

The building has changed little even if the road has. Mark was, like us all, guided by parked vehicles. (RL)

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The funeral cortege of Oliver McCourt passes through the streets. Unidentified location.

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The cortege continues along the street.

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Oliver is laid to rest. Unknown location.

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After the funeral, Frankie's father spends what money they have on drink. Barrack Street in Cork.

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Frankie gets into a fight at school. Unknown location.

Young Frank McCourt waits in the street whilst his father drinks in a pub. The Crescent in Limerick with the O'Connell Monument in the background.

image no 25

David Ahern captures a rather less desperate scene. (RL)

Another funeral as Oliver's twin brother Eugine dies. The Crescent, Limerick .

image no 26

A different type of horse power is now evident from David's shot. (RL)

Frankie and Malachy run home in the pouring rain. Unknown location.

image no 27

Keith McCormack advises that the flight of steps are off Lower John Street, Cork and called Carrolls Hill. The doorway on the left was hidden for the purposes of filming. (RL)

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Malachy McCourt looks for work without success. Unidentified location.

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Frankie and his friends go to the Lyric Cinema. Unidentified location.

Frankie's school class cross the street on their way to church. The Crescent near the junction with Barrington Street, Limerick.

image no 30

David captures a less active scene. (RL)

Aunt Aggie (Pauline McLynn) and Grandma Sheehan (Ronnie Masterson) walk with the McCourts to attend Frankie's Communion. The Crescent in Limerick again.

image no 31

David's clear view unfortunately obscured by parking. (RL)

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The family head for the church. An Corrán i Luimneach (The Crescent, Limerick).

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The congregation leave the church after Communion. Unknown location.

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A horse and cart passes Grandma Sheehan's house. Unidentified location.

An older Frank (Ciaran Owens) complains to his mother as she takes him to Irish Dancing classes.

image no 35

Keith McCormack advises that this is Hodders Lane, Cork now redeveloped save for the old house and part of the wall at the top left of the lane way.(RL)

Frankie kicks a football in the street.

image no 36

Keith McCormack identifies this as Gerald Griffin Avenue and send in this Google image to support. It looks as if the door at the end is still red. See also angas015. (RL)

Malachy takes Frankie to become an altar boy. The Crescent, Limerick.

image no 37

David had to avoid parked cars to secure this shot. And they were on a double yellow line! (RL)

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Father and son wait for a priest to open the door. Unidentified location.

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The pair walk away after being told that there is no room. Unknown location.

Frankie follows his father and pleads with him not to spend money on drink. Coming out of Tower Street onto Barrack Street, Cork.

image no 40

A closer view of the corner. (PW)

Malachy tells Frankie to go home. Facing south-west on Barrack Street.

image no 41

The same street, looking a little more colourful. (PW)

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The class from school pass the Our Lady of Liberty public house. Unknown location.

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Frankie looks up at the Statue of Liberty outside the pub. An unknown location with no help from the painted out street sign.

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Another rainy day in Limerick. Unknown location.

Angela and the children see Malachy off as he goes to England to find work. Dublin Pearse railway station.

image no 45

Looking back at the train shed. With thanks to David of Irish Rail at Pearse station for assistance in obtaining images of the location.

After their father departs, Angela takes the children home. The ramp onto Sandwith Street Upper from Pearse station in Dublin.

image no 46

The same ramp. With thanks to David at Pearse station. (PW)

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A group of poor women wait outside the priest's house for leftovers. Unidentified location.

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Frank spots his mother outside the priest's house waiting for charity. Unknown location.

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Frankie waits as his mother borrows from moneylender Mrs. Finucane (Eileen Pollock). Unknown location.

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Angela McCourt walks home with her son. Unknown location.

After the shame of seeing his mother beg and borrow, Frankie gets a job helping a coalman. Grúdlann Gheata Naomh Séamuis, Sráide Marcus Rainsford, Baile Átha Cliath.

image no 51

Mark's shot reveals that at least one railway track remains in the road. (RL)

Frankie runs alongside Mr Hannon (Shay Gorman), the coalman. Rainsford Street, Dublin.

image no 52

Mark was unlikely to capture a coalman during his visit. (RL)

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Frankie and Hannon deliver coal. Unidentified location.

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More coal is carried. Unknown location.

After a hard and dusty days work, Hannon and Frankie head for the pub. Clancy's Strand, Limerick.

image no 55

With thanks to David Ahern. (RL)

Frankie runs home with his wage. The Crescent in Limerick.

image no 56

The same location now from David. (RL)

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Frankie feels like a man after being called Frank by Mr Hannon. Unconfirmed location.

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Frank continues to deliver coal until conjunctivitis forces him to stop. Unidentified location.

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The family wait but Malachy McCourt doesn't return. Dublin Pearse railway station. The station and the ramp to Sandwith Street were also seen in 'Johnny Nobody'.

Malachy finally returns home at Christmas but soon leaves and is not seen again.

image no 60

Keith McCormack advises that this is Wrixons Lane, Cork and send this picture to support. (RL)

After being evicted from their home in The Lanes, the McCourts move in with Angela's cousin, Laman Griffin, on the story's Rosbrien Road.

image no 61

In reality, Roche's Buildings, Cork. (PW)

Frank (Michael Legge) returns to the house after emptying Laman's chamber pot. Roche's Buildings off Goldsmith's Avenue in the north of the city.

image no 62

This time, on a chilly but bright morning. (PW)

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Angela takes Frank to the Christian Brothers to see if there are any educational opportunities for him. Unknown location.

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Angela walks away with her son after the Father says no and slams the door. Unknown location.

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Further along the street from image angas064. Unknown location.

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Angels tells her son 'You're never let anyone slam the door in your face again'. Unknown location.

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Frank walks to the post office to start a new job and meets Aunt Aggie on the way. Unidentified location.

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Just have a little drop of tea . . . . . Ah, go on . . . . . (Sorry, it had to be done!)

Frank begins his new job delivering telegrams for the post office. The Crescent once more.

image no 69

David continues to capture the Crescent for us. (RL)

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Telegram messengers cycle through Limerick streets. Unidentified location.

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Telegrams are delivered and tips are received. Unidentified location.

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More messages to deliver. Unknown location.

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Frank finds out that nuns and priests don't give tips. Unidentified location.

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A colleague tells Frank that he is lucky to get a telegram for the Carmody's as they are big tippers. Unidentified location.

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Frank skids and falls from his cycle. Unidentified location.

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After recovering himself, Frank calls at the house of Theresa Carmody and begins a relationship with her. Unknown location.

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Frank returns home to Aunt Aggie's where he has been living. Unknown location.

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When calling at Mrs. Carmody's house one day, Frank finds out that her daughter has been taken to the sanatorium. Unidentified location.

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Frank rushes to see Theresa at the sanatorium. Unknown location.

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Closer to the sanatorium. Unidentified location.

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Frank finds that Theresa has passed away. Unknown location.

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Thoughts fill Franks head as he looks back at Theresa's grave. Unidentified location.

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Frank arrives at Mrs. Finucane's house and finds her dead. Unidentified location.

Frank reads Mrs. Finucane's debtors ledger before throwing it into the River Shannon. Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland.

image no 84

A calmer River Shannon when David was there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Frank McCourt arrives in America. The Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York, New York, United States.