Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Date: 2008
Director: Gurinda Chadha
Production Company: Goldcrest Pictures

Stars: Georgia Groome, Elenor Thomlinson, Georgia Henshaw, Manjeeven Grewal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tommy Bastow, Alan Davies, Karen Taylor, Sean Bourke, Kimberley Nixon
Location(s): East Sussex, London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


14 year old Georgia Nicolson keeps a diary in which she records the events leading up to her perfect birthday party, the search for the perfect boyfriend, and learning the technique of perfect snogging.

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Screen captures uploaded by Stephen Dean


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Georgia Nicolson (Georgia Groome) makes her way to a fancy dress party dressed as a stuffed olive. Borough Street, Brighton, East Sussex.

image no 1

Borough Street now, without the stuffed olive. SD

Georgia leaves the party after the humiliation of being the only one dressed as an hors d'oeuvre. 13 Cavendish Place (Savoy Court Hotel), Eastbourne, East Sussex.

image no 2

With the hotel name now clearly visible. (SD)

Georgia runs as quickly as she can in the olive costume. Cavendish Place facing Elms Avenue, Eastbourne.

image no 3

No-one in fancy dress today. (SD)

She runs along the seafront past amazed onlookers. Carpet Gardens, Grand Parade, Eastbourne.

image no 4

The Carpet Gardens are the centrepiece of Eastbourne's elegant seafront. (SD)

Still running in the cumbersome costume. Eastbourne pier in the background.

image no 5

The pier is now without its arcade. (SD)

She continues running past Eastbourne Bandstand.

image no 6

Viewed from a lower level as the upper seating level was closed. (SD)

She encounters a rowdy hen party on the corner of Grand Parade and Burlington Place, Eastbourne.

image no 7

No hen party here today. (SD)

She gets in the way of the other pavement users. Prince Albert Street, Brighton.

image no 8

Prince Albert Street was also seen in "The Night We Got The Bird". SD

Nearly home. Borough Street, Brighton.

image no 9

Viewed slightly further from the pavement to avoid the car dominating the shot. SD

Georgia crushes her costume against the garden gate. 15 Borough Street, Brighton.

image no 10

Not such a bright colour scheme now. SD

Brothers Robbie (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Tom (Sean Bourke), along with Dave The Laugh (Tommy Bastow), buy chips from a kiosk at the entrance to Eastbourne pier.

image no 11

A clear view of The Chippy kiosk. (SD)

The boys are unaware they are being stalked by Georgia, Rosie (Georgia Henshaw), Jas (Eleanor Tomlinson), and Ellen (Manjeeven Grewal). The Royal Sussex Regiment Memorial, Cavendish Place, Eastbourne.

image no 12

Facing Elms Avenue. (SD)

The girls run across the road to follow the boys on to the pier.

image no 13

The clearest shot I could get of this busy road. Don't run across it! (SD)

The boys walk along the pier with the girls following close behind.

image no 14

A clear shot of the pier with no-one being followed. (SD)

Jas wants to meet Tom so goes along with Georgia to the Eastbourne Organic food shop owned by Tom's mother. 55 Church Street, Twickenham.

image no 15

Eastbourne Organic is actually Pincho Med Tapas Bar. (SD)

Jas believes that Georgia could have a chance with Robbie. The Embankment, Twickenham.

image no 16

The concrete bollards have been replaced by wooden bollards. Did someone have a prang? (SD)

Georgia's hopes are dashed when she sees Robbie with his girlfriend Lindsay (Kimberley Nixon). Church Lane, Twickenham, viewed from The Embankment.

image no 17

Facing the churchyard of St Mary The Virgin, with The Twickenham Museum on the left. (SD)

The girls meet at Eastbourne bandstand.

image no 18

Now, on a much nicer day. (SD)

Georgia's friends try to console her. Eastbourne bandstand.

image no 19

Viewed from the beach. (SD)

The girls spy on Lindsay. 1 Holywell Close, viewed from the corner of Holywell Road and Dukes Drive, Eastbourne.

image no 20

No-one wearing a thong at the window today. (SD)

Georgia visits Peter Dyer (Liam Hess) who gives snogging lessons. 3 Roedean Way, Brighton.

image no 21

No changes since Peter Dyer was here. SD

Georgia discovers she is a snogging sensation. 3 Roedean Way, Brighton.

image no 22

I didn't enquire about snogging lessons. SD

The girls run down the hill towards Brighton Marina.

image no 23

Viewed from Roedean Way. SD

Georgia and Jas take Angus, Georgia's cat, to the park to fake his disappearance. Triton Fountain, Central Walk, Regents Park, London, NW1.

image no 24

Peter caught Triton, one of the Regent's Park Fountains, in his lens but found the weather too hot to stop and admire.

Georgia asks Robbie for his help to find Angus. Pincho Tapas Bar, 55 Church Street, Twickenham.

image no 25

Now, without the false shop front. (SD)

As Georgia walks away, Robbie runs to catch her up. Church Street, Twickenham, with The Eel Pie pub to the right.

image no 26

Church Street is a pedestrian zone but cars are allowed access. (SD)

Robbie agrees to help Georgia search for Angus. Church Street, Twickenham.

image no 27

More filming is to be done in Church Street next week when the road will be closed to traffic. If only Reelstreets had that power. (SD)

They search among the boats on the beach. Sovereign Sailing Club, Eastbourne.

image no 28

Also home to Eastbourne Angling Club. (SD)

Georgia and Robbie get to know each other as they walk through the park. Avenue Gardens, Regents Park. Facing north from the southern end.

image no 29

A more recent walk in the park was taken by Peter.

Georgia walks Jas home, but the missing cat ploy didn't go as planned, Angus brought Jas and Tom together instead! 31 Temple Street, Brighton.

image no 30

Looking just the same. SD

Not such a good job Angus! Temple Street, Brighton.

image no 31

Today it's me who's walking in the road. SD

Georgia's father Bob (Alan Davies) has been promoted but now has to work in New Zealand. 15 Borough Street, Brighton.

image no 32

Nowhere for a taxi to park today. SD

Jas can't stop talking about Tom. Facing south on Temple Street, Brighton.

image no 33

Nice view of the sea from here. SD

  • 'Now' required

Georgia and her friends are invited to a party. 85 Mattock Lane, London, W13.

  • 'Now' required

Georgia, while looking after her sister, goes to the pool as Robbie will be there without Lindsay. Hampton Pool, High Street, Hampton, Middlesex. The upper art deco section was added for filming.

Georgia daydreams about Robbie. The start of the South Downs Way, accessed by a foot path from Foyle Way, Eastbourne.

image no 36

South Cliff Tower on the left was built in 1966, but digitally removed for aesthetic reasons. Roger Moore was rumoured to have lived in the penthouse during the 1970's but there is no proof. (SD)

Robbie's band is playing a gig in Brighton, near to the Palace Pier.

image no 37

Viewed from Kings Road. SD

Georgia arrives with Dave The Laugh. Behind them is the Kissing Wall sculpture, Kings Road, Brighton.

image no 38

The kissing not so visible in the daytime. SD

People arrive at the venue. Oh So Social Bar, 250a Kings Road Arches, Brighton.

image no 39

Only used for the exterior shots. The actual gig was filmed at West 5 Bar, Popes Lane, London.

After the gig, Robbie looks for Dave The Laugh. Oh So Social Bar, Kings Road Arches, Brighton.

image no 40

Now, earlier in the day. SD

Georgia leaves with Dave The Laugh to make Robbie jealous. The steps next to Oh So Social Bar with Brighton pier in the background.

image no 41

I'm not the only one taking photos. SD

  • 'Now' required

At school Dave the Laugh finds out he has been used by Georgia. Bishopshalt School, Royal Lane, Uxbridge.

  • 'Now' required

Robbie tells Georgia how disappointed he is with her. Bishopshalt School, facing the conservatory at the rear of the building.

Georgia decides she needs to sort her life out. Steps leading from the beach to the promenade on the west side of Eastbourne pier entrance.

image no 44

The arcade on Eastbourne pier was destroyed by fire in 2014 and is now an open deck area. (SD)

Georgia apologises to Robbie and he informs her he is no longer with Lindsay. Holywell Beach, Eastbourne.

image no 45

The beach during the holiday season. (SD)

  • 'Now' required

The day of Georgia's 15th birthday. The grade 2 listed former Regal cinema, Uxbridge. Closed in 1977 and became a night club in 1984. The camera tilts down... Georgia's mother, Connie (Karen Taylor), brings Georgia to the Liquid & Envy Night Club for a surprise birthday party. 33 High Street, Uxbridge.

image no 47

In daylight days after yet another of its closures. Not quite the correct angle but I didn't know this shot was required at the time. (RL)

Robbie and Georgia, together at last. Grand Parade, Eastbourne.

image no 48

With pavement repairs happening right there! (SD)